Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Winter is Here-Tips for Staying Flu Free with Natural Medicine

My father-in-law who only has a few more months to live.

A few thoughts on life and life ending.

We understand our parents more as we get older. I could not understand as a child when I got up earlier then usual, my mom would be sitting at the table writing in her journal, reading the bible, and drinking her coffee. She would send me back to bed until it was time for all of us to get up. It was her time, precious time she needed to remain healthy and sane. I understand how spending time with her plants gave her such pleasure. It is clear to me now, how she felt about life and the trials she was facing with my father. So much is clear to me now because I am walking down a similar path with some of the same problems. So I got up at 4:30 AM to write this.  Quiet, peaceful, and free of interruptions for a few more minutes.

Mom took little time for pleasure because she worked so hard. I am like my mom. No one could ever say, I was not a hard worker.  Saying that, neither my mom, nor I have taken enough time to laugh and have fun. So the other night my husbanMy fd and I watched Hallmark movies for the evening. Hallmark movies are predictable but so sweet. They take you away from daily life and into a place where life ends well. That is important to give your mind a break from life that doesn't always end well.  When life gets harder, you must give you mind rest from the stress. 

As I look to 2018, I know life and the coming year will be harder. My father-in-law who I have taken care of for months is in the end stage of Chronic Leukemia.  He still is playing golf but his body has already stopping creating new white cells, red cells, and platelets. His labs are falling with each test. At 93 the doctors are impressed he is not more effected at this stage. If you spend as much time with him as I do, you can see the gradual changes such as more weakness getting out of his chair and trying to hit the golf ball. 

How I look at death at 67:

My view toward death is this. We all have a contract of life days. For some it is 93 years and for others it may be 45.  In his case, his body is simply done with continuing life. It is telling him, his organs and systems are tired and have come to the end of their production. Everything in life has a shelf life and a point where they end. We all will die from something at some point. The goal is do the most you are capable of for the duration of your individual contract of life. Since most of us do not know the ending contract date, we need to make each day count in every way we can. Live life as if were to end soon. We tend to put things off because we think we have years to do things, but often we don't. Life life as if each day is a gift and a blessing...because they are! 

I know the next few months will be extremely hard to go through but it is part of life we all must deal with. It is important the higher your stress level climbs, the more you must work to keep it healthy. This is winter and everywhere you go, someone is sick or coughing. 

 Here are some tips to stay healthy this season.

#1- Take time to rest your body and mind. Give both of them downtime from your work schedule. That might include music, walks, watching a TV program that does not include violence and killing; one that is gentle on the mind.  What ever gives your body and mind a rest, put that into your list of things to do.

#2 Get enough real rest at night.  A strong body can defeat a virus or bacterial infection much more effectively. Read something positive before bed, something that calms the mind, rather than excites it or irritates it like politics.  Drink  a calming tea such as chamomile before bed. Herbal formulas that include herbs such as Valerian Root and passion flower help. 

#3 Wash your hands after shopping and visiting friends. Wash your hands often during this time period.  Try to stay away from doctor's offices and the germ laden  atmosphere. If you have to go, sit away from others and don't go there any earlier than needed.  

#4  Use garlic in your cooking which defeats most virus and bacteria.  Try to eat healthy despite it being Christmas and cookies are everywhere you look. Candy stares you down with every trip to the store.  It is hard to say no to the goodies.

#5 Take a higher dose of Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and overall vitamin support.  This is part of a keep your body strong program to help stay well.  

#6 If you are exposed to sickness in the work place or at home, take natural antibiotic herbs the first hint of feeling like you are coming down with something. The earlier you take steps, the better you will stay well. 

Natural antibiotic herbs include: Garlic, Goldenseal, Echineacea, Oregano, Immune enhancing formulas, Colloidal Silver, and Neem.  Herbs must be taken 3-4 times a day with two to three caps being the dosage. The suggested dosage on the bottle is only that, a suggestion. They are not allowed to give you dosage information because of the government. You must research that for yourself because it varies from one person to another. Start out as the suggested dosage, than move up from there. If the dosage does not seem to be affecting your virus, then either it is resistant, is the wrong herb to fight with or you are not taking a high enough dosage. It takes 3 to 4 days to know that. The sooner you start, the better it will be to defeat it. Herbs do works on both virus and bacterial infections. I have used them for 35 years with good results. You must take them properly to work. 

God Bless you all this week. Take time to give lots of hugs and warm words!
Kate Freer, the Herbladyisin