Saturday, October 27, 2018

Umm....Cherrios, Milk with Glyphosate for Breakfast? Yum

In 2017, glyphosate was listed by the California Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment as a chemical known to cause cancer.

This chemical is found in Roundup and other weed killers. You can find it almost everywhere in our environment now.  If it kills weeds, doesn't that give you a clue? Anything that kills weeds and bugs should not be in our food. I will not use Roundup on our property. It is my way to take a stand against this weed killer that is found everywhere in our environment.

It is even much worse than a spray used to kill weeds.

Glyphosate is used to dry out oats just before they harvest the crop 

So this nasty chemical is used by farmers to dry out the oats. So any corn, oats, or soybean product will have glyphosate residue in the grain.  Soybeans and corn are GMO foods unless you are buying organic foods that state NOT GMO. 

The results of foods tested for Glyphosate:

Anresco Labs in San Francisco tested General Mills' Cheerios, instant oatmeal, and snack bars. All of them contained glyphosate with Quaker Oatmeal Squares breakfast cereal being the worst contains 18 times than is considered safe.  

"Results of the new tests come two months after EWG’s first series of tests found glyphosate in all but two of 45 samples of foods made with conventionally grown oats, and in about one-third of the 16 products made with organic oats. About two-thirds of the samples of conventional foods had levels of glyphosate above EWG’s health benchmark."

Does Going Organic Guarantee Pure Food?

So going organic does not mean chemical free food!  Some organic cereal tests free from the chemical and some don't.  Years ago in Nevada, I talked to a woman who sold organic veggies at a Farmer's Market. She told me of a family in the same area who at times sprayed their organic veggies with chemicals not allowed. They made sure it was not done within weeks of an inspection. So some growers are not honest in the organic standard they are certified for. Inspections are performed only twice a year in most circumstances.  The HONEST in Organic depends on the ethics of the farmers involved. 

Organic food can contain bugs, weeds, or other non veggies product. Organic does not mean it does not contain dirt, E-coli or other contamination. It does not mean it is free from lead or other heavy metals.  

Most organic foods are not tested consistently for contamination. That would make your lettuce cost 10 bucks a head.  They have rules for the way the crop is cleaned and processed but things go wrong. This is why so many outbreaks of stomach illness from packaged greens.

Another article tested hair samples from children and found glyphosate in the hair samples.

So what do we do?  If possible, try to get organic cereals which overall contain less chemicals than standard grains. Understand soy products unless organic are not good for you or your children. Most of them are GMO modified grains containing glyphosate. They are not healthy for the thyroid gland function either. They is a very dark side to soy and corn products in the way they affect food allergy problems and endocrine function.

Give your kids organic eggs and organic toast. We raise our own chickens and the eggs are so much better in both taste and nutrition. Ours our pasture raised and the taste difference is amazing. Most cities now allow families to have 3 to 4 chickens in their back yard. Call your local zoning government office. 

Greek Yogurt is another option for breakfast with plenty of protein and probiotics. Get the brand with less sugar and fruit included. Slice your own fruit into the yogurt or a tsp of vanilla and cinnamon.  

Make them a green smoothie. 

Write the cereal companies and demand they use grains not sprayed with glyphosate! Sign petitions to get the companies to change! 

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