Thursday, November 9, 2017

Spring is in the air! How to add Spring to your house during the gloomy winter months!

Spring is in the air! How to add Spring to your house during the gloomy winter months!

I want to first thank you all for reading these blogs and supporting it. We have been so busy trying to get this nursery going that writing time has been almost impossible. I take care of my father-in-law for hours a day then come home to work on plants and projects until it is dark. By then often my brain and body is pretty tired. I will be striving to get more blogs done and more writing. I hope you come back weekly to enjoy the column.

It is... in our house this winter, even if it is very cold outside. I always hate winter because all the plants are dormant.  Beautiful green Tennessee becomes its winter face which is not as pretty. I am always sad when our hummers leave for warmer places. They left two weeks early this year. Raising plants in the house lifts my spirit and gives me joy. 

Peppermint scented geraniums

Our kitchen Neem tree grove which is there to give me leaves for my tea.

Purple Passion Flower Vines

Our house is full of baby plants that will grow  and be ready for Spring sales and to plant in containers for stock plants. We bought them too late to be put outside so they are hanging out in our lighted basement and living room.  Forty watt, very bright, shop lights will be very economical on the electricity bill.  Growing in our living room are  some very special herb plants as well such as Stevia, sage, and a special herb from Africa.  Some of these will either be house plants in winter or porch plants in the warmer months.  We will be growing some very beautiful shrubs such as hydrangea that feed the soul and give warmth to the heart. Medicinal herbs will be grown so that people begin to realize you can grow many of these at home and in your yards. It is quite rewarding to take the Neem leaves off my trees in the kitchen and make my own antibiotic tea. I know the trees are healthy, that no chemicals have been used on the trees, and that I picked them safely.  I don't have to worry about the source of my leaves. That is why you should have your own personal herb garden even if it has to be in containers. 

Moringa and Neem trees can be grown in large containers and raised as a house tree in the winter and moved outdoors in the warm months. When we were in CA our Moringa trees did bloom and have seed pods.  It will be interesting to see of the Neem do that raised in the house.  If you give them proper lighting and warmth, they will not lose their leaves. We put clear plastic liners on the inside of the kitchen windows. It was amazing how much cold comes through these old windows.  We noticed the temperature change immediately. I predict we will have to turn on the propane heaters less this winter.  The plastic clear shower liners are 1 buck at the Dollar Tree. In some cases, I put two layers up on each window. It lets the sun in for the plants but helps keep out the cold.  Dwarf pomegrantes are another plant for the house. The blooms are beautiful and the small fruit is good.

Turn down the winter blues with house plants and give your heart a lift.
Thanks for reading today.
Kate Freer, the Herbladyisin