Friday, September 25, 2020

Herbs and Supplements That Work Effectively for Stress and Anxiety of 2020

2020- this whole year can be summed up in two words...stress and anxiety.  

With everything from Covid to deadly wild fires and floods, it is not a year anyone will want to repeat. Once you have done your best to lower your stress with diet, exercise and other lifestyle changes, there is more help.  This is one of two  or three more  blogs I am writing on this issue. Today the blog will address supplements and the next one herbs. The subject is too important to hit lightly.  So many blogs have so little real content and it doesn't really help people who are unfamiliar with the subject.

All the supplements in this blog will be gentle, not addicting, and do work for most people.  It beats the alternatives in prescriptions which are either addicting or have numerous side effects. There are some individuals who still need a heavier prescription drug but this is for the readers who do not.  

A word of caution.  Do not take prescriptions drugs for depression, anxiety, and more severe disorders with herbs.  You must be under a doctors supervision to lower or discontinue a drug you are taking now. Drugs may stay in the system for days or weeks, so understand that.  You may experience some tough side effects when trying to reduce your prescription medication.  If you want to try herbs, go to your doctor first to supervise and help you lower your prescription drug over weeks.  This is real serious on doing this the right way.  Drugs illegal or prescription have some heavy duty effects that can really make it so you can't work or function.

Now that you fully understand the issues above, lets go into supplements for anxiety and stress.  Supplements in the form of vitamins and minerals vary in their effects depending on the individual and their makeup.  There are a few people and I am one of them that several herbs and supplements have the opposite effect. You need to experiment with your own body on these. You start out with the suggested dosage or half the dosage if you are extremely sensitive to foods. Take that one for a week or two and notice how you feel.  I have to take half of the recommended dose on herbs that can make you sleepy. If I take an herb or supplement with caffeine in it, it affects me the same way as coffee.  If I take a 5 hour energy, it lasts for 12 hours. 

Whether you are taking OTC drugs, prescription drugs or herbs you need to monitor your individual reaction to them.  Supplements and herbs do have some potent effects including effects on blood sugar, blood pressure and cardio effects.  Its a good idea to try herbs  or supplements when you have the weekend off. Herbs and supplements such as magnesium can also effect your trips to the bathroom which if you are a trucker or have limited access to the restroom, can be an issue. 

Supplements for stress and anxiety: 

#1     Stress and anxiety can be an issue of a deficiency of magnesium.  Magnesium is important to the body and plays a part in more than 300 enzyme reactions. It supports healthy nerve and muscle formation and functions, aids in the regulation of blood pressure and aids your immune function. It calms you down when you seem to be stepping on your one last nerve. 

Signs you need magnesium include craving chocolate, muscle cramps, insomnia, constipation, headaches, high blood pressure, heart issues, anxiety issues, emotions that are out of control. This is especially true for women during their period and during menopause. 

With our deficient diets, magnesium is one of the nutrients we probably need to supplement if our stress level in high and we feel we are on our last nerves.  I take 3 caps before bed to help me sleep because I have such an active mind. My husband takes two because he is more sensitive to it.  I also take valerian as well which I will get into in the next blog. So taking a magnesium supplement is one of the first steps in controlling both these problems. Do start out with the minimum dosage, for magnesium can cause loose stools if you take too much.  Its good to start with 100 mg and go gradually up to about 400 mg if you are deficient.If you tend to be constipated, you can take more usually and need more.

I am going to refer you to Healthlines article (link below) on the different kinds of magnesium because one form or another of this mineral may be more effective for your health issue.

"A proprietary form of magnesium known as magnesium L-threonate, previously found to be exceptionally good at increasing brain magnesium levels, may be the best magnesium supplement for improving brain function. As a memory loss supplement, ,magnesium is a multi-purpose mineral with important roles in the brain. " If you are having memory issues or suffer from Alzheimer's you need to read the article here  from University Health News.

#2    B-Complex Vitamins are equally important in relieving stress and anxiety. Get a B-Complex that contains at least 50 mg per individual element. Ours contains 100mg of each B vitamin. Many of the formulas are so low, you will not feel anything unless you take 10 of them a day.  Read labels. Just because it says high potency does not mean it is in reality.  Some formulas contain magnesium so check that if you are going to take magnesium separately.  How strong a B-complex formula you need depends on your stress level and how long your have been stressed. If you deal with stress better than some people, you may only need a one with 50 mg each B vitamin.  It depends on the formula as well. Some formulas are more easily digestible that other formulations.

Many of your anxiety-stress formulations include -complex elements.  Listen to your body when trying new herbs, supplements and foods.  Keep a diary on how you feel beginning a new supplement, a few days later, and weeks later rating your energy level and how you feel.  It also helps to know from lab tests if you are deficient in B-12, Vitamin D, and other vitamins.  

Should you take extra B-12?  If you are suffering from Chronic Fatigue, tiredness or diaznosed anemia you may need to take extra B-12 shots or under the tongue tablets that dissolve in your mouth.  Many older people are given shots by their doctor to help them.   

Multi-vitamins:  It is suggested that people with high stress lives take a multiple vitamin but it needs to be quality.  Many of the one a day types are so low in their content that they are not worth the money.  

It is important to eat organic veggies and lots of them to get the minerals and micro-nutrients you need to be healthy. Even organic vegetables may not contain the micro-nutrients that you need since it is the soil quality that is responsible for the health of the veggies.  If you can start your own garden and eat as much of your foods straight from your garden.  I am gardening in containers and so can you.  Health starts with a good diet to begin with.  Nuts of all kinds and fruit is important as well and organic is what you should do.   I know its hard, we are on a limited budget as many families and seniors but it is important to the health of your mind and body.  

 GABA-  This is one supplement that many people do not know about. I have used GABA on and off for years and it does work.  You will find supplements which include B-Complex vitamins and GABA. 

From Psychology Today, "Gamma-Aminobutyric acid is an amino acid produced naturally in the brain. GABA functions as a neurotransmitter, facilitating communication among brain cells. GABA’s big role in the body is to reduce the activity of neurons in the brain and central nervous system, which in turn has a broad range of effects on the body and mind, including increased relaxation, reduced stress, a more calm, balanced mood, alleviation of pain, and a boost to sleep."

If you are taking drugs for anxiety or depression, GABA can interact so get your doctors supervision if you take a GABA supplement.   The next blog will be on GABA because it is so unfamiliar to the majority of people who would benefit from taking it.

So next blog is herb and adaptogens that sooth nerves and anxiety. 

Herbally Yours, Kate Freer, the herbladyisin



Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Possible war, the horrible killing in Ukraine, Covid, lock downs, business shut downs, kids being home schooled, the devastation of fires and flooding, gas and food skyrocketing are the headlines confronting us daily from every source. We go to the store and get almost nothing for $50.00 now. We just did that this yesterday. Our gas here went up again as well.  

During these times people are becoming hopeless not knowing what their future will be.  I am sure that our parents and grandparents during the depression felt this way too.  In those days there were no unemployment insurance payments, no credit and food lines were the norm. People lost their homes and everything they had during those times. My father-in-law who died at 94 lived during the depression.  They ate only because they grew a garden, bought a milk cow, a few chickens, he fished even as a young child and hunted to help keep the family fed. They lived in a house that was vacant for several years...just squatted there.  The sold watermelon and did whatever they could to survive.  My father in law to the day he died, would not eat watermelon seeds because they saved them to replant the crop.

My mom wore flour sack dresses, shoes with holes, and ate popcorn for dinner many times.  They had little to eat for years and it was rough with harsh times.

During the civil war in earlier times the south lost everything when troops came from the North taking their food, their supplies, leaving nothing behind in their path.  

There are countless elderly and families today who are homeless now because they have lost their jobs. They already know about living out of their car.  I lived in an office for 4 months at one point in 2004 when I was suddenly without a place. The girl I was paying room and board to, didn't pay the rent. I came home from a caregiving job with my stuff packed up in the living room. No warning at all.  I had a dog at the time too. It does not take much at times and circumstances are not always in your control. 

These folks will tell you that they lived through these times and that for most part, times got better and easier eventually. People in those days, just put one put in front of the others and kept on living. They did not expect things to be easy because most of them led hard lives and worked hard every day.  Their relief from those hard times may have been years down the road but they just kept taking each day, one step at a time.

How you make it through the rough times depends on your attitude, creativity, your courage and your resilience to the adverse events in your life. 

How do you react to stress?  I remember when the kids were little and I had to sell some good furniture we had to pay the rent. I loved the hutch but it went. I learned not to get attached to things that in the long run mean nothing. They are not critical even though you love them and enjoy them. I learned through surviving those time periods that they do pass, sooner or later. It taught me many lessons that has kept me strong now into 2022 and the uncertain future we have as seniors. 

*The one thing You Can Control is your reaction to stress and negative people.   

No one can make you angry, unless you let them.  

No one make you give up or see yourself in a negative light unless you let them.  

No one can decide your future, you must do that.  

Nothing anyone says can hurt you, unless you let them. 

It is your choice to hold hatred or anger. It is your choice to forgive. It is your choice to look at your future with faith or to look at it and give up.  It is up to YOU despite the outward circumstances at this point and time. 

One thing I always focused on was my belief that my life would get easier. My belief in God gave me strength and courage to keep fighting. I never stopped believing that I would overcome the circumstances. I never gave in to hopelessness. I was a fighter and still am.  

 I used to have a bumper sticker which read, " I have no time for a nervous breakdown, I have to go to work and feed the kids. "

 After three used refrigerators died one after another, I developed more calm during these situations.  I learned how to deal with the uncertainty that lay before me day after day.  What does not kill you, makes you stronger.  You must learn from the events in your life and let them grow you rather than cause depression and defeat.  I say this from many experiences over 70 years. I say this after going through domestic violence in an early marriage, being a single mom, fighting to survive economically years ago.  You learn resilience. You learn to take a deep breathe and pray for strength and courage to take on the next day.

Stress will always be there in one form or another as we go through our path in life. It is how we react to the event or stress that makes the difference if you turn  to drinking and suicide or you get up and keep fighting.

 Here are some other stress survival tips:  

Turn off the news except for a few minutes every day. The nasty, negative news media is driving up people's blood pressure, creating heart disease, causing depression to worsen and think about harming themselves.  TURN off the news!    

Focus on every blessing you have and be grateful. It is hard to be depressed when you are grateful.  There was a time when I moved to Colorado in 2008 that the car I owned had no working heater.  It was a bad winter that year. It was necessary to have to stop to scrape the ice off every 20 min, for the defroster did not work. I saw the Canadian geese in the snow and felt thankful, it was not me out there. I gave thanks I had a job and a place to live.  I have been there and know how hard it is. 

Do NOT drink if you feel you need a drink...that is a recipe for becoming dependent on alcohol.  Do not take any substance that has addicting properties. If you already have a problem, seek help now not later.  If you are considering harming yourself or others get help and reach out now. Suicide in the deadly answer to a temporary situation.  Let someone know how badly you are feeling inside.  Let them into the pain of your heart and soul. Get help!


Instead of resorting to addicting activities, instead take a hot bath, listen to soothing music or music that makes you feel better. When I used to clean houses, there was one family who played really depressing classical music. It really did not help me work to say the least. Music can have a uplifting effect or a depressing music that lifts your mood. 

Soothing music is a so important to listen to for a calm mind or to recoup from stress during the day.

Exercise reduces stress and makes you feel good. You can exercise at home if it is not safe to go out. Most of us can walk. 

Take a walk with your kids or dogs.  Walk or run the pain out of your heart.  Exercise is important when you are stressed.  Hike in areas of beauty that will help your outlook on life.  

Watch the birds and find beauty in the landscape. Get out in nature to center yourself. Take your kids with you to get them away from their electronic gagets. Teach them the beauty of the outdoors.


Take  up Yoga which benefits your blood pressure, your health and attitude.  Go for a massage which will relieve the stress and pain.  Dance to videos at home. Yoga classes can be taken online as well. 


Clean up the garage or the room that everyone has where you have thrown things into. Clean up your files in the office which no one usually has time for.  Cleaning is a good activity to relieve stress and anxiety.  

Help others which will make you realize how blessed you are. Look at what is going on in the Ukraine and you will realize how easy most of us have it here in the US.  Look at the homeless living in tents in places like California and you will feel wealthy in comparison.


Don't eat sugar and junk foods which has an effect that hurts your health and only makes you feel better while you are eating it.  Sugar adds to depression with weight gain and its effects on your blood sugar level and mood.

Find a friend or friends who lift you up and that make you feel better about your life.


 If you are going to a church, join a group that give you hope and supports you.  Once when the kids were young, my back went out, and we had to live with my mom. She was visiting my sister at the time.  We had no money, no resources and I had no idea when I would be able to work again. My mom belonged to the local church. While she was gone, one of the members came by.  He learned of our situation but I did not ask for help. I had too much pride.  It was Christmas and there was no money. It was cold and there was no money for coats and warm clothing.  On Christmas eve, there was a knock on the door. When I answered, a man was there with multiple presents and food including a turkey. In the presents were clothes for the kids and I.  The coats I needed were part of it too.  I was so overwhelmed with the generosity of my mother's church where I did not belong at that point, that I cried.  Churches do help those that don't belong to them.  Twice in the past years, people from a church we did not belong to helped us move. This year when we moved to Yuma, the local church who did not know us, helped us unload the U-Hall. 


If your friends or family depress you further, take a vacation from those who are angry and fearful.  If you know their view is set and it differs from yours, leave it alone. You are wasting time and health on those who will not listen to you. You can only save those who have an open mind. In the next 50 days before the election, avoid political conversations.  Refuse to argue with friends or family who disagree with your views. It will only drive you crazy.  Do vote and do sign any petitions that go along with your beliefs.  

Stay calm for you cannot make responsible decisions when reacting in emotion and fear.   


Fear will disable you from thinking clearly and coming up with decisions that might help you to survive.  Listen to what you are thinking and saying out loud. If you are telling yourself that you Cannot do it or survive what is happening, you won't. When you tell yourself negative statements, it will fulfill itself.   If you are swimming in a swamp with possible alligators, the best thing you can do it quickly but smartly take the best route out. Standing in the middle of the swamp giving up will get you killed.  


Life is a swamp at times, and your best path is moving through it step by step focusing on the land ahead...the way out. 

If you are calm, your children will be calmer. Be an example of strength and optimism rather than fear. 

Do not be afraid to ask for help from your family, churches, food donations, or any other sources that might be available.  If you find yourself unable to pay the rent, move in with relatives until you get back on your feet. That takes putting your family before your pride.  I know that, I was there once many years ago when I couldn't work because of severe back pain. Did I enjoy that? No but I survived and my back got better with time. 

Trim down where you can. Do you really need Netflix? Do you really need Starbucks? It is really needed to eat out as much as you do? There are no many things you have that you use only frequently, sell them on FB market place and several other aps.  Have a garage sale at your home.  


When my kids were small I cleaned houses and later took care of seniors. I did what I had to do to make a living.  While cleaning houses, I wore wrist braces because I had carpal tunnel and couldn't get hired. I learned to clean with the tips of my fingers and hands.  I did that for two years as a fact.  There are many ways to make a living and you may have to change yours to survive.  Don't let pride get in your way.  Be thankful for whatever work you can get at the time. 

Brain storm with others for answers. At times, our mind is so full of 'WHAT IFs,' we cannot see the answers even when they are staring at us.  When minds are open, things happen.  


Ask others for ideas and to spread the work you need help or work to survive.  If you ask enough people, you will get answers and find the help you need.  


Open you mind to other options, you might not have considered at an earlier time in your life.   


Focus on what you need, where you need to go, not what you don't have today. 

Where your focus goes, so does your direction and energy.  

There was a time in 2000 when I found myself without a car, credit or much money for a down payment. Taking a bus to work and walking several miles was what I had to do. Instead of complaining, I would think about the exercise I was getting walking.  I took a bus for a number of months without complaining and giving up. I left it up to God for I had no answers. I kept the focus on having a car but had no idea of how I would get one. I was working as a caregiver for a man who was rich and had a 1979 Mercedes at the time.   He adored the car and it had come over on a ship from Germany.  He was getting so dangerous with his driving that his son wanted to sell the car but the old man wouldn't budge.  In the end, I was allowed to buy the car with no money down, low payments, and a simple contract. I drove that car for years and it kept me safe.  I could never have dreamed or imagined ending up with my 1979 Mercedes. They sold it to me for $500 and it was in great shape. They did not need the money.  

When that car got stolen later and the police gave me zero chance for recovering it, I kept the faith it would be returned.  It did get recovered and with only broken wind shield wipers and out of diesel.  I never had a doubt I would find it despite being told by the local police that I was crazy. It was returned exactly two weeks later. 

If there is nothing to be done to alter your situation at this point, I direct you to the Serenity poem below and to the Psalms in the bible. 

Keep the Serenity Prayer on your wall.    This helped me through so many times in my life, I can't count them.  The second one I will leave you with is Psalms 121:1.  These two that I leave you with kept me going.

 The Serenity Prayer
(full version)

God grant me the serenity
To accept the things I cannot change;
Courage to change the things I can;
And wisdom to know the difference.

Living one day at a time;
Enjoying one moment at a time;
Accepting hardships as the pathway to peace;
Taking, as He did, this sinful world
As it is, not as I would have it;
Trusting that He will make all things right
If I surrender to His Will;
So that I may be reasonably happy in this life
And supremely happy with Him
Forever and ever in the next.



Psalms 121:1

 I Will Lift Up My Eyes to the Hills. 1 {A Song of degrees.} I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help. 2 My help cometh from the LORD, which made heaven and earth.. 3 He will not suffer thy foot to be moved: he that keepeth thee will not slumber.. 4 Behold, he that keepeth Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep.. 5 The LORD is thy keeper: the LORD is thy shade upon ...

Blessings to all of you during these harsh, uncertain times.  Cathryn Freer, The Herbladyisin


Sunday, September 20, 2020

Dealing with Stress- Use your Life Lines

Excessive stress hurts your health and mind.  Stress zaps your energy and your ability to enjoy life. It weakens the immune system and is the basis for the formation of imbalance in the body and mind. Stress that is not controlled is the basis for illness and disease. So it is important to deal with the stress in your life so you remain healthy. In modern life, it is almost impossible to live your life without times when stress becomes toxic. For those of us, who are more driven and who are not easy going by personality, it is harder. I wish when God was designing me, he would have given me more humor in my personality. Instead I got an extra dose of seriousness and drive.  Humor goes a long way to surviving life. Personality traits do influence how you deal with stress.

All of us deal with stress on a daily basis. At times stress seems to get unbearable. When your stress level exceeds your energy and coping ability, it is time to call in your life lines. What are life lines?

Life lines support you, when life gets too much. The life line depends on each person and their life.

#1  Your Spouse unless he or she is the one sick.  Women tend to do it all, rather than ask for help. Women need to express specifically what they need help with and how they want  help. Men don't read your mind well. Neither do they read your emotions or what those emotions really mean. Men want to fix things when what women really want is for them to listen only, not advise. Many men just don't see what needs to be done like women do.  They are not designed for the most part to see chores that need to be done.  You need to make a  list with what exactly you want done. Men don't seem to retain chore specifics.  Women feel they should not need to remind their husbands on things, but they do.  It is just not the way most men work.  When  you need help, don't keep taking it all on yourself, let him help. If he doesn't do it like you do, be thankful he is doing it at all. Try not to criticize his help.  Understand he is doing the best he can in the situation. Relationships gets harder when the stress escalates for whatever the reason. If you need to scream or cry to relieve the stress, do it when hes gone or someplace that offers you the space to do that. Men do not know how to deal with it.  Use your female friends instead. They have been in that same emotional place before. They know what you are feeling.

#2  Family or Friends:  Most people have at least one person or more than one who they can talk to. Use that life line as a sounding board or to give you some ideas you may be too tired and stressed out to think about. Stress shorts out your thinking at time. I have a sister close by who is a great listener. She is there for me even with her busy life. No judgment, just loving support. She is just there when I need her. Women need the support of other women. There are things we voice to women that men just don't understand. Emotions are hard for men to understand but our women friends and sisters do understand. For years, I did not realize how important that was. I was not physically close to my sister until we moved to Tennessee. We did not see much of each other for most of our adult life. After living near my sister, I have come to realize the great value she is to my life. I have become closer to my other sister as well, but we live many miles apart. I have a special female friend as well with whom we can talk about most anything. They are life lines when the going gets rough

#1-3  Faith in God is for me is number 1 for a life line.  For others it may be family that is first. It depends on your life style.  Call on your church family.  Let them know you need help.  Let them help you.  Have them put you and your loved one on their prayer list. It is amazing what prayer can do when there is a group praying.  Realize that asking for help is not a weakness. Everyone needs support at one time or another in their life.  There is no one who does not need support at sometime in their life.  Don't try to do it alone.  Let others know you need help or need to talk. One verse in the bible has become my favorite.  This too shall pass sayeth the Lord. 

#4  Learn to say no.  Learn to realize you must cut down your work load. That is very hard. This is planting season and spring. Normally I would be planting a garden and buying garden plants. With moving my father-in-law to a new facility which is going to add to my driving time and workload keeping him independent, I simply realized there is not enough of me to raise a garden this year.  I am avoiding garden catalogs and buying any plants.  You must face the fact you are not a superwoman and there is not enough of you to do all of it. 
Perhaps you just plant a few tomatoes, not a whole acre of veggies.
Sometimes you can't have it all. There is not enough of you to go around without driving yourself into the ground. That is really hard for women, like myself, who feel they can have it all.  As you get older, juggling too many things, it just not sane. Everyone has a limit so come to healthy terms with yours. Your limit may change later, but at a certain point, just scale down your life activities.

#5 Don't dwell on the future in hard times but take one day or hour at a time.  When dealing with loved ones who are sick, their situation can improve or get worse at any time.  There is no known path, other than the current state of things.  Learn to accept that your life can't be is out of your hands other than what you can do as it shows itself.  That is hard for those of us who are planners, who try to look ahead for problems and ways to solve them.  This is where my faith in God saves my sanity.  In the times, when I feel I have no patience left or nerves left, my faith in God gets me through.  It renews the patience that I have run out of.  It restores my faith that I will be able to keep going. 

#6  Reduce your Stress!  Whatever makes you feel better, put a few minutes of that activity into your life.  It may be exercise, music, painting, gardening, reading, yoga, meditation, walking your dog or going for a drive.  Make a real effort to get that activity into your everyday life.  It is important to make time for yourself and your health.  Once you burn out, all the people who depend on you will be let down.  If you are the mainstay, you MUST take time for yourself.

#7  Laugh and watch funny shows.  Laughing is so healthy and good for your mind and body.

#8  Rest even when your chores are not finished, if you need to.  Rest your mind. Stop thinking!  Stop planning!  Give your body and mind a break during tough days. 

This only touches on life lines but I do hope it has been helpful.  

Blessings! Kate Freer, the herbladyisin

This is the two brands I trust because they test their imported products for contamination, E-Coli, and heavy metals in a US lab.  I have now been using a number of their products for over two years including Moringa powder. DO NOT buy Moringa products unless the company states that they test for heavy metals and contamination. If you do you are risking your health. Organic certified can still contain E-coli, dirt, bugs, weeds, filth and insects.  This is the way it is folks.
 My #1 choice is Banyan Botanicals Organic Moringa Powder here 


What is the right amount of Moringa powder or leaves to include in your meals?


This is a picture of our Moringa Trees when we lived in Nevada.  These are kept in the house during the winter.

What is a good serving of Moringa powder to take for health and nutritional support?

I have had several letters asking my advice on how much of the Moringa leaves or powder to take everyday. I cannot tell you to how much Moringa to use, because that is dispensing medical advice.

Moringa leaves are a nutritious food source, not a drug or herb, high in protein, calcium, iron, vitamins and minerals. It is a natural, organic powerhouse of nutrition. It is one of the foods that is considered a super food which contributes to living a long life.
It is like asking me how many salads should you eat a day. It depends on you individually and your food tastes. Why are you taking it? General nutrition or a special health need?
Adding Moringa leaves or Moringa powder is supplementing our diet that is sadly deficient due to poor soils and the lack of trace minerals and micronutrients in most of our foods.  Moringa is a wonderful to up your nutritional reserves and create better health. You can also give it to your dogs and cats to improve their nutrition as well. Cats will eat Moringa leaves right off the plant. I know that from experience.  

Our New Moringa seedlings here in the new home in Yuma, Co.
What is your health Goal? 
In places like the Philippines, the people there eat it like we do lettuce. The use it in many cultural dishes every day. They just go out in their back yard and pick some leaves. You can find it in CA and Florida in Asian markets in those localities.  Moringa is a nutritious food that also has medicinal value as well.

How much  Moringa you eat depends on your goal. I personally either use Moringa in salads, green drinks, or tea. I make the hot tea with the leaves, then refrigerate and put it over ice. Cold Moringa tea is refreshing and gives you energy to do your work. I use the powder in green drinks and Moringa-Spirulina balls that we eat for breakfast often.  I sprinkle it into cottage cheese or yogurt. Be creative.

If you are using Moringa to improve your nutrition or to help with high or low blood pressure, you would take more of it. It is not toxic in any amount so you are free to decide. You might want to work up on the amount, simply because it has a unique spicy taste.If you are sensitive to new foods or have stomach issues, start out slowly with a half Tsp a day.

Realize if you become healthier, you may need less of a medicine. Please monitor your blood sugar and blood pressure while you take Moringa or other herbs. It could have an impact on their performance.

A general suggestion for a long term goal is one to two tablespoons of the powder a day. One tablespoon is sufficient for many people. Start with a tsp to begin with. Again, the easiest way to use Moringa powder is to add it to a green drink, yogurt, or cottage cheese. Divide it out into several foods.

Using Fresh Moringa Leaves:

Add them daily to salads. Make hot or cold tea from the leaves. Add them to egg dishes. Fresh Moringa leaves can be added to any food as you would spinach leaves.  Try to add them to the last few minutes of cooking. 
I did not use or buy Moringa products for two or three years because of the safety issues with products. In 2014 I imported Moringa and sold products. After a serious of problems with customs, I learned the sad truth that most certified Moringa products tested in their home countries are NOT safe to eat.  I did not have the money to batch test the product here in the US, so I stopped selling Moringa.  After doing a lot of research, I finally found these and bought each one to try them. I use one of the other, mostly the powder for our family. I am now raising the trees again, so in Spring and summer next year, I ought to have plenty of fresh leaf as well.

This is the two brands I trust because they test their imported products for contamination, E-Coli, and heavy metals in a US lab.  I have now been using a number of their products for over two years including Moringa powder. 
DO NOT buy Moringa products unless the company states that they test for heavy metals and contamination on their website. If you do you are risking your health. Organic certified can still contain E-coli, dirt, bugs, weeds, filth and insects.  This is the way it is folks.