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Ayurvedic herbs are part of a Ancient healing modality that is still used today after 5000 years. It is precise in the method in which it identifies your particular body constitution, identifying your individual imbalances, then giving you guidance through lifestyle and Ayurvedic herbs to correct those imbalances. Most of the herbs found in the article and blog topics can be purchased from this company. They state clearly that they test for heavy metals and contamination.  This is so extremely important when buying products from India and those countries. Do not buy products unless they are shown by the company to have adequate testing.
You will find herbs and herbal formulas to help you sleep, improve your immune and cardiovascular system, formulas for every system of the body. Need a good cleanse product, they have several.  Ayurvedic medicine has many formulas for both the female and male sexual system to make it work more smoothly.  It is a beautiful healing system that really helps to get to the root of health issues. 

What to see results?  Take the dosha questionnaire below!

I challenge you to take the detailed dosha health questionnaire that identifies your constitution. The herbs you need depend on your constitution and dominant health characteristics. The quiz shows imbalances that need to be addressed by diet, lifestyle and herbs. I was surprised how accurate it pinned me down on constitution.  How herbal formulas affect you and which ones will best complement your individual health situation is the answer to getting results from supplementation.
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Favorite supplements below that I suggest you check out below! 

Organic Moringa 

Organic Moringa Oleifera 

 Blissful Sleep

Blissful Sleep®Sleep Management®

1000 mg per tablet
Fall asleep naturally Natural sleep aid for falling asleep faster and enjoying deeper, more refreshing sleep; balances, nourishes
Traditional ayurvedic sleep aid, including:
  • Indian valerian: targets falling asleep
  • Supports sound sleep
  • Wake up refreshed - no morning fog
  • Ashwagandha: boost resistance to stress
  • Indian tinospora: balance & nourish mind & body
  • Vata & pitta balancing (vpk®)

This vata-balancing product helps with falling asleep. If staying asleep during the night is an issue, try Deep Rest.

Deep Rest

Buy Safe and Effective Ayurvedic Herbs for your Health Here

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