Saturday, May 12, 2012

My Mother's Day Present- Edibles to Plant

Hi Friends.

I wanted to wish you a Happy Mom's Day tomorrow. My husbands gift to me was letting me buy some plants on sale this month. I have grapes, Blackberries, Honey Berries, an Apricot tree, and  Aronia berries. I will be excited to get them. I am getting 10 flowering trees from the Arbor Society too soon. It is my goal to plant as many edibles here as possible. Of the grapevine starts I came here with, four have leaves. This is exciting because those were the ones left at the old house for two months without any kind of care.  With the ones ordered and the ones I have already, we should have  a really nice wall of grapes in a couple of years. We will be buying more trees as we go along too.

The new Moringa trees are growing well by the windows. The ginkgo trees are doing exceptional well too. They must stay in the house for a year before being planted into the elements. I will have a real forest in the house this winter.  I will add some pictures here in a week.  I miss my fresh leaves in our salads. I make daily tea out of the dry leaves so that gets me through.  I am well blessed in my life at this point with a wonderful husband, loving kids, and awesome grandchildren.  I am so very thankful we have the place we have now, our wonderful neighbors, and the property itself.  So I wish you all blessings tomorrow and a day filled with love and family.

Again Happy Mother's Day to all of you.

Kate, The Herbladyisin

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Friday, May 11, 2012

Health Benefits of Fennel- Good for Ducks, Rabbits, and You

Hi Friends,

I am amazed at what survived on this property with no care at all. When we moved to this property, I saw several areas of dried plant that I was pretty sure was Fennel. I went ahead and began watering the plants, hoping the seeds would come back up in Spring. Low and behold, once I started watering them, these dried up looking plants began shooting up new fennel leaves.  I love the smell of Fennel and munch on it as I am doing chores.  Since we have no grass or pasture here, I am growing swiss chard, and other greens for my husband, myself, and the animals. Ducks love green stuff so gave them a sample of the new fennel leaves. They love the fennel and so do the rabbits.  All parts of the Fennel plant are used: seeds, feathery branches, and the fennel root.

But what health benefits does Fennel really help with?
It is an excellent source of fiber and trace minerals.  and may help reduce cholesterol levels. It is a good source of the B vitamin folate. It is also rich in potassium, which helps to lower high blood pressure. Fennel contains a combination of phytonutrients thus making it a good antioxidant. Fresh fennel can be eaten either raw or cooked. The ground dried seeds are chewed as well.

The Difference Between Fennel and Anise?

Both anise (Pimpinella anisum) and fennel (Foeniculum vulgare) are native to the Mediterranean region.  They are both umbelliferous herbs in the family Apiaceae.  Anise is an annual, dying after one season, while fennel is perennial. Fennel has yellow flowers.

Dried fennel seeds are often used in cooking as an anise-flavored spice. But don’t confuse fennel with anise; though they look and taste similar, they are not the same. Fennel’s dried ripe seeds and oil are used to make medicine.

First, you wash the fennel leaves under cold running water and then pat it dry. Next you chop the fennel leaves and use it in different types of side dishes, salads, pastas, stews and ragouts, as well as fricassee dishes and fritters, vegetable dishes such as artichoke dishes in Greece and risottos.

How Fennel is used in medicine?
In many articles and formulas,  it is the dried seed used but in other places, the leaves are also used as well. 
Fennel is used as an appetite depressant and weight loss aid.

Fennel is used for colds and upper respiratory infections.
Historically and in many countries, Fennel is used for gas, acid stomach, gout, cramps, colic, and spasms. It is used to encourage urine flow. It has this effect because it relaxes the stomach lining in your digestive tract. For this reason, caner patients find it beneficial to help their stomach during and after radiation an chemo treatments.

Nursing moms can benefit from fennel. Fennel helps encourage healthy breast milk which also acts to lessen gas for both mom and baby

Diarrhea:  Fennel contains oils such as Anetol and Cineole which have disinfectant and anti-bacterial properties. 

Making Fennel Seed Tea:

To make fennel tea, add a half teaspoon of crushed seeds to one cup of boiling water and then allow the mixture to steep for 10 to 15 minutes. Do not boil the water with the seeds in it. Instead, add seeds to the boiling water to preserve the natural oils.
Keep the pot covered while steeping. Cool the herbal brew, then strain. Drink three cups a day or use as a tincture three times a day.

I personally make tea from the leaves. My plants have not gone to seed yet.  I love the smell of the leaves as well.

Moringa Seeds Avail Now.......

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You can order powder and Moringa in caps here as well. 
I am also selling seedling, but now my own. I am working with a wholesale nursery in California.  Call me if you are interested at 1-760-458-2151

Have  a great weekend....God Bless you all1
Kate, the Herbladyisin

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

How Long Do Moringa Seeds Last?

Hi Friends,

I get asked this question a lot.  The first important point is seed quality. It needs to be good quality seed. Moringa seeds are dark and firm. If the seed is light, cream colored or soft, it is old or bad seed. Give the batch of seeds a germination test. Take a few seeds, soak them overnight in water, drain them, put them into a sandwich bag, don't add any extra water, keep the seeds separate from each other, put in a warm place like your oven, and see if they sprout.

In my last post, I told you how we lost our big trees in Mina, Nevada. They froze despite all my efforts. I had seed from two years ago so decided to see if it was still good. I planted about 50 seeds and only 10 did not come up. They are growing just fine. That is good germination for having the seeds this long. I had kept the seeds dry and free from moisture and heat.

Interestingly at the old house, I found a box of different seeds. The lady who had lived there, who died was a avid gardener. In the box were many varieties of seed. Some had gotten bugs in them. Most were molded and bad. There was one box of bean seeds from 20 some years ago. The seeds looked in good shape. For the fun of it, I planted 5 seeds.  I am amazed that four came up and are doing great. They are vigorous and strong. So the quality of the seed and the way you store it, are the two main factors.

New baby Moringa trees are planted into the 33 gal containers by windows.   With the wonderful windows we have all over the living room, I expect them to grow well.  I am thankful for the plants that did survive the extreme temperatures and treatment at the old house. I think often we give up too easy. This applies to planting and life. Sometimes life throws some hard chapters and it is easy to just throw in the towel. The hard part is to keep trying even when life throws you some curves. So keep planting and keep trying.

God be with all of you,

Kate, the Herbladyisin

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Monday, April 30, 2012

Yearly Report- Success and Failures with Moringa and our Other Plants

Hi Friends,

I have not written in awhile. Having just moved here to Stagecoach, Nevada, I had to wait to see where things were.  This blog is to share the success and failure of the last year living in the wilds of Nevada. I know why a lot of people do not grow much here. It takes dedication to your goals, creativity, grit, and persistence.  You must work at it.  I am very positive about this new year and our future here. I hope you will remain reading this blog will learn from it and enjoy it. I will share the successes and failures of this new chapter in our lives.  You must keep believing in your dreams, even when there are times when you have no idea of the next step. Life is about getting up, dusting your dreams off, redoing them if needed, and moving forward.  It is how you perceive your failures and how to react to them. It is going on to make things work.  If you are in a hard place in your life and your dreams seems just a series of road blocks, don't quit. It takes guts at times to be patient. It takes a mind set.  Again, keep trying and working on your dream.

Success:  The Goggi plants that we have moved three times, survived all including winds, cold, and being dug up. They are all alive and well except one.  They are now all leafed out and setting roots. I am really happy about that since they are difficult to get started from seed, grow very slowly to begin with, and are expensive.  So folks Goggi plants can be grown here in Nevada successfully.

The bay tree survived.

The grape starts survived. One blackberry out of 4 survived.

My Comfrey roots survived.  Even two Pau d' Arco trees survived. This was amazing because they got left at the old house by accident. They were in a protected area of the porch but got no water for two months. We came back to the old house to dig up the Comfrey roots and opened up the porch area, to find them alive and well. They too cannot be left outside in the winter. They will come into the house in winter to be house trees. They lived through all of that so have to try and save them.  I would have never grown them, had I known we were going to move to Nevada. They are much tougher than I thought they were. It is a good thing this house has a huge living room and there is only the two of us. We have one sofa bed, one TV, and a whole lot of plants. 

Failures:   In sadness, I need to report that even though we have a great new house with an immense living room filled with windows and light, that all my big Moringa trees froze to the point of death at the old property in Mina.  I cried over the loss but they did not make it through last winter.  The old house and Mina did not fare well for their survival. The insulation did not save them.  I cried a lot since we paid to move them up here to the new house. Just this week, I had to admit, after inspecting the root balls, that they were dead. The root ball was soft. If they are alive, the root ball is firm.  Our former house and shed was not enough to save them.  It got 5 degrees for a few days and freezing for many more. I knew when we moved to Mina, it was not where God meant us to be. It was a place to be patient and wait until the right place came along. I did all that I could to save them and it did not work. In saving that, I am starting over here in our new home and property.

A Permanent Home for us and the trees: 

We will stay here in Stagecoach on this property. We still have the wind to content with but the soil is decent. We have a great house with sunlight in every room to raise some trees indoors. It is a perfect house for the Moringa trees. I am only sorry it came too late to save the big trees. I am not one to give up and so forward once more. I have been told that despite the winds here, we can build a mound greenhouse. There are several people doing it. We will build it between the rabbit enclosure and the chicken coop area for wind break.  So that is our goal before winter....a greenhouse.

Planting in Windy Places

Wall of chicken cook acts as a wind break.

You must find a way to provide a wind break, either naturally or created for your plants. This wind break could be a created wall, a building, or fence. My garden area will have to be located with the coop as a windbreak. I planted grapes into tires as you will see in the pictures, to protect them for the time being.  Our water rate here is only $50.00 for 25,000 gal of water. And no I did not add a extra 0 accidently. That is twenty five thousand gallons of water. That is why there are three organic farms here in this area. In San Diego where we moved from, it is beautiful weather for growing everything, but who can afford the water rates. Then in the summer you have water restrictions and water police. We have none of that here. Our neighbors have goats and mules with a close access to manure and compost. We have over an acre to plant trees and scrubs such as elderberries.  We should be able to buy it here in a couple of years. This area is also filled with country minded people as well but near the city for sales.

Protecting the grape from wind and rabbit damage. This one got hurt before I could creatively come up with a way to protect it. It should recoup now.    This is a young plant.

Moringa Seedlings Started: 

So am starting from scratch with new seedlings.  These will be raised to stay in the house except perhaps in the summer. We may set them outside, then back into the house when it gets cold.  Right now I have 20 new seedlings with grow lights directed on them.  The containers must be covered over with chicken wire to keep the cats from destroying them.

I have decided to grow some of the Moringa trees as a seasonal crop.  I will keep 6 in the house and use the rest until the cold starts. My rabbits and I love to eat fresh Moringa leaves. You can only keep so many trees in the house. So will make the rest into a seasonal crop. If we get the greenhouse done in time this year, they will go into the green house. People here in Nevada, grow veggies so why not the trees. With several trees, there should be enough leaves for fresh tea and food.  So that is the plan folks.  

Protecting Your Plants from Pet Cats:  

These little guys are planted into a 33 gal trash can where the big tree was planted. I have a grow light over it as well as it being near our slider with plenty of sun. I will cut the wire out around the growing trunk as it gets bigger.

The other day our two half grown cats turned over a pot with 10 seedings. It is a good thing, I love them for they were in deep trouble. I was really upset at the damage they did.   I had potting mix spilled  over a 4 sq foot area in the house, seedlings scattered in the mess.  Of the 10 seedlings, 8 managed to retain their root and seed pod. I carefully re-potted them to see if they could be saved. Of the 8 seedlings, 7 look like they survived the cats. I then had to find a way to protect them. Placing chicken wire over the tops worked. Cats, as most people with cats know, are a real problem with your plants.  I was really upset with the whole thing, but what can you do. You must be smarter than your cats.  Cardboard placed in the bottom of the pot around the plant root, will help keep them from using the pots as a potty. The problem with the cats is that they will eat the Moringa seedlings if you don't watch them. I will find a way as they get taller to protect the plants. You must get really creative to do this.  Right now until they get taller, the wire keeps them safe.

This is the cover off a ceiling fan that broke. I am using it as a guard for the plant. I have a grow light on it too. As it gets bigger, I will make a wire cage around it to save it from the cat terrorists.  I will upload pictures on their growth.  I love my Moringa trees.  They are a part of my life now. 

Well this is review of things. I hope you all will keep reading the blog. I will be writing weekly now with Spring here and all.

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God bless you all....Kate, the Herbladyisin

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Our Moringa Trees Move To Stagecoach Nevada

Hi Folks, A New Life Chapter Begins!

 Our life has really changed since I last wrote. In Dec when we were in San Diego for a death in the family, we learned the people who owned the trailer were moving back to Mina and wanted to live in their trailer again. Surprise, surprise.  They wanted to move back in March. We did not want to end up moving at the last minute so began looking right away.

Have Your New House Vision In Mind First: Our criteria was a house with at least one acre where we could raise herbs and livestock. A landlord who agreed was a must. We couldn't buy the house now but wanted at least a long term rental with options to buy later. My husband wanted more civilization and I wanted rural with less rules. Civilization was an important criteria for getting our nursery and herb business going.  With gas prices, we needed to be closer to a buying audience and farmers markets. We also wanted to keep the rent low. Living in a low key neighborhood which didn't mind our roosters was a goal. Our new property, has a mule, goats, and many roosters as neighbors. If there is a mule nearby, no one is going to say much about a crow or two. Goats are not quiet either. Since getting a milk goat is on the list, that is great too. When you have a sense of something wrong, pay attention. One house we looked at was great but the owners were very particular. My senses said that living there would turn out to be a nightmare so we turned it down. Another was just too good to be true for the price. That one is where at the last, he informed us he didn't believe in a lease. When we objected, he turned into a very nasty man. A nice landlord is pretty important. They can make your home, a nightmare. In the end, we did not get a well and that was a huge consideration. The water is cheap here....up to 25,000 gallons for $50.00 a month. There are no water police or water restrictions in this town. The water source is very reliable. All the houses with wells had no other amenities and if your well breaks down, it is an expensive deal. In the end, we choose a property without a well but cheap water prices. Even a well does cost electricity to run. If the electricity shuts down, you must have a generator to power it or a solar set up. I have lived on properties twice in my life where the well went dry. Another well lost the pump. It was two weeks before the owner got it up and running again.

Reno to Stagecoach, NV......the  Winding Road to A Almost Perfect Place.  Marty was leaning toward Reno. I thought it was ugly with snow that we would have to shovel. So his niece suggested Dayton that was cheaper with less snow. We looked at a house but the whole feel of the area was negative. Dayton has water restrictions and water police. So we headed toward Fallon which raises crops and livestock. We went over the hill down to an area called Stagecoach and I saw barns and horses. I got a good feel. We stopped in a local feed store and found out there are a lot of people who sell herbs, and livestock. There on a community board was a flyer for a house.  We called the guy and went to look. It was beautiful. It seemed to be perfect. We spent three days on extensive paperwork he wanted only to find out he didn't believe in leases. We were devastated. After three days of sulking, we knew that God had shut a door but would open a better door. There are times when you must keep the faith and your resolve. We headed to Fallon and looked at a number of houses, all were not what we wanted. The pet deposits were  horrific.  Where now? Wait for a month?

Persistence and Resolve:

I am stubborn and made more calls. Marty still wanted the Silver Springs/Stagecoach area because it was a central location for Reno, Carson, Dayton, Fernley, and Fallon. After an hour of calling, I found a real estate company with rentals in Silver Springs.  They had six houses for rent. So up we went. The only house with a fenced yard, had two other people ready to look at it. That one was first on the list for view. Now to be frank, I was not impressed because the owner had not cleaned it well. The kitchen sink did not work, nor the bathroom. The property was what we wanted with two buildings easily converted for the rabbits and the chickens. It did not have a garage. I was not in love with it.

Then we went to look at the rest. All of them were houses on a bare fence, nothing.  We went back to the this house. It was the best house and property for the price and conditions we wanted. There was no pet deposits and we got a good deal if we cleaned it our self. We left a deposit. The other couple didn't leave any money so we were first in line. We got the house. When we went over to see it again, I realized our back neighbors raised meat goats, a donkey, and other livestock. Guess what goat manure is great for worms and your garden. Free soil amendment. Much of it, thrown over on our side was well aged and perfect. I had always wanted a donkey so here was one I could enjoy without the cost. It was God's way of letting me know that this was a great new home. It was the right move. In looking back at our time in Mina. Had we never have moved to Mina, we would never have ended up in Stagecoach. Sometimes life is a resting spot for the next part of God's plans. You don't always appreciate the resting spot until you see where it was really leading. Turns in your life, don't always reveal themselves until a time in the future.

Sorry about the date stamp error.  By the way, once this is done in error, it can't be fixed easily.

Elbow Grease Reveals the Right Decision:

It is amazing how washing the walls and taking down cobwebs makes a huge difference in your view on a room. Once the plumbing was fixed also helped a lot. Even thought he blinds were not in good shape, it has windows all through the rooms. A lack of living room furniture, made lots of room for our trees. I bought 24 inch plant saucers off Ebay for the 8 Moringa trees. Getting them inside took hiring some help but they are all inside. As you can see the date stamp is and learn. When they leaf out, they will look beautiful. My tea tree came in as well, even though I don't think it survived the cold temps. Spring will tell us more. The Moringa trunks are green and pliable. Two may have lost the main trunk but the side branches are fine. I can add plant lights if needed. The sun should give them enough light to leaf out. 

Room For My Library of Books:

Its been a long time since I have been able to put up my full library of books. I even have room left. My books are my friends. Even though they make moving a nightmare, they are worth the effort. I read better off the internet. If the grid ever takes a vacation, I have my important books in print. I am now buying books for that reason. I believe at some point, it may be very important. If the government has its way, the knowledge about alternative medicine will be an underground movement. That knowledge will be outlawed on the net. Even now if you tell how herbs can be used for healing diseases and cancer, your website will be shut down by the FDA. They are doing that right now folks. You can sell the herbs but not tell people how to use them and what ailments they may help.  The FDA is not your friend but in bed with the pharmaceutical companies. The AMA is also in bed to sell drug prescriptions not preventive health.  Easy access to knowledge will not always be so. Mark my words people. 

Well will write some more on the new place next blog.  Now that the house is mostly settled in, I love it. I love having room, having my trees indoors, having room to grow things, and revive goals such as a green house and selling in the farmer's markets here. It took some faith to get there.  Life is about your faith and dedication to your dreams, even if your dreams much be shelved for a time. Patience is hard at times but needed to achieve steps in your dreams, even when you are 60. Will talk some more later. Have a great rest of the week.

Tip of the week......turn off the date stamp function. It helps when you find the book to help you do that. I spent over a day, trying to see if there was a way to change the date stamp. You can change the picture properties but not the date stamp.  Irritating to say the least.

Kate Freer, the herbladyisin

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Monday, January 16, 2012

Moringa Questions and Answers From Reader Comments


Sorry I have not posted in awhile. There was a death in the family right before Christmas and things were rough for awhile. I have one comment and that is make a will....even if it is just to put down your medical health care directions. What ever items you have, give your directions on those too. It is hell for those you leave behind when you leave no will or directions. In this case the funeral and all that goes with it ended up to be over $12,000 and the kids involved did not realize they could not use the money for almost a month according to the rules. If you go into the hospital for a critical surgery, no matter how good the prognosis is.......get the legal stuff done. In this case, the patient died from getting upset during a treatment after the surgery went well. He aspirated fluid into his one remaining lung, creating a septic condition that ended his life. No surgery is without risk. No treatment is without risk. Anything can happen during a hospital stay with staph infections, mistakes by nurses and surgeons, and reactions that are not expected.

We will also be moving to Stagecoach, Nevada shortly. The folks who own this property are moving back to here we go on another adventure. We have located a property with a fenced one acre zoned for all animals and agriculture stuff. It has a lot of potential for growing herbs but will still require a greenhouse. This soil here has a sub layer of volcanic rock which makes it nasty for trying to grow things in.  We will have enough room and be close enough to cities to sell some of what we grow. Mina is two hours away from civilization and gas mades it too expensive to try and grow anything for resell. There are two nurseries and a farmers market within a few minutes of the new property. We could not find what we wanted with a well but the water is cheap in Stagecoach and there are no restrictions or water police so that is a plus. I will let you all know this week when our application is approved.

Update on things: The 20 by 60 shed did not work....pretty much all froze in there. Hence, we will need to heat what ever green house we construct. The pipe insulation seems to be working but moisture does build up inside where the limbs are bigger...with less air under the insulation. I moved the trees out to our enclosed rabbit pen which is better insulated than the shed was. They seem to be surviving at this point. Until we can get a greenhouse built on the new property, we are moving the trees to a self-storage. They don't need sunlight right now anyway. We will move them to the place when it warms up.

How long should you keep the powder? I would use your supply within 6 months and keep it in the refrigerator. I would keep it in a resealable container. If the powder you order looks old, then ask for a refund. If it contains dirt or other abnormal stuff, ask for a refund. The product quality from India varies with the company. Even organic certified can have problems.....

Customs:  One man wrote in that his seed pkg from which he bought on EBay was taken by customs. That is why I am not buying the product myself but selling it from Amazon. You can never tell for sure that your order will not be held or taken by customs. It is getting nastier out there for importing any food or nutritional product. You gamble and that is the way it is.  The seeds here in the United States are costly for a small amount but at least you can get them sent to you without problems. This problem will increase as we go along.

Moringa and Starvation:  Not all of  Africa has Moringa trees growing. In many places, they are planted by organizations who are trying to fight starvation there. So Moringa Trees are not available to all areas where starvation is occurring. In these countries, there are many thousands with AIDS. Moringa leaves are not a cure but a food that helps them live longer. In these diseases there is loss of weight, weakness, and inability to eat or hold food down. Moringa leaves helps to get some nutrition down them. In many cases, the Moringa leaves may not work at all because of their horrible state of health.

Moringa and Cancer:   Moringa is a super food but not a cure all. If you have stage 4 or 5 cancer, it may not help at all. In some cases, Moringa leaf tea may keep the patient alive longer since they can drink the tea. Often cancer patients cannot hold anything down or eat. If you are constantly throwing up, Moringa tea will get thrown up as well. There is a point where herbs cannot help, because the patient is too far gone. Chemo and radiation also destroy the immune system and the good cells as well. You have to have an immune system that is working to get well from anything. Many of the drugs today, reduce the immune system's effectiveness.

This is all for now.....send in questions and I will try to answer them.

Kate Freer, The herbladyisin

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Saturday, November 26, 2011

FDA Will Move to Reclassify Herbs and Vitamins As Drugs....Act Now To Shop Them

You must get in your protests to the FDA NOW! Before Dec 1st!

In Dec the FDA will be moving forward to reclassify herbs as drugs. All vitamin and herb supplements will be affected. If you take vitamins or herbs, you will be affected. 

If they do that, what herbs are cleared will increase in price. There are thousands of herbs and supplements that are not cleared. That means that many supplements and vitamins will be taken off the shelf.  

You must do your part to let the FDA know you are against this. 

They do not have your safety in mind. It has to door with the pharm companies and their push to control the herbal market place.  

Right now this has already happened in Europe and it can happen here. The FDA is out of control. It is in bed with the drug companies...just look at the constant drug advertising on television. 

Any supplement or vitamin introduced into the marketplace after 1994 will have to go through reams of paperwork and thousands of dollars to get cleared. They will have to prove with sales receipts and marketing material that they did sell their product before 1994. How many businesses have kept records back that far. 

If the company changed the way they manufactured the supplement after 1994, which most have, they must go through the whole process. 

You must show safety proof for 20 years......drugs only have to go through a few weeks to be be released to the why with herbs? It is one way to stop herb and vitamin formulations from being cleared. 

This will effect all supplements including Fish Oil and Vit C....all of it. They are asking for manufacturers to give the same kind of proof that drug companies have to.....studies that cost billions of dollars. This is unnecessary and will put most companies out of business.  The reams of unnecessary paperwork and legal costs will kill most businesses. You must hire an expert to figure out how to comply with the pages of paperwork.

When its all said and done, you will be left with no alternative other than drugs that destroy the liver and will have no choice but to do that.....This is serious and they will go ahead with this in the new year.

They must be stopped. It is overreach by the FDA and will be used with bias as the case now. 

With Citizens for Health supporters already having generated over 11,000 letters to Congress demanding that the FDA’s NDI (New Dietary Ingredient) Draft Guidance be withdrawn.

The organization is now on a mission to collect 10,000 petition signatures in 10 days calling for Congress to withhold FDA appropriations until this unaccountable agency is held to account: by adjuring the FDA to withdraw the supplement-killing NDI Guidance and to cease and desist from reviewing and enforcing against dietary supplements and nutritional ingredients according to its willfully adversarial re-interpretation of the laws governing dietary supplements.

There is a petition that needs 10,000 signatures to be presented to the FDA . 

We need your help to make that happen below:

Please take time to watch the video listed Below:
To help us in this effort, Australian truth rapper and activist Jody Lloyd, aka Trillion, helped produce our video "10,000 Signatures" - view it here.

Being almost halfway to 10,000 signatures in a little more than 2 days means we can certainly reach our goal - but only with your participation!

As always, thanks for being involved,

Please go here to this FDA site listed below and send the FDA your view against this guidance directly! Write them....all of it!

It needs to be done now!

Although you can comment on any guidance at any time (see 21 CFR 10.115(g)(5)), to ensure that the agency considers your comment on this draft guidance before it begins work on the final version of the guidance, submit either electronic or written comments on the draft guidance within 90 days of publication in the Federal Register of the notice announcing the availability of the draft guidance. 

Submit electronic comments against this  to

Submit written comments against this NCI Guidance to the Division of Dockets Management (HFA-305), Food and Drug Administration, 5630 Fishers Lane, rm. 1061, Rockville, MD 20852. All comments should be identified with the docket number listed in the notice of availability that publishes in the Federal Register.

You can read the Nutritional Guidance paperwork here at this address below: 
How many companies are going to have the money to submit to pages of regulations and hassel? 

Why should vitamin and herb companies be subjected to more paperwork than a drug?