Monday, July 25, 2022

Turkey Tail Mushrooms; Their Value in Health and Cancer

                                     Thank you to Andrew Ridley at Unsplash for the use of his picture here. 

Mushrooms are one of the most amazing foods to boost your immune system and health!  As an herbalist, mushrooms are one of the newest foods to add to my daily regimen.  I knew about them but did not take them until the past year and a half.  It was when my Chronic Lyme disease flared up along with gut issues that I went back to research them.  There is so much research published now on the value of mushrooms from the ones easily found at the store to the medicinal ones that are harder to find. Many people forage for mushrooms but there is the expertise needed to properly identify the ones that are safe to eat and the mushrooms that can make you deathly ill. At 71, we live in the plains area where mushrooms are not easily found, and I am not in the mood to go foraging at this point.  I buy mine and am happy to do so. 

Turkey Tail mushrooms are one of the many medicinal mushrooms that can make a huge difference in your fight for better health including the fight against cancer. In many countries, the turkey tail mushroom and other medicinal mushrooms are used by oncology doctors to fight cancer. Mushroom supplements are being suggested by many holistic vets to give to dogs with cancer.

Mushrooms have a long history of being used for food and medicine. They are used today by people around the world to improve health and fight disease. They contain polysaccharides, including beta-glucans, as well as polysaccharide-protein combinations to name some of the most important properties. Enzymes are another property they contain.

These mushroom properties along with many others they possess have been shown by research to modulate the immune system, and fight tumors and cancers. Mushrooms provide anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-parasitic, anti-fungal, liver protective, anti-inflammatory, nerve protective, brain protective, and heart-protective effects.  Many edible mushrooms contain selenium, vitamin D and vitamin B3, which is part of what makes them strong immune boosters. Some mushrooms have more potent properties for fighting cancer. Turkey Tail is one of them.

PSK or Krestin is a supplement used in Japan and China by doctors made from the Turkey Tail Mushroom for cancer. Most of the published cancer studies have used PSK.  It is the fruiting body of the Turkey Tail Mushroom extract that has shown the most promise in studies. These published studies have shown its positive effect on breast cancer, lung cancer, and rectal cancer to name just three.  Most of these studies were done on patients who also were undergoing chemo and radiation.  Research companies cannot get funding for their research using mushrooms only against cancer. That is a real issue. This research shows that taking mushrooms improves the quality of life for patients and can greatly enhance their longevity with cancer. 

I personally don't believe in chemo or radiation.  I do belong to two cancer groups on FB that use mushrooms as part of their holistic therapy against cancer with success. I have seen some stories of people who used mushrooms alone on their cancers with success. The majority use a whole program with mushrooms included. I would certainly advocate including Turkey tail and other medicinal mushrooms in your holistic path to cancer healing. It is generally given that about 3 grams of each mushroom taken once a day is needed on a program if you are sick. I would also include other mushrooms in addition because each one has its own special array of beta-glutens and other healing properties to improve immune function and health.

I can tell you that taking mushroom supplements highlighting Turkey Tail has made a huge difference in my gut function, the gut pain I was experiencing, and in my whole immune function. I take them every day in a hot drink.  You can also take them in capsules or extract form as well. I do not go a day without including them. Yes, they are expensive but worth every penny and we are retired on a tight budget.  They are just as important as some of the herbs I take. Even if you are not sick, mushrooms boost immune function to help you maintain your present health. None of these links are sponsors of this blog. I offer them for your education. 

I encourage you to investigate the links below to learn more about the benefits of taking Turkey Tail Mushroom and other medicinal mushrooms for your health. 

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