Saturday, September 19, 2020

How do You Overcome Emotional Blocks to Your Health from the Past? 5 Important Steps to Heal.


 In the last column, I talked about releasing the pain or anger you may have buried so that you can be well. So in this blog, it is important to talk about how we do that.  Talking from experience, it is not easy but it needs to be done to be completely well.  Your health is not a deficiency of Prozac or heart medication but a result of a number of areas in your life that need to be cleaned up.  

Blocks to healing may be lifestyle like diet or lack of exercise or emotional such as anger and other negative emotions. Here is some insight on how to overcome these emotionally based blocks. 


The first and most important step is to love yourself including your mistakes, regrets, wrinkles and imperfections.  No one is perfect and never will be. You may think you are the only one who has ever made mistakes but you aren't . Women are especially self-critical at looking into the mirror and seeing only the wrinkles, blemishes, areas of their face or body that have flaws.  You need to stop that and learn to love and accept you as you are, flaws and all. Start by going to the mirror, and smile at your reflection.  Look at yourself, and say I am beautiful and perfect and whole. That may be one of the hardest things you have ever done...try it. Stop the negative self talk.  Change the way you talk to yourself in every layer of your life.  You are what you say you are. If you say I am a failure, you will be. If you say I can't do it, you will not be able to.  What ever you tell yourself, will be self -fulfilling. Replace every negative statement with a positive one. This one takes a lot of practice. Fire you negative inner voice that is putting blocks into your path. Those negative little voices in your head need to be replaced. Learn to catch yourself doing this and make the effort to turn it around.

#2.  You must forgive yourself first for any past mistakes.  You have paid for them in one way or another so do that for yourself.  That is one of the hardest steps to do. It does not matter what the mistake is as long as you learned from it and it helped you to mature or become a better person in your life. Mistakes are only stepping stones to improvement or advancement in your life. They are lessons to advance you in becoming a better person. I remember at a church we went to for a few years, they have what is called cardboard Sunday. People who are members of the church line up with cardboard signs in front of the whole congregation.  On the front of their sign, it states they were a drug addict or sold drugs or had an abortion. In one case, they had been to prison. Then they turn around and on the other side of the cardboard sign it states, now I am drug free or alcohol free and forgiven by God. Each sign represented mistakes that they made in their life but now were living examples on how they had changed for the positive. I have never taken drugs, but in that day looking at all these people before me that I realized that most of the people you see and meet have made mistakes in their lives. It made me realize, that I had less reason to be unhappy with mine after seeing theirs. If you have ever failed at a marriage, you realize there are far worse things to regret. Do yourself a huge favor and forgive yourself first.

#3  Forgive the people in your life that have hurt you.  It may be your parents or family in many cases. Is is helping you to keep the anger and hatred?  This does not mean that you let them continue to hurt you. In some cases, people in your life are toxic and toxic to you. Healing in some cases means to separate yourself from these toxic people. This does not mean you allow someone to keep on abusing you.You need to let go of these people, the negative emotions and pain that you have experienced. If you concentrate on the negative in your life, you will make more mistakes and attract these kind of people again.  Learn from your mistake, but do not focus on that mistake. Focus on how you want your life to be, not your mistakes. What we focus on, it where our energy is directed to. Where do you want your energy ....doing negative or positive things.

In the courses I have taken, I have learned that most people who have hurt you, were hurt by others. They did not learn how to treat others because of their parents or family. Forgiveness does not let them out of the pain they are causing others.  Karma or God will deal with them. Forgiveness benefits you so that you can go on without the anger, hatred and pain. When you let go of all of that, you are released so you can replace those negative emotions with happiness. There is no room in your heart or mind for being happy, if you are filled with anger and resentment. You have to make the choice to either keep the pain or let it go. I had a marriage when I was very young and it ended up to be a very bad choice with mental abuse. Mistakes happen and you must learn from them and let them make you a more mature person with better judgement. 

#4  If someone has hurt you and there is pain, find a way to release it such as using a diary or a letter to that person telling them how you feel.  The letter is not to be sent but just to express and get out how you feel. Burn it afterwards.  Another method is to set a chair in front of you and imagine that person who hurt you sitting in it. Then tell them everything you feel about the way they treated you. Yell or scream at them until all the anger is gone.  Use your anger to change the system or fight for others. Turn your anger into action to prevent others from experiencing your fate such as in child abuse. Help others who have gone through what you have. Work at a women's shelter helping others.

#5. If you can afford therapy with a professional, it can be very helpful.  Therapy can help you when your past is too painful to do it by yourself.  Therapy such as NLP therapy is very good and more positive than standard therapy. If nothing else, find a group in your community or on FB of people who have gone through what you are experiencing such  as grief or abuse. Their support because they understand what you are going through, may help you to heal.

The next blog will go into getting over blocks  to healing such as diet.  Why did I discuss this first. If the reason you are obese is because you eat out of abuse or pain from the past, you will not be able to lose weight until you deal with those issues. If you take drugs because of your past mistakes, you need to do the healing first that I am writing about. I hope this blog makes your realize how important it is to do the deep cleaning of your life so that you can get well completely. Healing holistically starts from the inside. 

I wish you love and blessings. Kate Freer, the herbladyisin

Thursday, September 17, 2020

How Do I Get Well Holistically? The difference between standard and holistic medicine? What are your blocks to healing?

 If you are reading this blog, you need answers to your health crisis.  There is no magic wand I can offer you. There is no pill to bring back your health in a few days. I wish I could do that.  Healing comes through you and the great healer, God above.  Healing comes from changes we make in our mind, our body, our soul and steps along the way.  It takes faith and commitment from you each step of your journey. It may take days, weeks, months or years. Going to a holistic doctor can speed up the process and get you on the path to health sooner. Even he can only guide you, not force you into the life style changes you need to make in your daily habits.You are the only who can stop what is going into your mouth that is causing health issues. A doctor can give you exercises to do but it is you who must do them on a daily basis. 

What does getting well holistically mean? How is this different from the way Standard medicine works?   It means getting to the cause of the problem such as headaches.  A standard medicine doctor will give you medicine for your headaches without taking time to try and find out why you are having headaches. He addresses the symptoms, rather than solve the base problem. It takes time to ask you questions, look at a diary on when the headaches occur.  With modern insurance a doctor is given about 15 minutes to see you and give you his advise. You fill out 10 pages of paperwork but he has no time to look at it before he sees you. There are exceptions to this but that is the experience most of you will have seeing a standard medicine doctor. He often does not listen to you either. You are the one who lives in your body and knows when it is not working as it should.  Medicines do not generally do anything about the main cause. They simply stop the pain or address a symptom. In some cases that is important if you having severe pain but they medicines are also addicting and cause other side effects often equally as upsetting. Unless your symptoms become severe such as passing out or being unable to walk, they often will not order tests or labs unless it is a yearly physical. Standard medicine deals with medicine and surgery in this country. If you were seeing a doctor in Asia, they are more likely to treat you more as a holistic doctor. 

How a holistic doctor works with patients is quite different.  

Holistic medicine works on the person as a whole including evaluating stress and lifestyle patterns. As an example is depression which causes both mental and physical symptoms and can come from many causes.  A standard doctor will give out depression medication often without asking questions. They do not spend time looking for the cause of your depression.  Even professional standard medicine counselors do not look at the patients lifestyle or diet to see if those factors are in part at least making the depression worse. Many of them only look at your relationships  or relationship history. They miss the physical causes such as diet or life style.

If you go to a herbalist or doctor who is educated in holistic medicine, you will first fill out a form that asks detailed information about family history, your diet, your health habits, your exercise habits, details about when your symptoms began and what you have done to try and solve the problem already.  He first actually reads the papers you submitted. He then asks you for more information about what you have put on those questionnaires. He then lets you tell him about what you are experiencing and he asks more questions.  He then may order lab tests, but knows lab tests only diagnose disease in the end stages. They do not show the body as it is becoming imbalanced and disrupted in its ability to function. Tests are only one tool he uses. the tests he orders may be to see if you are deficient in Vit D, Vitamin C or B-12. He may examine your eyes, your tongue, your nails or use muscle testing to determine if you might have deficiencies or toxicity in your home or work environment.  He searches for the signs your body is giving out that it needs help before it becomes a disease.  After doing all this above, he may give you supplements or herbal formulas to aid and support the body to cleanse, heal, or detoxify your body.  His main purpose is to get to the main cause or the imbalance causing the symptoms.  If you have relationship problems he will send you perhaps to a NLP counselor or professional counselor that treats not with medicine but with certain therapies that help you to deal with your stress and life. 

This is the difference between holistic medicine and standard medicine. The problem is most insurance does not cover the cost of holistic medicine so this is out of reach for the majority of patients. This then causes many patients to have to deal with their health problems by themselves since most have been to standard doctors already and have found no relief.  So for you who are trying to get well not having the help of a holistic minded doctor, this is some of the steps you need to look at to get well.

Blocks to healing mean looking at all areas of your life from mental stress to eating and lifestyle habits. You can get your own blood tests done at a lab if your doctor or insurance won't order them.


Step # 1 to getting well is looking at your blocks to healing.  

This takes courage but needs to be done first.

Blocks to Healing 

Grief is one of the emotions that disrupt health including the immune system. This is the gravestone of my husbands father who I took care of for 3 years.  When he died, the grief was deep even though he was in a better place. Grief is hard on the mind, body, and heart. After taking care of him for 24 hours a day in the last weeks of his life, it hit me far more than the death of my own father who I was not close to.  He was a commander whose motto was "I did it my way." We put this on the gravestone. He was known for "What part of NO don't you understand?". He was a pistol, a pro golfer, and a pain but he was loved deeply. Grief is one of the roadblocks to healing.

It was early in the 1970's that I became an herbalist taking courses and wanting to heal all in my path. I soon realized that many of the people who came to me had serious blocks to healing.  I remember one lady who was morbidly obese who deeply hated who she was after being abused as a child and later by a husband.  I realized that without healing in her deep wounded soul, she could not lose weight or be healed.  There was a gambler who wanted me to help his memory but he was an alcoholic who was in bad shape. I realized that my background in herbs would and could not help them with these deep problems. I referred them to professional counselors. There was a nurse friend of mine who was obese who finally told me her father subjected her to being in porn movies. She ate to deal with the pain from those memories. Blocks to healing may be emotional pain such as anger, fear, sexual abuse, childhood abuse, spouse abuse, drugs, addictions, unhealthy eating and lifestyle, obesity, and it goes on.  Abortions are another one that is stuffed down that causes healing blocks. 

Are you willing to dig these up from your past?

Are you willing to deal with these issues, the pain, the memories, the events and people who have caused you grief that you have not dealt with?  

Are you ready to make the decision to let these go...release them?  Can you think about forgiveness.  Forgiveness is not for their sake but for you so that you can be healthy. What you stuff down will rear its ugly head sooner or later with illness and pain. Like a splinter that is still buried, it is still down there, but you forget it until pus and pain drive you to the doctor to dig it out.

There is a story of a woman who was told she had breast cancer. Instead of therapy, she went and rented a cabin in a beautiful area for a month. She knew that she had a lot she needed to deal with.  In that month she saw no one. She spent time looking at those people and events that had wounded her heart and soul. She cried, she screamed, and she talked to God.  Through this, she was able to forgive those that had hurt her and let the pain go. When she went back to the doctors for a followup, her cancer was gone.  This is a true story.    

Anger, hatred, un-forgiveness, grief, negative emotions effect you mentally and physically. These negative emotions poison your whole body causing disruption in your immune system, your endocrine system, your digestive system, and your whole body.  That is why often after the death of a spouse, the one left gets cancer and dies within a year or two.  Often cancer is a result of these negative emotions held down and buried. You may have genetics for cancer but your mental and heart health, your lifestyle, your eating habits, your life health habits are more the cause of cancer than genetics.

This blog is from experience. I do know how hard it is to dig up what is hurting your heart and soul. There is a profound release to doing this and letting these things go.  So I will leave this blog at this point for now.  Think about this and how wonderful it would feel to be released from your past pain.

God bless you. Herbally Yours, 

Kate Freer, the Herbladyisin

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Spirulina and Moringa Superfood Balls for an Easy Breakfast

Today I am sharing a special recipe which I use for breakfast many mornings. I hope you get inspired and enjoy trying it for your family. It tastes good and is good for you.

Moringa/Spirulina Balls are what I make for our breakfast often. It contains protein and a full load of micro-nutrients for energy and good health. They are very filling and satisfying. Three of these balls have more protein than the majority of the cereals you give your family. You make them the night before so there is no work in the morning.  I pop these for a mid afternoon snack too for an energy boost. 

Moringa and Spirulina are two of the greatest super-foods to include in your daily meals.  Most of our food is now devoid of micro-nutrients and vitamins, has a list of chemicals to preserve the cereal, contains either too much sugar or corn syrup. These breakfast foods may taste good but are not good for you, despite what the box says.  Unless you are buying organic, your foods contain GMO corn and grains, Glyphosate and preservatives, even some of the more expensive brands.  None of these corrupted cereals are good for you or your health.  So adding Moringa powder and Spirulina powders to your smoothies or these breakfast balls helps to make up for what your other food does not contain.



There are only two of us at home as seniors and we get up at different times. I have always been an early riser and my husband is a late morning kind of guy. I am hungry when I first get up and he is isn't so this is how we work this out. I put together the night before,  No Cook Spirulina Balls.  I can eat them when I get up in the morning and he can eat his when he gets up.

So here is the flexible recipe I make for the morning. You can use either crunchy or creamy peanut butter or other nut butters.  I use organic ingredients but that is up to you.

Mix Well the following ingredients:

Two cups of organic peanut butter or substitute almond butter or any kind of nut butter.

Walnuts or whatever nuts are your favorite

Chia Seeds, about two tablespoons

Hemp Seeds about the same

Flax seeds about two tablespoons

Sunflower seeds about two tablespoons

1 tablespoon each of Moringa Powder and Spirulina powder  ( yes you will have a very green mixture)

A TBL of organic honey, pure black-strap molasses, pure maple syrup, or a tablespoon of the preserves of your choice. You could add elderberry preserves or blackberry.  Apple butter goes well too.

Mix all the ingredients above until the dough is very stiff.

Cover the mix then put into the refrigerator for awhile.

Next step is to take about a tablespoon of the mix for each ball.

Roll in a mix of organic oatmeal flakes, fax, chia and hemp seed powder. Three per person for each breakfast.

Don't tell your husband or your kids, that they are healthy.  Just give them a couple to try out as a treat first.  






Fresh Moringa leaves can be used in place of lettuce in your sandwich, in your salads, steeped as a tea, or popped into your mouth. Moringa leaves have a taste of their own and you just have to try them. It is almost impossible to find fresh Moringa leaves in a farmers market in the USA unless you live in CA or Florida. If you find them, it will probably be in a Asian market or farmers market that specializes in ethnic foods.The trees are native to Ecuador, the Philippines, India and other foreign lands. In those countries, the people grow them in their yards and include them in their ethnic foods daily.  

Spirulina is an special one of a kind special algae that is grown on pristine waters. It is grown for food. Most algae cannot be eaten and will make your sick.   It is NOT the algae you see in ponds or ditches. Spirulina is a wonderful superfood that contains protein, vitamins and micro-nutrients.  

I am going to be blogging on these superfoods in the future because they are so important to our health.

Moringa trees do not grow easily in most of the states except for Florida and California, so you need to purchase most of your product.  It is extremely important to buy both superfoods organically and that have been tested for heavy metals and contamination.  I know from experience that many of the products sold out there are NOT properly tested.  

I buy Moringa leaf from this company only because they clearly state the tests they use on their products to make sure they are safe to eat. Visit their page that tells you how they test their products. You will not find this on most company websites because they don't do these tests.

Article on the problems with organic Moringa not tested by independent labs in the US. I used to import and sell my own products until I learned how worthless some of the organic certificated are. 

I do get a small commission when you click on the links below but these are the products I use in my household for our meals.  I buy them after doing as much research as I can on their quality. 


Banyan Botanicals Moringa Leaf Powder - USDA Certified Organic - Moringa Oleifera - Sun Dried - Raw Herbal Superfood - Natural Energy Boost for Optimal Wellness *

 You will find my picks for any of the herbs or foods I discuss in blogs here in either my Ayurvedic Herbs page or my favorite supplement page here.

Banyan Botanicals does not carry some of the products I use for my cooking so here is what I buy to make my Superfoods Balls.   

Organic Spirulina Powder: 4 Organic Certifications - Certified Organic by USDA, Ecocert, Naturland & OCIA - Vegan Farming Process, Non-Irraditated, Max Nutrient Density (8 oz.)

Organic Chia Seeds

 Wunder Basket Organic Chia Seeds, 3 LB Bag, Natural Raw Black Chia Seed Packed with Omega 3, Fiber, Protein, Vitamins, Minerals & Antioxidants, USDA Certified, Non-Gmo, Gluten-Free, Vegan, Keto-Friendly

Organic Hemp Seeds


Manitoba Harvest Organic Hemp Hearts Shelled Hemp Seeds, 7oz; 10g Plant-Based Protein & 12g Omegas per Serving, Whole 30 Approved, Vegan, Keto, Paleo, Non-GMO, Gluten Free

Organic Flaxseeds 

Herbal Secrets USDA Certified Organic Ground Flaxseed 2 Lbs (Non-GMO) - Excellent Vegan Source of Fiber & Omega -3 Fatty Acids - Promotes Joint Health,Supports Healthy Weight Management*


Monday, September 14, 2020

Moringa Seedlings -Will they die if the cat eats the top off them?









Our kitty culprit who ate the tops off the Moringa Seedlings.







My plant corner in our new living room with a huge sunny window. They are up on the table to help keep them safe from the cats with a see through green netting surrounding them as well. The other stand has some small Moringa seedlings and two gotu kola plants as well.  When they get tall, the tubs will be ground level.

Here below in the first picture are the seedlings started first, not damaged by our cat. The next pictures are the damaged seedlings the cat ate the tops off. If you don't protect them well enough, they will get eaten to the ground. Cats seem to love Moringa and it is good for them. Later on in Spring, I will grow them some plants they can eat and enjoy. Moringa can be grown like tomato plants, for just the growing season. The young tender leaves can also be eaten as young greens by growing them closely in a big tub like baby green lettuce plants. It depends on where you live and your climate.











These Moringa are growing slowly.  These are only a month old. We did not plant these until August toward the middle of the month. These are the ones the cat did not get to.


This tub in the picture above is now is the house with the larger ones, still small that did not get eaten.

Now living in Yuma, I started a number of Moringa seedlings for fun and as a experiment here. The seed was from 2 years ago so was not sure how well they would come up. I started about 10 to begin with, then another 10.  They were only about 6 inches high when our cat ate all the tops off, leaving only a stem. I almost threw them out but got curious to see if they would live.  Two weeks later all of them are either growing up from the root or getting branches on the top. Here are the pictures. 







The above picture shows how one damaged seedling is branching out from the top and the others are growing up from the root. None of them died. There was only about 3 to 4 inches of stem left in the ground about a week or so ago.

This is an experiment growing them in front of our new southern exposure picture glass window here in Colorado.  There are new Neem seedlings as well beside them in a tub. It is pretty warm in that room and because it is part of the living room will get heated when its cold. I have a light overhead as well to give them supplemental light when its cloudy and when the days shorten.  They are not growing as quickly as they would normally, but still growing. It will be interesting to see if they lose their leaves when winter hits.  Three of all of these, the best ones will become house trees and the rest eaten before its through. On that note, the small tender baby Moringa leaves are tasty and can be layered into a sandwich instead of lettuce or thrown into a salad. Will post pictures as they grow. 

Again, I have no idea on how this will go. The seed quality was questionable at two years old.  It is fun to do this






I can hardly stand not to be growing anything until Spring. I also have sage and thyme cuttings as well to see what happens.  I bought Gotu Kola and will share those along with Ashwaganda babies that did not look well after their ride from Florida but are getting new baby leaves so will see.  As we go along, I will share all of this.  Most of these will have to kept in the house for 6 months of the year.  Now I have room for plants and a real living room with a comfy couch. 

All for today. Herbally Yours....Kate Freer


Sunday, September 13, 2020

Miracles Flow When You Let Go.. ...Yuma, Co is Our Perfect Answer

 Miracles do happen in these dark times. It is often said that the darkest hour comes before the dawn.  This is part three of moving to Yuma where we experienced a number of miracles in our path.

The 2 1/2 hour drive from Littleton, Co to Yuma to see the house and meet with the landlord was filled with questions. We knew she wasn't fond of cats but had agreed to them. We needed to give her our references as well, so our getting the house was far from settled. I knew if she turned us down, there would be another house for us.  An hour from Yuma, our ATT phones lost service so we had no way to call her when we got to Yuma.  One of the first places to stop was a donut shop. I went in and asked the first person I saw there, if they could help us make a phone call. He asked who we were to meet there and oh yes, her number was in his contacts. Everyone there  seemed to know our possible new landlady. He was wonderful to help us do that. His friendliness on helping us impressed us.  We wanted to live in a town that was open and friendly. 







This is our new home above in Yuma, Co and all we could want.

We then drove the 4 blocks to the house. She was not there yet so we looked around.  It was big with a two car garage, a large back yard with a good strong wooden fence for the dogs. The garage had a Bear sized dog door leading out to the back yard. They could be warm and safe this winter going in and out as they pleased.  We could even put a heater out there for them if needed. That was one of the important issues since many houses we had researched did not have fenced yards...sturdy enough for our dogs. 

It was a corner house and we only had one real neighbor. When the landlord got there, she was our age and very nice. She looked at our references.  She wanted to call them before giving us an answer.  We went on a tour of the house..huge family room with windows that would make a great office, kit, dining room with a huge southern exposure picture window. I saw the potential for my winter house trees without using lights and added heat. The living room was huge with lots of light overall.  There were three bedrooms on the lower floor and 2 bathrooms. We would not even have to use the top floor rooms.The washer and dryer was on the first floor so I wouldn't have to drag the clothes up and down stairs.  The upper floor rooms could be shut off by a door to save on heat. There was even central air and heating.  The basement off the dining room was set up for canning with shelves.  There was room for my library of books, for my house trees, for all of it.  I was overwhelmed with how well it met my dreams.  Marty liked it as well. It was a 1950's house and had vintage shelves in the kitchen and dining room...not fancy but warm and comfortable.  We now had room for company at Christmas or for visits.


We asked if we go out for lunch to discuss it. We agreed to meet in two hours. Subway was around the corner so we went there and were greeted warmly by the owners there. That made us feel like we already belonged.  That house was just what we had asked for in our hearts but felt we could not afford.  The house was $750 a month which was very undervalued for Colorado. Her explanation was she wanted renters who would stay for a long time and treat it like it was their home. She had grown up there so it was very special to her heart.  We knew it was meant to be.  When we went back over to meet her she said you have the house if you want it. We could have either a one or two year lease. My only thought was thank God. The whole thing flowed smoothly without any issues. It seemed surreal that our search for a new home for the dogs, the cats and us was over.


I share this not to brag, for it isn't an expensive fancy house but all its qualities were what deep in my heart I wanted. I would have taken a double wide trailer or a smaller house if needed.   The whole layout seemed to be as we needed.  My reason for telling this story,  is that I would have settled for less, but I got everything we needed in a house we could afford.  God provides if we have faith and patience. We may have to go through the storm before we get there. It may be weeks or months before you get relief.  There are lessons to be learned while you go through the hell. One of them is what is really important in life. Another is learning how to ask God and others for help..and letting them help you. It takes courage to reach out for help at times if you are independent. I learned that sometimes life and circumstances are not in your control. You can only do so much. You only have so much strength to fight when alone. Patience is not a virtue for some of us but a virtue we have to learn.  You will be stronger in the end, even though you feel broken and weak at times. There may be anger and tears as you cope with your circumstances but you can make it through. 

We are so blessed, the way this played out for us in the end,  was a miracle in the real sense.  


Now that we had this huge house, we had no furniture except for a bed and chest of drawers located in Nevada. We had personal things, clothes, misc stuff but no furniture. This is where the next miracle happens.  When we got back to my daughters after signing the papers, she told me that a neighbor of theirs who runs a non profit in Denver had furniture for us that was had to be picked up the next day. My son in law took his trailer over and we went to the house. The woman's deceased mother it seemed was a hoarder and the daughter just wanted the furniture gone. 


The house was indeed a mess but the furniture, all old antique cherry wood, was in great shape. There were two dining room tables, end tables, classic old lamps, a wood rocker and an antique wet dresser. There were two wood bedroom dressers,end tables and a bed that was in good shape. The box springs was made of metal and weighed a ton. The furniture when we brought it down to this house,  fit in the house as if it belonged there. Every piece was beautiful with just a little wear and tear. I was amazed at how well it looked. It was far better than the furniture we had given away or left in Tennessee.  I was overwhelmed at the blessing. Later on that week, we ended up with a huge wonderful couch for $100 that went well too. The couch had been more expensive but reduced because we were seniors. The blessings came without work or all just fell into place. 












Pictures above of the park at the end of our street just 4 blocks away.

We did have to go into debt to bring our stuff back from Nevada but overall, the immense blessings outweighed by far what we had lost in getting to this point.  I just gave it to God and he blessed us in ways we could not have imagined.  


Two days later we realized that three blocks away is a nice park with a large pond and benches to sit on.  The park is a great walk for us and the dogs and it is an easy walk.  You can go around further and see some very unique old houses as well for a longer walk. You can walk the whole town if you are a mind to.  The weather here will be more temperate than in the Denver area with less snow and icy days. He brought us to a perfect place after all we had been through from May until then.  I do hope and pray that some of you who are going through dark times will keep the faith to see it through, not giving up, not losing hope despite the grim circumstances. I know its hard keeping up your faith when you cannot see the light in the distance and all hell seems to be breaking loose but the light is there....even if you cannot grasp it right now. God loves you ...all of you having harsh and seemingly unending hardship.

Blessings to you all, Kate Freer, the herbladyisin