Saturday, February 16, 2019

Checkout Whats Growing Here in TN, Even in Winter? Gotu Kola, Comfrey, and Immortality Plants

Gotu Kola growing under the glow light of a special grow bulb.

It's definitely a cold Winter but we have some plants growing in the house and in our converted basement.  The cold frame plants have buds but are otherwise still sleeping for a few weeks. In the cold frame we have lilacs, azaleas, pines, and an assortment of different shrubs growing.

Our House Is Full Of Tender Plants Hanging out where its warmer!

Gotu Kola is growing really well in our back room. We will take these plants when it warms up and start growing them in kiddie pools for sale and for us. This is one of the tubs growing.  Gotu Kola loves being wet so it should love the huge amount of rain we get in Spring. It is one herb that is hard to over water. You just pick the leaves and brew a nice hot cup of tea to wake your brain up. Gotu Kola has no caffeine but works on clearing out the brain fog and dull thinking. This is one herb I never do without on a daily basis.  You do have to keep it inside during the winter if it freezes when you live.

If you were walking with me through the rooms you would  see Comfrey plants and  our Immortality mother plants beginning to grow. I look forward to Spring coming in several months, warmer weather, and watching all the plants take on their new Spring leaves.  Its going to be a beautiful new Year!  I hope all of you will continue to support this blog. I am sending also a warm thanks for your support through the years. 

Gotu Kola tubs doing quite well. This is one of 5 tubs. As they keep growing, I start another tub.

Comfrey plants getting a head start in one of our plant rooms. 
Immortality Plants

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