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I am a Independent Distributor for  Nature's Sunshine Herbs, Vitamins, and Supplements? 

I am an independent representative for Nature's Sunshine Herbs because they are one of the highest quality supplement companies found on the net? Don't risk your health buying inferior health products. 

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Those links connect you to my Nature's Sunshine affiliate website. 

All payment information will be inputted into their secure  and protected payment interface. I do earn income from the products sold on my Nature's Sunshine website. It is the way I help support our family. 

Check out Nature's Sunshine Products here and see the difference in your health and vitality!

Total and lasting health requires body system balance
The body’s 10 systems (respiratory, circulatory, nervous, glandular, etc.) work in harmony with each other. Take our quick assessment to learn which of your body systems needs the most attention.

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Flower Essence RemediesFlower essence remedies are liquid infusions made from flowers in the tradition of Dr. Edward Bach, who pioneered flower remedies in the 1930s. Flower essences help support emotional balance and well-being. Our line of both English and North American flower essences features flowers grown in certified organic gardens and pristine, wild habitats. Each formula utilizes seven flowers specially selected to bring balance.


Respiratory/Breathing/Lung Support

Sexual/ Intimacy 

Sleep/ Relaxation

Stress/ Anxiety

Weight Control

Women's Health

Here are four reasons why I am a Nature's Sunshine Independent Sales Associate: 

#1:  I have used their products for my family and my customers for over 30 years! It began when my daughter was a year old and suffering from an immune disorder. Standard medicine had no clue.  I ended up visiting a Nature's Sunshine herbalist who put us both on a program which saved her life and got me on the right health path.  

They are simply the most effective and trustworthy supplements sold anywhere.

#2: NSP scientists visit their  herb growers and vendors to examine their fields and check their harvesting and cleaning techniques. They test raw materials and product batches in their labs for purity and potency. They even keep samples on hand for future testing needs should they arise.

#3: Unlike 85% of supplement brands sold in the US, Nature's Sunshine Herbs manufacture their own natural health supplements.

Their company includes a 260,000 square-foot, pharmaceutical-grade manufacturing facility features state-of-the-art bin mixers and packaging lines that can produce over 15 million capsules per day. That space includes our Quality Assurance labs and environmentally designed warehouse. NSP spent $21 million expanding and upgrading our facility in 2001.

#4:Nature's Sunshine invests in technology and personnel to give you the best.

NSP is the first health supplement company to use a Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry/MS Triple Quad. It detects impurities down to parts per TRILLION…with a T. We also have four Phds on staff. 

If you have any questions  send a text to 931-636-9599

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