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(This is my Amazon Store through their affiliate program. All products purchased go through during the payment process through the shipping process. I get paid a small percentage on the products sold through the store links.

The brands promoted here, I have either used or researched. I know they are high quality supplements! I only support products I believe are the most exceptional products. kate Freer

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Natures Sunshine Products

Gaia Organic Herbal Formulas

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Alpha-Lipoic Acid

Anxiety/Depression/Mood Disorder


Blood Sugar Support

Books: Alternative Medicine 

Bone Health /Calcium/Glucosamine/Chondroitin

Cat's Claw 

Diabetes Support Formulas

Diatomaceous Earth


Elderberry (Immune Health)

Esseac Tea Products

Detox/ Cleaning your body systems

Fish Oil

Fibroid Tumors

Ginger /Stomach Soothing Herbs

gogi berries

Heart/Blood Pressure

Melatonin / Sleep Products

Memory, Brain Health

Neem Products


Organic Gardening Products

Orthomolecular Medicine Books


Thyroid Support


Natural Virus and Bacteria Fighters

Tea Tree Products

Women's Health

Vitamin B Complex


Kindle Products

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