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Umm....Cherrios, Milk with Glyphosate for Breakfast? Yum

In 2017, glyphosate was listed by the California Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment as a chemical known to cause cancer.

This chemical is found in Roundup and other weed killers. You can find it almost everywhere in our environment now.  If it kills weeds, doesn't that give you a clue? Anything that kills weeds and bugs should not be in our food. I will not use Roundup on our property. It is my way to take a stand against this weed killer that is found everywhere in our environment.

It is even much worse than a spray used to kill weeds.

Glyphosate is used to dry out oats just before they harvest the crop 

So this nasty chemical is used by farmers to dry out the oats. So any corn, oats, or soybean product will have glyphosate residue in the grain.  Soybeans and corn are GMO foods unless you are buying organic foods that state NOT GMO. 

The results of foods tested for Glyphosate:

Anresco Labs in San Francisco tested General Mills' Cheerios, instant oatmeal, and snack bars. All of them contained glyphosate with Quaker Oatmeal Squares breakfast cereal being the worst contains 18 times than is considered safe.  

"Results of the new tests come two months after EWG’s first series of tests found glyphosate in all but two of 45 samples of foods made with conventionally grown oats, and in about one-third of the 16 products made with organic oats. About two-thirds of the samples of conventional foods had levels of glyphosate above EWG’s health benchmark."

Does Going Organic Guarantee Pure Food?

So going organic does not mean chemical free food!  Some organic cereal tests free from the chemical and some don't.  Years ago in Nevada, I talked to a woman who sold organic veggies at a Farmer's Market. She told me of a family in the same area who at times sprayed their organic veggies with chemicals not allowed. They made sure it was not done within weeks of an inspection. So some growers are not honest in the organic standard they are certified for. Inspections are performed only twice a year in most circumstances.  The HONEST in Organic depends on the ethics of the farmers involved. 

Organic food can contain bugs, weeds, or other non veggies product. Organic does not mean it does not contain dirt, E-coli or other contamination. It does not mean it is free from lead or other heavy metals.  

Most organic foods are not tested consistently for contamination. That would make your lettuce cost 10 bucks a head.  They have rules for the way the crop is cleaned and processed but things go wrong. This is why so many outbreaks of stomach illness from packaged greens.

Another article tested hair samples from children and found glyphosate in the hair samples.

So what do we do?  If possible, try to get organic cereals which overall contain less chemicals than standard grains. Understand soy products unless organic are not good for you or your children. Most of them are GMO modified grains containing glyphosate. They are not healthy for the thyroid gland function either. They is a very dark side to soy and corn products in the way they affect food allergy problems and endocrine function.

Give your kids organic eggs and organic toast. We raise our own chickens and the eggs are so much better in both taste and nutrition. Ours our pasture raised and the taste difference is amazing. Most cities now allow families to have 3 to 4 chickens in their back yard. Call your local zoning government office. 

Greek Yogurt is another option for breakfast with plenty of protein and probiotics. Get the brand with less sugar and fruit included. Slice your own fruit into the yogurt or a tsp of vanilla and cinnamon.  

Make them a green smoothie. 

Write the cereal companies and demand they use grains not sprayed with glyphosate! Sign petitions to get the companies to change! 

Information Sources
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Popping Antacids like Candy? Why That is a Real Problem.

Digestion of quality food is the main goal of health.
Food needs to be broken down to be utilized by your body
Digestion is the root of a majority of health problems and the basis for great health as well. The choice is yours to make every day that you eat a meal.
The health of your immune function depends on good digestion and quality food. 
Even if you buy good food, you have to break down that food for it to any good for your health.  
Breaking down that food so your body can use the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients is of major importance to your health.
Digestion leads to health problems including deficiencies, imbalances, fatigue, brain fog, headaches, stomach pain, and discomfort.  Aren't you tired of stomach distress? 

Your stomach problems are not due to a deficiency of tums or any other stomach medicine. 

Sure it easy to pop a few tums but that is not the answer. In fact in leads to the side effects we are going to discuss next.
Popping Antacids like Candy? Why That is a Real Problem.

Are you taking any of these OTC drugs? 
Alka-SeltzerMilk of Magnesia, Alternagel, Amphojel, Gaviscon, Gelusil, Maalox, Mylanta, Rolaids, Pepto-Bismol, Tums.

Examples of H2 blockers available over the counter include:

Nizatidine (Axid AR), Famotidine (Pepcid AC),Cimetidine (Tagamet HB), Ranitidine (Zantac), pepcid AC,

Side effects from taking antacids include:

Headache, Nausea, Constipation (caused by aluminum-containing antacids) or Diarrhea (caused by magnesium-containing antacids). 

Long term usage can cause gross deficiencies in calcium, magnesium, and other minerals  in your body....see this article here.  

This does not address the bigger problems caused to your whole body by bad digestion and improper breakdown and absorption of the food you eat.

So you need to correct your eating habits and the foods you are eating to avoid all this stomach distress.  

I am going to have you read this article below to get some really good suggestions for improving digestion and your health as well.  I hope you will not only read it but try to incorporate some of the suggestions for your stomach's sake.  

The article is 5 Secrets to Good Digestion 


I hope you enjoy the article, for your good health.

Kate Freer, the herbladyisin


Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Esseac Tea for Cancer: The Story of Government Suppression and It's Victory

Esseac Tea has a long history over many years.The original healing recipe originated  from the Ojibwa Indians in Canada. A woman named Rene Cassie  in 1922,  met a woman who had been cured of breast cancer by this formula given to her by Indian friends.  Rene got hold of the esseac formula to give to her favorite aunt with cancer. She recovered and lived another 20 years. It became Cassie's life mission to bring Esseac to people who needed it.  She worked with her Aunts doctor to test the product with mice. They worked with some of his patients, injecting it feeling that it would have a better result than orally. 

Two years later they sent paperwork to the Canadian government to get permission for official clinical testing. The government sent two investigators to arrest her but changed their minds when they got the input from some well known doctors who had seen results. LATER ON they again threatened to arrest her but did not.  The terms were she couldn't charge for her services to patients. 

As her success with cancer patients spread, a number of companies tried to buy her formula. She refused. She was eventually supported by the Deputy Minister of Hospitals for Ontario and Dr. Bastedo of Ontario. In 1934 her first clinic was opened.  Her supporters  turned in a petition containing thousands of signatures to the Dept. of Health and Welfare.  It was signed by nine doctors as well. The minister of health, Dr. Faulkner, took her petition to the famous Sir Frederick Banting, MD who helped to discover insulin. He was so impressed with her results, he asked her to go to the Banting Institute to test her formula on animals. Her patients begged her to stay and she turned him down. 

Her clinic and its success spread. Doctors came to observe her work and came away in awe. In 1938 another petition was sent in with 55,000 signatures including doctors. She had the support of many doctors who had seen her results. The government's NEW Minister of Health did not believe in anything other than standard therapies. To get rid of the problem, he created the Kirby bill,  then passed the Kirby Bill to investigate cancer treatments and established the Royal Cancer Commission to investigate and approve all unorthodox cancer treatments. Of course, the commission would get complete legal rights to any treatment. If you didn't turn that over, you would get fined if you treated a patient. Then go to jail if you did not agree after that. She refused to give them her formula. 

Esseac was debated in parliament with doctors and cured patients going to court to support her. Parliament voted. She lost by 4 votes, and the Kirby Law was passed. She was forced to close her clinic. A firestorm protested and the government allowed to reopen her clinic despite the new Kirby Law.  It then sent the Royal Cancer Commission to her clinic to get evidence against her. Despite overwhelming evidence of success, she was brought before the commission. Nearly 400 patients went to the hearing. Only 49 were allowed to speak. The success of her patients was dismissed as incorrect original diagnoses. They did not have cancer according to the commission. The hearing was a sham. Its intent was never to really look at the evidence. The intent was to close her down. In the end with overwhelming evidence to her favor, they ruled she give them her formula. She refused. They ruled her treatment invalid. She operated for awhile despite their ruling, but officially closed her clinic in 1942. She couldn't take it anymore waiting for them to haul her off to jail. She went under the radar until 1959. They knew she was still treating patients with success but they did not go after her. Out of sight, out of mind. They didn't want the firestorm of public outcry. 

In 1959 at 70 years old, a man who had been cured by Esseac years before, was on a mission to have her story published.  He had secured 30 years of documents, testimonials, and letters from doctors. This man enlisted Dr. Charles Brusch, one of the most respected doctors in  the US, who was also the personal doctor to JFK, to evaluate her formula. He was one of the first doctors to set up research on acupuncture. He believed in preventive medicine, nutrition and other natural therapies. He was a unique medical doctor. The famous National Cancer Institute and Sloan-Kettering wanted to research the formulas well, but wanted rights to her product. She refused.  She did partner up with Dr. Brusch.

 He researched her testimonials from doctors and patients alike on the cases of cancer being cured.  He found them to be founded.  He conducted research with his patients. He became a believer and convert to Esseac and its successful results. Dr. Brusch continued to work on the formula, improving it so that it did not have to be injected as the original formula. It could be given orally. He saw what it could do himself. Dr. Brusch used the formula to cure his own lower bowel cancer in 1990. 

Then the American Medical Association came in and forbade patients to be referred to their research clinic. The government did all it could to suppress their work. It got very difficult.  He kept on despite it all. Cassie went home leaving him to lead the official charge. She was tired of the fight. She trusted and felt he could carry on the fight to get it accepted. She went home and secretly treated patients again in Canada, under the radar. 

In 1977-78 the vice president of Resperin, a big company with drug interests began a campaign to talk Cassie into selling her formula. He had read a recently published article on her story. He felt he could make it accepted and make huge sales with the product. After many conversations with her refusal to sell, he came up with the ultimate offer. He told her he would open 5 clinics across Canada and give cancer patients the formula free. She believed him despite doubts from Dr. Brusch. The recipe was sold for pennies because she relieved he could advance its acceptance by the government.

The government came in and said it could not be used as a treatment by itself but must be used along with other therapies knowing their rule would ruin the research to show how Esseac worked alone. Rene was devastated that she had given up her formula to Resperin and that that the government had managed to suppress Esseac again.  She died in 1978 from complications of hip surgery thinking her life work had all been for nothing. The government shut down all the clinics saying that the drug company did not research it according to their rules. The drug company was proved to conduct shody research in part of their paperwork. It was not shut down because Esseac didn't work. 

The government then make it possible for patients to obtain  Esseac with a doctors request and forms saying that no other treatments would work on the patient's cancer. Each submission by the doctor in behalf of his patient had to be approved by the government. This was done despite 100 doctors who did use it on their patients with success during this time period. Esseac was suppressed despite a firestorm of patients who came forward to protest the government's actions with proof of their cancer and the success of Esseac treatment.

In 1984,  Elaine Alexander, a radio talk show host who was a producer and pioneer in radio, called Dr. Brusch  to get permission to air a presentation on Esseac with Dr. Bausch. Remember he has been the personal doctor to JFK. The response was a immediate and the lines were flooded. Elaine took up Esseac as a cause. She became an expert on essiac and its advancement forward. She decided that if the government was going to destroy Esseac every time when advertised as a therapy for cancer, then promote it as a herbal tea for better health.  Promote it only as a herbal detox tea to get around the government suppression. She became a partner with Dr. Brusch.  

Elane located a company, Flora, to manufacture the tea.  The company was chosen because of the company's history with the production of herbal formulations. Dr. Otto Greither, grandfather to Thomas Greither, who was the director of Flora at one point was dangerously ill in the hospital paralyzed from the waist down. His legs black with gangrene, the doctors wanted to cut off both legs. His nurse suggested he do enemas of herbs.  He did it with great doubt and recovered to the shock of his doctors. It happened again once he resumed his old eating habits.  He used the enemas again and got well. He then started his own herb company because of his health experience. His children carried on the company, though the name was changed, selling herbal formulas.  Elaine felt this company would preserve the Esseac formula for the people.  He required his own investigation before he would manufacture it.  He used it on himself, his staff, family and friends. He became a convert of the product. They called is Flor.Essence to avoid government suppression. It was advertised only to cleanse and purify the body. It is now found in every health store in Canada as well as the United States.   

At last Cassie's life goal was achieved. Esseac was available to all who needed it even though it could not be advertised as a cancer remedy on the company brochures or ads.  The books published through the years would tell the real story of what it could do. 

Esseac can only remain available advertised as a herbal detox. Otherwise, it would be shut down by the FDA. It is such a tragedy when standard cancer therapies are shown not to work on certain cancers, patients are forced to endure the therapies anyway. A patient will not be given any options other than standard medicine by most doctors. You will be told there is no hope other than their treatment. If you mention an alternative therapy, you will be told it is untested and unproven. You will told the treatment is useless. There is trillions of dollars made off the dying backs of patients with chemo and radiation. Often the patients still dies or dies from a second bout of cancer later. Certain cancer treatments are known to cause certain cancers down the road in time. That is the tragedy.  Chemo causes brain damage and memory issues to name two of the side effects. 

When the American Cancer Society says there are no natural therapies against cancer, it is out right suppression of alternative cancer therapies. Do they always work? No! Chemo and radiation do not always work either. People die everyday using standard medicine cancer therapies. But that is ok. It is just not ok to die using alternative cancer therapies. That is the double standard and suppression by the AMA and FDA.

I cannot legally suggest anything for cancer without having my website and shop shut down. That is the way it is.  I can give you resources such as this book to research on your own. Research other books as well.  They are out there.

Please buy the book, The Esseac Report, Unknown Cancer Remedy by Richard Thomas to read the whole story. I have condensed it in this blog. There is so much more in the book which contains original testimonies, proof, and detail on this product and government suppression. It is almost impossible to condense it in a blog. 

I dare you to become informed and open your mind to what it going on in this country. You are being brain washed by drug ads on every level: TV, magazines, and your doctor.  Drug sales equal trillions of dollars in profit. A drug for every symptom rather than preventive education and counseling. It is so much easier to dispense a drug than get people to change their lifestyle. They don't have time.

My  Personal Experience with Esseac Tea

I have used Esseac tea with the addition to the formula of cat's claw and water cress. I get the most benefit from the Nature's Unique brand with its additional herbs.  I have known two people who used it for cancer with success in the last few years.

I do not and have not suffered from cancer but instead take it to support my kidney and liver function after a nasty fall off of wet steps where I hit a metal plant stand.  It was a very serious fall but without a job or insurance at the time, I chose Esseac for my treatment. I did have the problem diagnosed by a doctor two months after the original fall. The doctor then stated after blood tests that my kidney had been compromised by the damage of the fall. He suggested a specialist that I had no money to pay for at the time. I had improved significantly by then so opted to continue the Esseac, not drugs. It took a long time to essentially heal from that accident.  I also used a chiropractor later to help the healing process. There is residual weakness left in those organs due to the serious damage done.

Esseac has kept me going without drugs or operations for over 15 years. I have never suffered any side effects taking Esseac and my energy level is always better on Esseac.  How do I know that? Occasionally I will go off it for awhile to save money. After about a month, I feel the difference in my energy and in my kidney function. Kidney symptoms begin to show up such as water retention and soreness over the area. Again this is my choice.

 I must state that my views are not supported by your doctor, the AMA, the FDA, or the American Cancer Society.  They are not supported by standard medicine. They certainly would not be suggested by your oncologist. 

It is up to you to find the truth and make your own informed decisions for your health on this subject. I for one live my beliefs and any cancer treatment for my life will be using alternative therapies.  I have lived by that code all these years and don't intend to change now as I face getting older. I deal with serious genetic deep vein phlebitis on a daily basis using alternative therapies. I have dealt with the problem for thirty four years successfully not using drugs.  So I walk the talk every day of my life. I can only make that decision for my life and my health. 


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Big Pharma And Their Hand In Over 700,000 Deaths A Year

This article is from the Health Freedom Alliance website and I am re-posting this article because it is on a critical subject that could affect your life and those you love. Please visit their site here.

Big Pharma And Their Hand In Over 700,000 Deaths A Year

Epidemic levels of opioid addiction and overdose in the United States have gained widespread attention, and Big Pharma has rightfully been implicated in the problem. But another health crisis is sweeping not just America, but the world — and drug companies’ role in the latest crisis is equally significant.

Superbugs have garnered countless headlines lately — and for good reason. As Bloomberg reported this week, superbugs, bacteria that have grown resistant to antibiotics, are estimated to claim the lives of 700,000 worldwide every year data on cases in the United States and government agencies are complicit. A recent report by Rand Europe commissioned by the U.K. government found that by 2050, that number could rise to 10 million if measures are not taken to quell the rising threat of antimicrobial resistance (AMR). By comparison, the World Health Organization estimates 69,000 people die every year globally from opiate overdose.

News stories consistently crop up sounding alarms about discoveries of superbugs resistant to even the most potent antibiotics — some of which are saved for use only in the most dangerous, life-threatening cases. In truth, many of these headlines are grossly sensationalized by mainstream media in apparent attempts to fearmonger their audiences and draw traffic. For example, most superbugs are confined to and contracted at hospitals, meaning the “nightmare strains” many outlets have warned about are not crawling on street corners.

Nevertheless, the underlying problem is real.

Overzealous doctors eager to dole out antibiotics as quick fixes to patients’ infections are undeniably responsible for part of the growing epidemic. According to a recent study by the CDC and Pew Charitable Trusts, in the U.S., antibiotics are unnecessary in ⅓ of cases where they’re prescribed. That amounts to roughly 47 million excess prescriptions.
In other countries, antibiotics are available for purchase over the counter, another factor that contributes to their overuse.

But equally, if not more concerning, is Big Pharma’s dominion over the United States’ and world’s food supply. One of the biggest factors contributing to the growth of superbugs is the heavy-handed use of human antibiotics in livestock intended for human consumption.

Bloomberg notes:
In 2014, 60 percent of sales of the antibiotics sold for livestock were medically important to humans, according to the FDA. They’re also popular overseas: The global animal antibiotics market should reach $4.1 billion by 2018, according to one study from researcher MarketsandMarkets.

According to an analysis by the FDA, sales of antibiotics for use in livestock increased 23 percent between 2009 and 2014. Further, on Monday, the Guardian reported that new data published by the European Medicines Agency found “use of some of the strongest antibiotics available to treat life-threatening infections has risen to record levels on European farms.”

This unsettling growth trend has dire implications for human health.
A report released last month by a group of environmental and consumer groups including the Natural Resources Defense Council, Friends of the Earth, the Consumers Union, the Center for Food Safety, and the Food Animal Concerns Trust explained some of the biggest problems with the use of human antibiotics in animals:

These drugs are often given to animals that are not sick to accelerate weight gain and prevent diseases stemming from poor diets and crowded, stressful and dirty conditions. Approximately 96 percent of the antibiotics sold for animal use are added to feed and water, the preferred way to deliver antibiotics to large flocks or herds of animals at once.
They note the addition of drugs to feed and water is playing a powerful role in the growth of superbugs:

This practice is a key contributor to the rise of antibiotic-resistant bacteria – sometimes called ‘superbugs’ – which can escape the farm and spread into communities through air, water, soil, meat, and even workers. Resistant superbugs can make us sick, or pass on resistance to other bacteria which can make us sick.

Though, according to the same report, an increasing number of restaurants and fast food establishments are decreasing their use of meats that contain antibiotics, the threat is still immediate.
As the FDA moves to increase regulations on human antibiotic use in animals, however, pharmaceutical companies are launching “webinars” to teach farmers how to continue their use of antibiotics without violating the stricter rules. In other countries, pharmaceutical sales of antibiotics destined for livestock continue.

If some of the biggest responsible parties – namely the companies making the products – are still selling the antibiotics in other countries, it just underscores that this has to be a change that happens across the entire world,” says David Wallinga, senior health official and physician at the National Resources Defense Council. “And the companies bear a big responsibility for that approach.”
The short-term problem is further compounded by the current lack of incentive drug companies have to produce better antibiotics. Because they are expensive to make and do not generate the same profits as cancer drugs, for example, companies are slow to move on developing stronger antibiotics to fight evolving superbugs.

Even so, it appears that course of action might only inspire stronger superbugs as they evolve to survive increasingly powerful drugs. Nevertheless, some solutions are emerging. For example, Australian researchers announced this week that Tasmanian devil’s milk is a promising treatment for aggressive bacterial infections.

According to Venki Ramakrishnan, a Nobel Prize-winning chemist based at the Laboratory of Molecular Biology at the University of Cambridge, there are several viable approaches to curbing the growing problem. First, he explains, antibiotic prescriptions should be limited, and the drugs prescribed should be targeted specifically to the infection in question. He also says bacteriophages, viruses that directly attack bacteria, could be useful. Ramakrishnan believes antibiotic use in livestock must be reduced and suggests vaccines could also be helpful but notes public hygiene is an essential factor in reducing the spread of bacteria.

I am an optimist,” he said when asked if the situation could be remedied.
I think that when things get serious, people have a habit of responding. And I’m hoping that people don’t wait for a big crisis to respond because then a lot of people will die before things will get corrected and improve.

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