Friday, June 23, 2017

Future Plans for Growing Medicinal Herbs here in TN and other Important Changes

Hi Folks,

The Amazon store connected to this blog hosted by Amazon is being discontinued by Amazon. The Amazon stores were not search engine friendly. Amazon and its stores lost money. The stores hurt website search rankings.  So my store here now will be closing as of today.

My Amazon store is connected to so many posts, it is impossible to correct all the links.  So clicking on those links will not work any more.  

My Nature's Sunshine Herb Store sells an  exceptional line of superior quality herbs, essential oils, and supplements will remain a part of this blog and my business. As a Master Herbalist, I have personally used and sold their products for over thirty years. Natures Sunshine herbs proved to be the light  to help my youngest daughter get well and myself all those years ago. I became an herbalist  because of the renewed health that Keith Smith, who was a Master Herbalist and healer was using to help his customers. I became his customer and student then.  You can shop online here directly at my Nature's Sunshine Store which will help support this blog and my family.

Don't worry this blog will blog will remain a passion, continuing to share my knowledge with you and others but its focus will be more general,  covering the diversity of medicinal herbs with focus on the Jiaogulan herb or Immortality plant, passion flowers, sage, and other adaptogen herbs which help your body organs to work more effectively.

Comfrey will continue to be a focus as well. 

Moringa will be included in the overall coverage of topics.  A majority of my blogs here cover Moringa topics.

Changes in Our Business Goals for the Next Several Years

Moringa and Healing Herbs will be phased into Greatly Blessed Medicinal Herbs Farm over the next two years. This will be a small scale nursery but really rewarding. We have lots of land to grow plants here, are located right on the road, and are near two or three farmer's markets at which to sell the plants. It will be sometime in Spring when we officially open for business after we obtain our nursery license.

We are in the beginning stages of growing medicinal herbs for sale in 2018 such as passion flower, sages, rosemary, and the Immortality Herb, Jiaogulan.  

Moringa cannot be grown here easily in the soil here in TN. We get way too much rain. Our covered front porch is the only place for keeping Moringa trees from getting too much water.  

We have decided to branch out and grow herbs that will grow here more easily on our property. Herbs that can handle all the rain and humidity we get. God has given us a treasure trove of medicinal herbs to help restore health. Many of them can be grown by you at home.  If you can grow them, you should so that you save money and have control over quality of the product. 

I will also be concentrating on writing some articles and E-Books which will be for sale on this blog and the website.   I will keep you posted along the way.  Thanks to those of you who purchased products from my store in the past.  

Stay tuned for more  blogs and news on our business!  Thank You.

All for Now 
Kate Freer, the Herbladyisin