Saturday, February 26, 2022


Do you know how to take herbs properly to get the most effective results? Read this article to see how much you know.

Are you buying cheap herb supplements? Do you know why some herb supplements don't work?

Quality Counts!  

  • Herbs need to be grown in soil with proper nutrients. The climate and time of year matters when you grow them or pick them.  Herbs need to be given enough time to grow to a certain stage of development before they are full of the vitamins, minerals, essential oils, and other elements that give them their healing qualities.  So a order of bulk herbs may be quality or useless. 

  • Herbs need to be dried under low heat. Drying them in the wrong way can kill their properties. Drying them the wrong way can lead to mold developing. Drying them in the wrong way can lead to dirt, bugs, and other unsavory additions such as mouse parts.

  • Herbs must be stored properly to maintain quality, keep moisture out, and to prevent contamination from rodents, dust, and dirt.

  •  Quality herb companies test the incoming herb bulk product to make sure it is the correct herb variety. Not all oregano varieties have medicinal properties.  This is important for your healing to have the correct oregano or the correct thyme. They test the bulk product for mold, heavy metals, toxins, lead, and other impurities such as mouse parts or insects. They perform many kinds of tests to determine if the product is quality.  

  • Organic does not mean that it does not contain dirt, insects or heavy metals.  Many of the products coming from India and China may have all of these natural contaminants.  You can ask for proof of the tests they perform and how often they test their bulk products. Quality is of utmost importance in herbs and herbal products. 

It is up to you to investigate the source of your herbs and if they are indeed quality. 

  • Herbs cannot work if they sit on the shelf and only taken here and there. Herbs heal by building up the body. Herbs support your cells, tissues, organ systems and this takes time. It could take days, weeks, months or years depending on the state of your overall health and immune system.  Herbs support your immune system so it can work as God designed it to. If it took you years to destroy your body and immune system, why do you think it will not take time to repair it and bring it back to health?

  • Herbs must be taken in the right amount and for the right time period. That is the difficulty with herbs because each one of you is different and your health situation is different. The dosage on the bottle is listed as a starting point. The FDA will not allow the companies to give any dosage instructions other than a general idea of what to take as a minimum.  Most people take the minimum which in most cases is not enough for healing.  Going to a functional medicine doctor is the best money you can spend to help you design a program that best fits your health circumstances. Again each of you is different and what works for your sister in dosage, may either be too much or not enough for your health condition. Some people have very sensitive systems so even taking the minimum dosage may be too much. It is wise to start out at the minimum and work up the dosage over weeks. In some cases, an herb or vitamin may not agree with you so you will have to try an alternate herb. 

  • Herbs have different functions. Some herbs are specific for different systems of the body, some herbs have a building effect, some herbs have a cleansing effect, some herbs are adaptogens which are a tonic that helps the body to overall work more effectively. These adaptogen herbs strengthen every process of the body. You must take the right herb for the right problem in the right amount. 

  • If you don't supplement with iron when you are iron deficient, your energy will not improve. If you don't take your iron supplement properly you will not improve. Coffee, soda, milk, and calcium all effect how iron is absorbed in your body. Iron absorption takes Vitamin C, selenium and other co-factors to be utilized by the body properly.

  • If you have a heart problem and you don't include Hawthorne berries or cayenne, you may get no results. Certain herbs support the heart to work more effectively and heal. Certain herbs can lower blood pressure with many patients. It takes the right herb for the problem. It also again takes time and the right amount of the herbs to do the job. You need to add life changes for the best results such as losing excess weight and getting more exercise.  Diet needs to be changed as well.

  • Do not take drugs and herbs together.  

  • Herbs can impact your medicine. 

  • Herbs can either make the drug more effective which could contribute to more side effects. 

  • Herbs can lessen the effect of the medication making it less effective in some cases.

  • DO NOT stop your medicine without a doctors supervision. 

  • Do not take herbs with drug unless you have supervision by an alternative medicine doctor. 

  • If you take herbs and medications, take them several hours apart.  

  • If you are blood thinners, depression medication, bi-polar medications, heart medications, diabetes medications get the help of your doctor to take herbs as well.  


Herbs cannot work well once you have destroyed your immune system with chemo, radiation, drugs, alcohol and other chemicals. 

You must have a working immune system for herbs and alternative medicine to work with the most effectiveness. . If you wait until you are on your dying breath, that brings down your odds of survival using alternative medicine.  

Saying that, even patients that were given two months to live, survived and thrived for years with the support of Asian or other alternative medical doctors using alternative therapies. This is after the patient was given chemotherapy, radiation, surgery and were told to go home and get your affairs in order. 

Only God knows how much time you have and how long you will live.  If your doctor gives you a death prognosis, that does NOT mean he is correct. He cannot tell you your future. 

Herbs cannot work well when you eat junk food, sugar, packaged foods, and generally have a poor diet.

 Herbs are not magic wands, they work in harmony with improving diet, getting daily exercise, losing weight, getting your blood sugar under control, getting adequate sunshine and living to the best of your ability.  You need to look at all your daily life and try to make small changes to improve all the above layers in your health. 

I hope this blog today has given you some answers on why your herbal program may not be working as you had hoped.  

You will not get quick fix answers from me. 

Health cannot be achieved without work and dedication. You need help and knowledge along the way.  Your body is very special and you need to listen to it and work with it to achieve health.

All for day.  Cathryn Freer, the Herbladyisn

Friday, February 25, 2022

How your mind can affect your health and healing-Learn why that is so important if you are stuck in your path to healing. 

The main complaint I hear from people  is that I tried herbs and they didn't work.  I know how frustrating this is.  The body and how it works is exhaustingly complex. 

I hope this helps some of you on this path toward healing. 

There are so many elements that go into why you heal or you don't. Health starts from the inside out. You must look at the different layers of who you are and your health.

What is your outlook on life?  What are your deep beliefs on healing?

Are you a positive person and a negative one?  

You will find when reading the outcomes of people with cancer, that the ones who have a positive outlook live longer and respond better to treatments no matter whether it is alternative medicine treatments or standard medicine treatments. If you declare a treatment will do no good, it probably will be a failure.  If you have no faith in the doctor that is treating you, you will not do as well. If you tell yourself you will never be well, you won't.  Your body responds to what you tell it and what you believe in your heart and subconscious.  

Part #1   To get well you must believe with all your heart, mind and soul that you will get well. You must believe in your treatment plan as well. 

You must not let your family or friends tell you otherwise. You need people who will support you in your fight to get well.  To stay strong, you must stand on your beliefs and your will to live.  Those who fight live longer. If you don't have family support, find an online group to support your path to health.  It is also true that people who believe in God and an afterlife, have less pain and a more peace during their fight for healing even if they end of dying.  Those who make peace with their past, their hurt relationships and forgive have an easier time.

My father-in-law died of Leukemia and dementia at 94.  He was a retired Lieutenant Commander and Navy fighter pilot. He was 94 and the disease had been slowly getting worse over 5 years.  He drank and ate horribly until he came to live with us the last three years of his life. His whole world was playing and watching golf.  He had an attitude of fight and was really bull headed. His mantra was, "What part of NO don't you understand! I will do it my way " 

He played golf well until the last two months of his life. I took him out two to three times a week. It was his life blood.  When at the end, he lost his ability to play, he gave up.  He had told me from the beginning if he could not play golf, he didn't want to live. The last time we played golf, he managed to play 3 holes well.  We sat in the golf cart in the shade and he turned to me and said, " I'm done honey.  This is my last game. "  We went home and he immediately went down hill in the next several weeks. He died within two months of that comment.  His fight and will to live served him well for three years after he came to live with us. His disease quickly killed him when he gave up the fight.

I was a caregiver for  8 years between 2000 and 2008.  During that time I took care of many who fought a good fight right to the near end. It was their will, their fight and attitude that kept them going.  I also watched one of the most uncomfortable deaths where a man died angry at everything including God.  He did not die a peaceful death and I cared about him deeply.  He quickly went to his death after he was put in a lock up unit he did not deserve, deprived of visitors to break him, and the final assault  was his wife dying in a ward that did not give good care.  How I wished I could have helped him find peace before he died but his anger could not be quelled. I understood his anger but dying that way is sad. 

I watched a woman on an audition the other night.  She told the audience she had cancer with an only 2 percent chance of living. It was her dream to win that audition. She stated that you should not wait for a reason to be happy but just be happy. She sang her own song with such conviction and emotion. That audition was amazing and she won it. Thousands of people gave her a standing ovation. Her attitude was a light for all who are fighting health or disease. She gave it everything she had. I know that her drive to win this audition was helping her to survive her diagnosis. 

So folks, look at your attitude toward your healing?  Look at your attitude on life as well.  That is the first step to healing and health.

Next we will look at the next step in health and healing...why your herbal program my not be working.

Cathryn Freer, the Herbladyisin

Wednesday, February 23, 2022

2022 is The Time For Healing and Renewal

 The past 2 years has been very trying for all of us.  I feel its time for all of us to get out of the fear, the depression and move into making the most out of each minute of every day.  

Life throughout the ages has has times of depression, wars, famine, economy downturns and somehow we made it through these previous really hard years.  

When it comes right down to it, none of us really know how and when our life will be over.  I am a senior now and so the future has even less months or years in it. 

Yet, do we just give up and quit?  

I was never a quitter. I have had some harsh years but my faith in God and resilience has gotten me through each chapter in my life.   I know each of you have been fighting as well.  

I want to thank those of you who have visited this blog the past two years, even though I was not writing much.  I appreciate your support through the years.  

So Thank You for your support!

So where have I been?

When we lived in TN I ended up with Chronic Lyme Disease which was diagnosed far into the disease.  By the time I went to the doctor, I had lost my balance, a lot of my memory and felt I was dying of some sort of cancer.  It ended up to be Lyme Disease which is one of the illnesses transmitted by ticks. We were in an area where we were scraping off ticks daily. I had welts all over me. In the early stages I went in to get tested. It was negative at that point. Lyme tests are often false negative and a huge problem for diagnosis.  It was a year or so later that I got sick enough to try and get some answers again.. At the time my father in law who I had been taking care of for over a year had died. I thought a lot of how badly I was feeling up to that point was due to overwork caring for him and then grief at his death.  At the same time, my husband went into the hospital with Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever which was severe.   

In my case, after months of getting worse and worse, the Lyme Disease was in a chronic stage. This means I will be fighting to keep it under control for years.  

At this point, the Lyme spirochetes and the co infections they cause are in the tissues of the body and antibiotics are not longer effective. Herbal medicine does knock it down but can't knock it out completely.  Herbs typically used for other bacterial and viral infections do not work on the Lyme spirochetes . Only a handful of herbs can kill them and their co-infections. It is like hitting at a whole swarm of insects, killing a few, but not able to wipe out the whole swarm.  If I did not have Chronic Lyme it is one of the most fascinating diseases to study.  It is amazing to know how they evade antibiotics and treatments, how they change shape and ability to hide is tissues and cells.  They adapt to survive and thrive.   

We moved from TN here to Colorado for many reasons including being closer to my daughter.   The road to "mostly recovered" has been very slow and difficult.  I am so blessed that I have recovered most of my ability to write and research. I feel mostly like I felt before getting sick. I am no longer going down the path of Lyme brain dementia and my husband is finally beginning to recover his persistent and severe fatigue.  This was a challenge to say the least.  So the fact I am able to write again is the greatest blessing in the world.  

So this ends todays blog. I look forward to this year and once again writing about the things I love.

This is Cathryn Freer, The Herbladyisin