Monday, August 7, 2017

Please Join me on FaceBook so I Can Communicate With All Of You Better

I am reluctantly joining the new world with Facebook as one of its hallmarks.  I am of the old school of talking face to face or voice to voice. I like to see people's eyes when they talk and hear the emotion in their voice and words. I am naturally a people reader and watcher. I text only because it is the way my kids communicate often. There are times when I actually find it useful, although I hate to admit that. It certainly works better in a doctor's office than disturbing others.

Having said this,  I do have to admit that Facebook is apart of business these days.  I do have a Face Book page and would like you to visit and join me there.  It is another way to communicate with all of you on a personal basis. It is easier to communicate with all of you on a one to one basis. I have closed off comments on my blog here because of spam comments by a group who represents some doctor who says he can cure everything.  I cannot seem to stop the group from submitting comments which come from different emails each time. So that is why I closed off comments to shut that down.

So click onto my FACEBOOK page and join me there. Help me slide into the new world by leaving me a message or giving me a like if you would! I sure would appreciate it!

Kate Freer, the herbladyisin