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This blog is created and administered by myself and my youngest daughter, Elizabeth Vasile. Elizabeth is an awesome healer with many years of education and expertise.

Kate Freer, lay herbalist, researcher, writer and teacher of herbal medicine.

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Our nursery business, Greatly Blessed Medicinal Herbs and home is Now located in Indian Mound, TN. This is about 40 min from Clarksville, TN. out in the country!

Kate Freer - Education and Experience:

I studied herbs from Dominion Herbal College in Canada in 1983, training from the late Dr. Bernard Jensen, and from Keith Smith in Escondido, CA in the 1980's as well. Keith Smith is a experienced healer and master Herbalist for over 40 years.  I have spent my whole life researching, learning, and expanding my knowledge. I have given classes in the past, given lectures, and for years used my experience to help clients get healthier.  Since 2000 researching and writing has been my focus. Writing reaches the people who are motivated to get well and are willing to do the work. You cannot help any person who doesn't want to go forward to improve their health.

Elizabeth Vasile, my youngest daughter and healer. We are partners and writers for the material on this blog.  Her education and training is listed below. She and her family with two amazing daughters live in Florida.

Associate Degree-Health Information Technology, Hodges University
Licensed Massage Therapist, Bonita Springs School
Licensed Esthetician, Florida Academy of Massage and Skincare
Certified Aromatherapist, American College of Healthcare Sciences
Certified Reflexologist, Bonita Springs School
Certified Integrated Intuitive Professional under Denise Lescano
East West School of Planetary Herbology

My husband and I  no longer sell Moringa products or grow Moringa trees. TN simply is not the climate it needs. We stopped selling the products because of the extreme problem of Moringa product and contamination. It was the biggest issue in our business. We just didn't want to deal with it any more. It is a shame because it is a beautiful food. I also felt that I needed to educate about herbal medicine and the many beautiful, healing components that comprise healing naturally. Moringa was just one piece of the picture. 

In Tennessee, we grow and sell herbs as a part time business. Growing herbs gives me great pleasure and feeds the soul. Our nursery is open now but my focus for the future will be not only growing herbs but sharing my experience with herbs with others. I will be offering classes next year which is exciting.  I will be offering some new products for sale which will a new chapter as well.

I am a Nature's Sunshine Herbs Independent Sales Rep and you can go to my store here and buy superior herb products, essential oils and other health supplements.

My Natures Sunshine Herb store featuring what I consider the highest quality products including essential oils, herbs, vitamins, and health products. These are brands I either use or have researched for their quality.

Read my published articles on Moringa and other health issues by clicking the link below: 

One of our current projects is to sell medicinal herbs from our property. Herbs such Jiaogulan, the immortality herb, sage, passion flower and many more. Our farm name is Greatly Blessed Medicinal Herbs Farm.  Our nursery license was approved on July 24th. Since it is so late in the year, next year will have many herb plants available. 

Chickens and Garden area at back of house.

This page is to give you a glimpse into our family and business.  Marty and I have been together 11 years. Our marriage combined my three children, 5 grandchildren and his son, dad and granddaughter.  We believe in God and try to live Christian principals. Tolerance and respect for others is important.  

Our family also includes a Laso and Aussie, one huge great Pyrenees puppy, three cats, a flock of chickens, and several rabbits. We are a farm family as well who believe that gardening and raising your own food is a must and important in this day and age of processed, empty food raised by Big Farms.

Newest baby rabbits

I worked for doctors in late 1970 through 75 as a medical assistant and lab tech. I believed completely in standard medicine until my youngest daughter became ill after her first set of shots. A year of constant antibiotics rendered her sick, weak, and getting worse. They had no clue on why she kept getting infections, one after another. I took her away from doctors, studied the immune system, alternative therapies, put her on herbs and goats milk. and slowly she got well. That was my path into alternative medicine. I became a Master Herbalist and iridologist because of my daughter's health problems and mine as well. I  suffered with allergies and adrenal problems for years. It was quite a transition from believing in the standard medical system, working in the system, giving shots, taking x-rays, and dealing with drug salesman to Master Herbalist and health counselor.  I am so thankful I changed careers and paths.

Indy, our new aussie we adopted after Jack died

I visit a lot of web sites in my work. I am unhappy that so many web sites only provide you with a email address to contact them with. 

You have no idea about the company, who runs the company or where they are even located at.   I want to know who I am dealing with when I shop. I want a face to go with the information presented on the website. So I am providing you with what I feel every website should have......information about myself and our business. 

My husband Marty, our old aussie Jack, Pringles our Laso, and herbs
Our business and website combines our passion about growing herbs, using herbal medicine to improve health and well being.  We have our nursery in which we grow herbs, classes to be offered next year, and a line of products to benefit your health and healing path.

Here are some resources to check me out and who I am.

For years (1986 through 2009) my business name was 
Women's Health-Natural Solutions. Along with my web site,
I helped people with their path to better health. I taught
classes and gave talks to different groups. 

In 2009 we changed our business name to
Moringa and Healing Herbs to reflect our new goals and 
passions at that point. 
We sold Moringa trees and Moringa products on our website then.
It was retired in 2015 when we moved here to TN and because of the problem securing safe Moringa products.

So the Moringa site was retired because I just felt it was not the whole picture for the highest health. It was one important part but there was so much more that readers needed to know about and understand. I wanted to address the whole picture, not one element. 

After great reflection and time, we decided that we needed to go back to the beginning with herbal medicine as a focus not just one particular herb. We had all this land on the new property and we wanted to grow herbs and berries. So Greatly Blessed Medicinal Herbs and More was born with the idea of sharing both the growing and teaching of herbs and herbal medicine.

AC Content Publishing

Along with health counseling, 
I have turned to medical researching and article writing.  
I had over 270 articles published in Yahoo Voices over 
the last several years.

I got several awards during that time for my writing
including best of 1000 writers for 2011 and 2012.  
I have been very proud of that. 

Yahoo made the decision on Aug 1st, 2014 to shut 
down their writer's platform. 

Thousands of writers were affected and their careers. 
Writers were given a 30 day notice to find another outlet 
for their writing.

All our articles, our profile, and the searches to those 
articles disappeared!  

We were given the republishing rights to most of our 

My published yahoo articles will now be republished in the 
Alternative Medicine-Women's Health Article Directory at 
this address below: 

It will take time to republish them on this site so I hope you 
will visit it often to see the new articles there.

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More about who I am, my education, and writing:

Freelance Writer / Medical Researcher /  Master Herbalist
Master Herbalist with extensive nutrition background
Studied nutrition at IUNE
Graduated from Dominion Herbal College
Studied Under Bernard Jensen (The Father Of Iridology)
Studied under Keith Smith (master herbalist and iridologist)