Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Difference Between Moringa Oleifera and Moringa Stenopetala (African Moringa)

Moringa Trees are grown in over 82 countries and is called by 200 different names. There are actually 13 main species, of which Moringa Oleifera is the one most often grown for cultivation commercially. The Moringa Oleifera leaves can be eaten everyday just like other foods. There is no known toxins in its leaves only in the root. It is given to pregnant moms to improve nutrition and milk production. It is given to babies to improve nutrition and weightgain. The leaves contain protein, iron, calcium, and all eight amino acids. It is a very complete food. When you dry the leaves they become even more nutritionally concentrated. When given to AIDS patients it improves their strength and energy. It helps the AIDS patient to live longer, with more strength.

I see on Amazon and Ebay they are selling the African Moringa leaf powder. So what is the difference between the two species?    The African species is called Moringa Stenopetala. I researched the subject for half a day reading several research papers.

Moringa Oleifera is cultivated more often because it is a smaller tree that grows faster than Stenopetala. It can be grown closer together. Its leaves are smaller, and it has a harder time in drought. The protein was lower than in the Stenopetala leaves, but much higher in Calcium. Most of the research data was on protein and calcium.

Now the soil a tree grows in can alter its nutritional content, so keep that in mind. How you process the leaves and store the product can lessen its values.

There is one research paper that links the Moringa Stenopetala to a problem with goiter. They are not sure about the link at this point . It could be another factor in the diet of the native people causing the goiter. It is only talk with nothing to really back it up. I have heard but could not find the research that the Stenopetala has more acid in the leaves. If any of you are researchers on this point, add your input. All the Moringa species have leaves with supercharged nutrition. As in anything else, you should vary your diet eating all kinds of different veggies. You want variety in your eating program. The moringa powder and a tree or two if possible is important for emergency survival. If I had to have one veggie in the house during a crisis, it would be Moringa leaves. 

I hope this helps in the question of difference between the two species. The most research has been performed on the Moringa Oliefera. It has had many research studies to back up its nutritional claims.
All for now...Kate Freer, The Herbladyisin

Kate Freer, the Herbladyisin

I do not sell Moringa products as of Sept, 2016. I am working on a project that demands an unbiased viewpoint. 

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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Growing Moringa in Large Pots? Questions Answered

Hi Friends,

I had one of my readers ask me about pots.

Normally, the best thing to do is plant them in the ground.

Having said that, there are many areas of this country where that is not an option. If it gets too cold in the winter, they die. This area of Mina, Nevada is one of those. It can get as low as -26 although the norm -10. Moringa trees cannot take freezing temperatures. They are a tropical plant growing in countries like Africa. So growing them in huge pots in the only choice in cold states.

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Starter Pots: Start them out in a one gal. They do much better in that size than smaller. Then at about 6 to 8 inches, transplant them into a 20 gal or 33 gal trash can with big drainage holes.

Why move them into something that big? They grow tall quickly and moving them once they are tall, can break them. I just had to do that today with one. It was 2 and a half feet tall. When I went to loosen the roots, it would not come out easily. I ended up losing some root. Right now it looks like it will not survive. I will give it a month to see if it comes back. It is only the 2nd one in question of all the ones we brought up here. So transplant them into the largest container you can, when they are small enough to easily get them out of the old container.

They grow rapidly in summer. I cut my tallest one down today. It had reached the roof. Cut them down to where you can reach them. The idea is to use the leaves. When you cut them, they grow branches lower. It will look more like a bush than a tree. This gives you much more product to use for teas or to dry. I am in the process of drying mine now.

Moringa Trees need humidity:

In countries like India, they grow them in rows close together, like alfalfa. They let them get up to around 4 feet than cut them all down. They move on to the next row and so on. Then the Moringa and they cut them again. You want lots of leaf unless you are growing them for flowers and seed.

If you live in a hot dry climate with no humidity like here, spray their leaves in the cool of the morning. I also put a milk carton of water under each tree to help with providing some humidity. I learned that while watching my various trees. They are located in several different places: our porch, under our carport, and between the rows of straw bales in the garden. When you water the straw bales, some water leaks out between the two rows. The one tree is doing the best there. The others were showing stress. So I have to create humidity by the above methods.

Two of the states raising them year around are Florida and Hawaii. Both very humid states with water everywhere. Again, they are a tropical tree.

Growing Moringa is this high desert climate with no humidity is an ongoing experiment. Each part of the season has its challenges. You must protect them from fierce winds, fierce cold, and alter the humidity element.

Why go to all that trouble?
I personally believe that as a survival tree with quality nutrition including protein, iron, all eight amino acids, that it is part of my plan for being self sufficient. This goes along with having chickens and a milk goat. So to me it is part of my plan for a future with excessive heat, hurricanes, and unstable weather.

One of my experiments is raising them in our enclosed porch then bringing the two into the living room by the window in winter. I want to see if I can keep them growing leaves by that method. Will they go dormant? I don't have the answer yet. The porch has light enough. We may have to put in a small heater. You will learn as I go through this. I want every family to be growing this tree even if it has to be kept in the house during the winter. If nothing else, you can grow it for the spring, summer, and fall as you do a garden. You need to do this for the future.

Kate Freer, The Herbladyisin.....have a beautiful Sunday.
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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Update On The Straw Bale Garden

Hi Friends,

Well the garden is going gang busters. We have our first tomatoes and one cucumber. The plants are very healthy in all three growing mediums:  hay bales, tire container, and 33 gal trash cans.

There are lots of blooms and fruit. It is interesting that here in the desert, there are not many bees. It seems that the wind and other insects take over the job of pollenating the veggies.

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You must water and water everyday in the straw bales. It also would have been better if we had started earlier. Several of the bales that were in really good shape took much longer to decompose. They must decompose before you plant in them. Otherwise the bale will steal the nutrients away from the plant. I must say my lavender is also very happy planted in the bale. The only plant that seems not be doing well is the comfrey plant. I may have to move that one. So overall, I can say I will plant again next year this way.

I removed the boxes that were originally around the plants for wind protection. I used branches from a fallen tree for tomato stakes.  It worked very well. I hope you enjoy the pictures. We used an old gate as you can see and some tires to make wind blocks on that side.

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Give Moringa Tree Roots Room to Grow

Hi Folks,

I am transplanting my 5 young trees to new trash can containers. I have noticed over the past two years, that Moringa seedlings only grow well in large containers with depth. They seem to sense that they do not have enough room to grow when planted in small containers.

Moringa trees have a tap room that goes deep. If you keep them too long in a small container thay will cease to grow and begin to lose ground on their health. They don't grow well when their roots are confined.  A 20 gal container in the smallest after a certain point to keep them healthy. Even as babies it seems they grow faster in bigger containers. Planting them in the ground would be the best move except that here it gets to 10 degrees and lower. That would kill the trees. I must keep them in a movable containers for our harsh winters. So today the 5 young ones will go to bigger homes. Use two people when moving them. It is difficult once  they are 4 feet tall to move them into a bigger container without breaking them.  You must support the length of the tree while shaking it loose from its old home. 

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When your tree reaches 4 to 5 feet cut the top off. It will then branch out from the lower parts of the trunk. You want more leaves and branches within reach, not a tall tree where the leaves are out of reach. Use your leaves. If there are too many, dry the leaves so you have powder for winter. They are a food to use for health. 

If your tree is not growing as it should, it may be the container, the need for organic fertilizer, or not enough sun. Keep it wind protected as well.  Don't let it sit in soggy soil.   the lower picture is an example of the tree branching out from the root. There is a squash plant growing in this one as well. I don't suggest this. I was not sure if the tree had made it so wanted something started in the pot. That was a mistake, since the tree is alive and the container is not big enough for both. I have to try a squash transplant to hay bales today.

Talk to you later,
Kate, The herbladyisin 
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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Adding Ayurvedic Education To My Website

Hi Folks,

When I lived in El Centro, CA for 15 years, I took my daughter to an Ayurvedic doctor. He spent three times the time with her in assessing her health problems and solved the problem. He was one of the best doctors I have ever been too. I believe in Ayurvedic medicine. At one point, I wanted to increase my herb knowledge base by taking classes but money issues got in the way. It is advanced alternative medicine. So in keeping with the Moringa theme, I felt that the addition of Ayurvedic education was a plus. So go check it out at my website, .  I am not adding any Ayurvedic herb companies due to recent research and experience with the quality even with organic certified.  Moringa has been use in Ayurvedic medicine for hundreds of years and today to support a healthy immune system, healthy blood pressure, and overall health and wellness.

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Next post I will be sharing new pictures of the straw bale garden and the Moringa trees. My biggest one is really beautiful and has huge leaves. It should have blossoms this year and my first seed pods. I fell in love with growing them from day one. I will continue to grow them even though they will have to be sheltered in the winter. It is a passion and dedication.  Our new home with lots of sunny windows is also helping my scented geraniums to grow beautifully, as well.  Now that our swam cooler is fixed, the house is comfortable. I would have not made it in the days when people traveled by wagon and women wore hot clothing. No wonder so many women died on the trail. As we live here, I meet more really great neighbors who are more than willing to share their cuttings and knowledge. Each step of your path, even when it does not seem like it, is a step in a better life. You may have to go through the desert and heat to get there. You need to keep faith and belief as you go through the fire. If you quit, you will never get there. So for those of you going through the desert, keep believing in the light.

Bye for now, Kate, the Herbladyisin
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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Why Grow Moringa Trees? What The Big Deal?

Hi Folks,

I came from a background where my mother survived the depression. My mother and her family made it through those rough years by raising chickens, growing their own food, and really roughing it. Often times, they ate popcorn for a meal. Today, there are many families with children that are not eating three meals or even two at times. Their most nutritious meal is eaten at school with free lunch program for those who qualify. There are many mothers or young parents with kids who are working low end jobs. They do not make enough to eat well. Thousands are out of jobs and losing their homes. Times are going to get even more difficult in the coming years with climate disasters and world disasters such as in Japan. This is not the end but the beginning of harder times. Most of us in this generation have no clue on what our parents faced in the depression. We are learning as time goes on. My husband and I moved to Mina for many reasons including being able to live on his retirement with more ease. We also found peace and a less stressful life. It was also to be more self sufficient for the future.

You need to think about doing what ever you can, to be self sufficient. I believe in being prepared for emergencies. Growing Moringa trees is part of that plan. They are part of growing your own food for survival. You can grow them outdoors, in a green house, or in your home if you have a sunny window, porch, or other area. They can be grown as a once a year crop or year round source of organic leaves for tea or salads. They are beautiful when in leaf, have beautiful edible flowers and pods. I am not even selling the trees or seeds at this point, so I have no alternative motive for trying to get you to grow them. I believe they are part of an overall plan of self sufficiency. I will be talking about this topic in other blogs. You need to be taking steps from having water on hand to having emergency food available. If you are short of money, do a little at a time, as you can.

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When I first met my husband he was a city guy with a condo. I was a country girl who hated condos. Now we live in Mina, Nevada and he is building a green house and chicken coop. When he lived in his condo, I started tomotoes in containers and a composting worm bed. He thought I was crazy for awhile but then slowly he realized the value of all of it. His path from condo guy to country man was a few years but he got there. We would not be married now, if he had not made that change. I am very proud of him and his getting country new roots. You can grown veggies and Moringa on patios, or small yards. I have done it all at times. It is worth your while and will be necessary sooner or later.

Keep reading this blog and learning why and how to be more self sufficient and healthy. It is a path you won't forget. I made a decision this week. I resigned from writing at Associated Content for their paid position. You can still submit your own articles and get paid at times for your work, but not with weekly assignments. I had been put into a niche of 'womens health' with only a conservative slant. I could not write alternative medicine and womens health articles. I have written over 200 articles for them. They are good articles but some are not written from the heart. When I began writing, I felt the good Lord wanted me to write what I believed and what was important. I do have some of those articles published. But for the past 6 months, I have written mainly for the beat....the conservative beat. I was not writing articles I wanted to write, but those that would be accepted by the editorial staff. Along with running out of topics, I was not doing what I need to do for what is intended for my life. So I will be writing articles for this blog and my other blog. I want freedom to write the truth on subjects that need to be explored and thrown out for view. I will be adding articles to both blogs two or three times weekly.

So do come back to see what is next. Bye for now.

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Kate Freer, The Herbladyisin

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Saturday, July 2, 2011

How Much Moringa Powder Should Include in your daily meals?

Hi Friends, 

You should know that once you use the word dose it implies a drug.  Drugs are regulated by the FDA.  Herbs and Moringa are classified as supplements or foods. Therefore it is illegal to state on the bottle any thing else but a suggested dosage. Otherwise you get shut down by the FDA.

Suggested Moringa leaf  Powder and Fresh Leaves Intake

I have had several letters asking my advice on how much of the Moringa leaves or powder to take everyday. I cannot tell you to how much Moringa to use, because that is dispensing medical advice.

Moringa is a food, not a drug or herb,  high in protein, calcium, iron, vitamins and minerals. It is a natural, organic powerhouse of nutrition. It is like asking me how many salads should you eat a day. It depends on you individually and your food tastes. Why are you taking it? General nutrition or a special health need?

It depends on your goal, how much you want to take of it daily. I personally either use Moringa in salads, green drinks, or tea. I make the hot tea with the leaves, then refrigerate and put it over ice. Cold Moringa tea is refreshing and gives you energy to do your work.

If you are using Moringa to improve your nutrition or to help with high or low blood pressure, you would take more of it. It is not toxic in any amount so you are free to decide. You might want to work up on the amount, simply because it has a unique spicy taste.If you are sensitive to new foods or have stomach issues, start out slowly with a half Tsp a day.

Realize if you become healthier, you may need less of a medicine. Please monitor your blood sugar and blood pressure while you take Moringa or other herbs. It could have an impact on their performance.

A general suggestion for a long term goal is one to two tablespoons of the powder a day. One tablespoon is sufficient for many people. Start with a tsp to begin with.The easiest way to use Moringa powder is to add it to a green drink, yogurt, or cottage cheese. Divide it out into several foods.

Fresh Leaves:

Add them daily to salads. Make hot or cold tea from the leaves. Add them to egg dishes. Fresh Moringa leaves can be added to any food as you would spinach leaves.  Try to add them to the last few minutes of cooking. 

This is the two brands I trust because they test their imported products for contamination, E-Coli, and heavy metals in a US lab.  I have now been using a number of their products for over two years including Moringa powder. DO NOT buy Moringa products unless the company states that they test for heavy metals and contamination. If you do you are risking your health. Organic certified can still contain E-coli, dirt, bugs, weeds, filth and insects.  This is the way it is folks.
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