Thursday, January 3, 2019

The Main Reason 90% of New Years goals are not achieved.

Its Jan 3rd of a brand new year...2019.  Take a few days to reflect about the past year, what projects you got done, and which ones you didn't and why.  To have a better year you need to think about why or why not your year was great, rotten, or somewhere in between.  

Many of us experienced a  transition year where you may have changed jobs, moved, got married, or where someone died.  In our life, his dad died who I was taking care of full time. His father had been right in the middle of everyday since 2004. We never knew a day when there was not something to be solved regarding his dad. Our marriage had been centered around his dad. Our conversations and daily life was around his dad. When he died at the end of April, our whole life changed. As a couple, we had never been just us. It was very strange in many respects. There was a great sadness to get over. Grief is a journey in itself.  There was freedom that was hard to adapt to. We had to revisit us and who we are without being a caregiver. Our life each day was dependent on his dad and health problems. There is a huge adaptation in your lives when someone you are caring for dies.  

Transition years have many lessons to learn. Transition years sometimes are just about putting one foot in front of the other and getting through it.  However you experienced 2018, you need to look at it so that you can better change the program for this year. 

As you get older, you have less years to achieve those goals. Whatever is on your mind and bucket list, you need to begin steps toward those goals be it a trip or improving health. 

The Main Reason 90% of New Years goals are not achieved. 

The reason most people do not achieve those goals according to a class I took the past two months is because you don't keep your goals and dreams alive every day in your mind and actions. Your goals remain a thought rather than a vibrant drive with action. A dream needs enthusiasm, lots of it.  It needs action no matter how small to get there. Put up a vision board for the new year with pictures and words that show your goals and dreams for the New Year. Make sure you add dates for accomplishing that goal. Put the vision board on the wall where you can see it. Review in writing every day that dream or goal. This is important to keep it right up front staring you in the face. Why do you want that goal?  How would it change your life or make life better?  How would it add happiness or peace to your life and soul.  You need to keep the why in your heart and mind to get there.

Where are you going? Its time to figure it out! Today!

Take time this week, to renew, refresh, or make a new plan for your life this new year. Try not to make it so complicated that you give up on it before you start. Put your plan down in doable chunks with the most important ones first such as getting back to a healthy diet since most of us ate things during the holidays we should not have. It may be to pay off a bill or spend more time on your health.  Put down steps to start on each goal....small steps at first.  We spent yesterday paying off a medical bill and paying the car registration. We visited my sister and paid the rent. I worked on better organizing the kitchen that needed to be done. None of it was earth shattering but important still. The day was not wasted. Days are just too precious to waste them. None of us know  about the future for sure. What we do have is today to make the most of.  This morning I am writing on this blog. With the holidays and taking a trip to Florida, I got behind on my writing.  When that happens, you must just start in again to get back on tract. 

The Blessing Journal

One of the steps is to take time every morning to thank God for all your blessings. Start the day on a positive note dwelling on blessings. It starts your morning right. Blessings are not just big things such as  a promotion but all the little things such as money to pay the bills and rent, a mild winter without ice and snow or receiving a phone call from family. We all have blessings each day, but we tend to focus on the negative and what we didn't get done.  I have a gratitude journal that I write my blessings down in.  Once you see them written down, it sinks in how blessed you are. There are so many people worse off than your situation.  

Start with one step today that moves you forward!

Start today with one of the actions I have suggested above.  One step is one step ahead and toward a better year.  That one action will lead to others if done consistently.  Today, take a step no matter how small toward a new you, a new future, a new path, a new only takes one to start the ball rolling.  It is never too late to start and never too late to restart your life.  Today is a huge blessing. You are alive and breathing so that is a good place to begin.  

One thing you need to do starting tonight and every night!

Tonight before you go to bed write down the goals you accomplished no matter how mundane such as ironing you got finished or going for a small walk.  Focus on what you got done, not what you didn't.  This is important to moving forward and making 2019 a better year or a continued better new year.  

So for all of us...starting this New Year step today and make each blessed day count. 

Kate Freer, the Herbladyisin

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