Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Symptoms and Steps to Overcome 'Burn Out Syndrome'

'Burned out' symptoms include severe fatigue, loss of interest in life, eating disorders, headaches, feeling ill, and difficulty in facing the day and your job, emotional outbreaks, inability to concentrate or focus, agitation, hopelessness and crying. A nervous or physical breakdown is one of the final results of not dealing with these symptoms.

These symptoms are also the symptoms of depression and hormonal imbalance in women. The difference is in the severity of the above symptoms and the length of time you have suffered from it, and the effect on your daily activity. 

Only a physician can perhaps diagnose which and what you are suffering from. There are also some diseases where these same symptoms come into play.  An overall complete physical and whole health evaluation should be one of your first steps in this process. This includes lab tests, thyroid tests, hormone levels, CBC, heart evaluation,  and a female exam. 

If your life has been laden with hard circumstances and overwork, at least one of the issues is "burn out syndrome'!

Overwork, years of it can cause illness and imbalance.

There used to be a saying, "How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. This statement applies to 'Burn Out!'.

Steps to take back your life and emotions:

These are steps you can use to unburden your over loaded wagon of life stuff that is causing burn out, depression, and ill health. 

Start out by listing your blessings first from small ones to the bigger ones....even simple things such as your garden or your pets, your friends, your family, food on the table. Do not stop writing until you have a whole page of them. Compare your life to those less fortunate to make it easier. Read that list every morning and add to it.  

Health Habits that reduce stress:

Meditation, music, singing, sewing, and gardening just to same several.  Take 20 to 30 min for yourself. Leave the dishes and the wash for later. Do that much if not more for your own peace of mind.

I you are sleeping poorly, take steps to get more restful sleep. They are herbs to help insomnia such as ashwaganda.

Reduce sugar intake, junk food intake, and soda.  Try to improve your diet and eat more good foods like salads.

Walk for a few minutes or exercise with your children or your dog.  Do what you can with your overloaded schedule but make it a ritual.

Take a good vitamin with heavy B-Complex of 50mg each.

Add magnesium to your regimen which can soothe nerves that are raw.

Dissecting your overload......Next Steps: 

  • Now write down on paper the reason or reasons you are burned out. You need to face where your life is at that point. 

  • Put them into the order of importance and how they are affecting  on your life and health.

The next step is to take each one and determine which ones, if any, can be solved now, which ones in the near future, and which ones are present now such as a dying relative that you can't do much about.

  • Next list steps you have taken or should take for each problem. Write these answers in detail. List what has to be done, what has to be followed up, and possible new answers to research.
Perhaps paperwork to do taxes or applying for help of one kind or another. It could be phone calls to resolve your situation you have avoided. It could be getting your resume updated or the chore of filling out job applications. If it is an elderly parent you are taking care of, perhaps seek help to find respite help. Ask family members to give you a break. Set your pride down and ask!  

I have found through the years, if your pursue the answers to your problem hard and long enough, there is an answer. Not always but often we give up on solving the problem and throw up our hands and say there is nothing to do. 

Brainstorm with friends to see if they have any suggestions.

Call the senior center or other government agencies to see if they have any referrals to solve your problem. 

Churches and their services might be an answer. There are food banks that can offer help. 

If there is no help at this point then the only thing you can change is the way you are reacting to the problem. You must then work to control your mind in dealing with the block that cannot be broken today. It does not mean that it can't be solved tomorrow or a few weeks later. Your situation may seem like forever but often it is temporary. Once you have done everything today that can be done, stop obsessing over it. That is easier said that done but you must stop your mind from running these negative dialogues. When my father-in-law was dying, each day seemed like eternity. Each day was filled with so much uncertainty that I could hardly get through. There are times when situations feel like they will brake us. There are times we feel unable to carry the load one more hour. That is when you pray for strength and help. I can remember telling God one day, that I could not keep it up. I asked him to give me help. He did even though it was not that day or that week. I did get through it until the load was taken from me.

Stop the chatter in your head that keeps on what if this happens or what if that occurs. It may be chatter that says you are not going to get a new job or that you will never get out of debt. It may be chatter you are a loser. Chatter is never positive. If it is anger, you must find a positive way to contain it or work it out in a positive way such as physical exercise. 

For those of you who believe in God as I do: 

The serenity prayer has been one of my staples for getting through the hard times.

The Serenity Prayer is the common name for a prayer written by the American theologian Reinhold Niebuhr (1892–1971). The best-known form is: God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can, And wisdom to know the difference.

Write down a plan of action with goals and dates. Write down what you are going to do and how.  

You must write it down with dates for it to work.

Once you do this and come up with a plan of action for today, tomorrow, this month,and this year you should see some light at the end of the tunnel and feel less stressed. A plan of action that you DO will reduce your feeling of helplessness and panic.   Try to do one thing on your plan of action each day or each week. Even if you can only do one thing on your list, that will be one step forward. it will be one step to improve your life and  health. 

Faith in God and prayer is always there to help me through each day.

I do hope this helps and I write this out of experience. I have been there.  

God bless you this week. Kate the Herbladyisin

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Do You Suffer From Broken Horse Syndrome?

Never heard of 'broken horse syndrome'?  You need to know about it for your own well being!

Caring for a dying loved one, is just one element of the overload many of us carry in life.

In the early years of our country, horses or oxen were used for work on farms and in business. The horses carried everything from gold to timber. They carried mail in the pony express.  They kept farms and business running.  In the early wars, thousands of horses were bought by the army to drag every equipment and canons by the troops.  They worked those horses till they dropped dead from exhaustion, improper food, and care. They were considered expendable. When a horse dropped dead or could not work, they shot them and another horse was put into its place. The movie, War Horse, some years ago told their story. 

Horses are broken first in their spirit by whipping, beating, and locking them up in small stalls without care.  After a period of time under this abuse, they fall dead with the harness still attached. This is not how a horse should be treated and there are many horse owners who would never treat their horses this way but it is the method that was used for years in the past. Horses were considered like a plow, their spirits, their intelligence ignored. They were considered farm equipment.

So how does that apply to you? Why should you care about that? The 'broken horse syndrome' applies to us as humans and our health or lack of it.

It starts with a broken spirit. Your spirit is broken by anger, hate, negative emotions, a dying loved one, grief, loss of a loved one, hopelessness, depression, and inner pain. Just like the horse in the illustration above. These are the issues that break the human spirit over time.

Next we drag a wagon behind us over loaded with two jobs, hours at a job we hate, work that is too much for our situation, an abusive marriage, weighted under piles of unpaid bills, children or perhaps loved ones who are sick with no answers. 

We keep pulling that wagon behind us not eating well and not sleeping well either. 

Our mind is torn by the lack of answers or answers that give us no hope. 

This overloaded wagon is the basis for illness, disease, cancer, mental illness, nervous breakdown.

Our body and mind will break down eventually from the load over years. This is the load some of you are carrying. Just the care of a sick loved one by itself can be the weight that brakes down the wagon, our bodies.

Is this where you are right now?  

Then you must stop this process because if you don't you will become sick and are subject to both a mental or physical crisis. 

I say that from experience after taking care of my father in law for three years. In the last months, 24 hours a day. In the days, before he died I was exhausted both mentally and physically. My father in law would act out and get ugly with anyone taking care of him, other than me. He was nasty to my husband, his son. He gave me a hard time too, being a retired commander who wanted things his way.  There were not good answers to the problem. In my case, he was taken by God before I broke down completely. It has taken 5 months to recover mentally and physically.  In the last 5 weeks of his life, I could not do it any more. I had come to the breaking point physically and mentally. It is called, 'burn out".

The first step is admitting you cannot carry the wagon anymore unless you take some of the weight off. For those of us who are prone to trying to do it all, you must meet the harsh reality you cannot keep doing it. Something must give somewhere. It may be your pride that keeps you from asking for help. It may be there is no help at this point. It may be you just are so tired, you just don't make the effort to find help to unload your life from this unbearable weight. Pulling this weight can only go on for so long.

I want you to think about what you are carrying in your over loaded wagon. What load are you carrying on your mind and body?  Is there really nothing you can do to make the load easier or are you just too tired to even try.  

To solve any problem, you must first identify the problem. You must examine it and face it.

To get well, this is the first step. Without looking at this part of your life first, it is almost impossible to get well and be healthy.  

Natural health versus modern medicine seeks to find the base cause for ill health. The base cause of ill health often is found in your mind, heart, and soul. 

Write down this week, after searching your heart, what you are carrying in your wagon that is affecting your health and spirit. This is my homework to you for a few days or weeks.

I hope your week has blessings and joy. Next blog is what then after you face your overloaded body and spirit.

Kate Freer, the Herbladyisin