Monday, January 4, 2016

Is Your Moringa Tree Dead or Just In Winter Hibernation?

How do you tell if your Moringa tree is dead or just dormant?   

In winter, after losing their leaves, Moringa trees look dead when they are dormant, so it is hard to tell at times.  If the trees suffer a light frost,  they may revive from the root itself in the spring, but more often they don't.  

If your area experiences more than an occasional light frost and temps hovering at 32 degrees or colder, don't count on your tree surviving. Remember they are a tree that loves Florida type weather and climate. 

Does mulching work like with berries?

If you mulch them, as you do other plants, they will succumb to root rot.  The mulch retains water, becomes saturated,  which kills them.  

If you could prevent the mulch from becoming wet and staying wet, that would probably help.  The mulch must remain dry to protect the root from the cold but not cause it to rot.

Wrapping them with Christmas trees lights might help. They are a real challenge to keep alive in the winter.

Steps to determine if your tree is dead: 

  • Check the trunk itself first. If the trunk does not feel firm and hard, it is probably frozen and will not live.  

  • Check the main root and see if it is firm.  The root will be soft and squishy if the root has rotted.  

  • If the trunk is not firm in the soil, then root rot probably got it.

In the winter unless you have a sunny, warm room with good natural light, your soil will not dry out sufficiently to avoid root rot.  My trees were outside in 20 gallon containers when we received a surprise drenching rain.  I brought them inside but too late. It was cloudy for days and the soil never did dried out.  They succumbed to root rot.   The Neem seedlings in the same conditions did not die although they did not thrive. They have proved tougher than the Moringa seedlings.

Your trees to survive in the house must have a warm room with  good natural  sunlight.  Otherwise, the only answer is strong grow lights over them.   

If you have a greenhouse, it would have to be heated for them to survive.  This is for the majority of states that do get freezing temperatures in winter.  Here in Tennessee we have less snow than most but the temperature has been hovering every night and morning at below 30 degrees.  Even the back room of our house is too cold without heat for the plants.  

The quality and type of potting mix is extremely important. 

Avoid potting soil with moisture retention ingredients. In the winter it will kill your plants that need to dry out between watering.  When we moved here last January, there were so soil choices just miracle grow here in this area.  I could not believe how few options I had to pick from.  That soil which normally I would never buy was the only thing available.  That choice was the downfall of my Moringa and several other plants.   

I hope this helps you prevent root rot with your plants.  It seems here, that we will be mixing our own potting soil for this year.  That is all for today.


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Sunday, January 3, 2016

A Review Of 2015 ...Projects and Goals....Thank You for your Support Folks!

Happy New Year 2016

Our Blessings here in Tennessee have exceeded our expectations! The warmth of this area has warmed our lives and our hearts.

This blog is to first and most importantly thank you for supporting this blog and for buying products in my store. Our family greatly appreciates your support and help.  It is our wish to each family that this new year is filled with health, peace, and success. I know last year was pretty tough for many of you with health and financial issues. I only want you to look back long enough to see how things might be be done differently this year to improve your goals and results. 

Don't get lost in the past for that impairs your ability to enjoy today and your future.  Really search your heart to determine what you really want the outcome for this year to be and what needs to be done to achieve that outcome.  You need to make a plan and start it now with determination to keep going no matter how rough it gets. Even if your life seems to be taking one step backward all too often, keep on going ahead.  

Review of 2015 .....Where we are Now!

This time last year we were in the middle of a difficult cross country move, during a nasty winter.  We had a 26' U-Hall cab filled with a dog, my sister, and my husband and I. The cats were in the car we towed behind. We packed up the U-Hall right after Christmas. New Years Eve were spent bedded down for the night  in a Arizona motel. The trip was cold and cramped with all of us. Getting out to eat or do anything was a major task. If you can get along with your sis under those cramped circumstances, that says something.  The relationship with my sister grew much stronger through all of that.  She flew back home to Las Vegas after visiting in Denver.

We arrived here in Indian Mound, TN, the middle of Jan taking some time out in Colorado to see our daughter and her family.  Arriving in Denver with snow falling and iced roads was very unnerving. It turned out we were ahead of most of the worst part of the storm. We stayed until the roads and the storm cleared the way for the last part of the move.  One of the worst parts about travel in a 26 foot U-Hall was collecting the three cats from under the motel bed every morning. They did not want to go back into the car. The car was outfitted with heated cat carriers where they could snuggle for warmth and security. Maneuvering a 26 foot U-Hall towing a car proved to be a real adventure in crowded gas stations and narrow roads in places. There was nasty weather through Kansas and I fail to see why Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, wanted to go home. Kansas was the coldest I had ever experienced with several degrees below zero. It was so cold, we stopped every hour to warm the car being towed, for the cats. This slowed down things considerably.  Finally the worst was past.

 As we drove nearer to our new home, we entered Kentucky.  It was so beautifully green in Kentucky with rolling green pastures. After leaving California with all its water problems and water police, the idea of our own well and ability to water without guilt was a beautiful dream.  The landscape was beautiful even in the winter.

Finally Indian Mound, TN and home. 

We were so happy to see my middle sister and her husband who lives here in the area, waiting at our new house with chili on the stove.  They had coffee waiting and some dishes to use. There was milk and a few essentials in the refrigerator. Our new home is their original house that he built many years ago. The stove was on and the house was warm.  You can't beat a warmer arrival. We are renting it for now until we can buy it later.

The blessings here in TN have been heart warming from the people to the rural living with so much freedom. 

Projects Accomplished for 2015

The protected chicken coop area now has a new chicken wire roof with a tarp to give them some shade and rain protection.
There were a lot of projects that were needed right off including a fenced in yard for the dog and making room for chickens and a garden that was coming up in several months.  We were moving in three months before gardening would begin.

Over the next several months,  the projects were finished slowly despite my husband being out of commission for 6 weeks with a retina torn in three places and a nasty staph infection in his arm from a farm wound. In February,  I sustained a nasty concussion falling on the iced up hill we live on,  which kept me pretty quiet for several months. This year I am well prepared in advance for any snow and black ice on our hilly property. 

It seemed at the time that roadblocks were getting in the way of every step forward but we didn't stop all together, we just had to slow down for healing. 

The concussion did have a huge impact on my writing and ability to go forward with some of my writing goals but in the end, the important thing is that I did get well finally. It is pretty scary when your memory will not serve up information and responses, you know it should.  You begin to fear if it is permanent when it goes on for several months.  That is when your faith in God and his healing, must intercede.  You have to let go and let God heal on his time, which is not yours.  I also used herbal supplements such as turmeric, bromelain, and a brain enhancing formula.  I used one in particular that was developed for head trauma injuries.  It definitely made a huge difference.  

Despite all these road blocks, we did move forward.  Our chickens are producing 2 and 1/2 dozen eggs per day. We sell some and we give some away to the senior center.  There are so many families here that are hurting and need any help given.  Our chickens are producing in the middle of winter because we took the time and money to build them a safe and warm chicken coop and yard. The rabbits have their own colony pen where the manure goes to build up the garden area for the Spring crops.  They are safe and protected as well. We used the old barns on the property to do that. 

Two of the babies today...turned out so beautiful.

The Moringa trees did well until winter came. They grew well on the front porch all spring and summer. When I moved them inside, they began to have problems. There was not enough light or warmth. The other problem was the back room of our house did not allow the soil to dry out well enough, so we lost them.  Spring I will start them up again using  lessons learned from our first year here.   The main problem was the potting soil available here. There was nothing for sale here in January, other than Miracle Grow which I hate. It has water retention enhancers and chemicals which are bad for Moringa trees.  This Spring we are going to have to make up our own mix with the lack of quality organic potting soil sold here in this area.  Nurseries are not the quality of San Diego. It seems most people just plant in the Native soil and don't buy organic soil.  It doesn't sell, so is not stocked.

Two year old seedlings kept in the living room
The Neem tree seedlings we brought from California, were much tougher.  They froze on the way to TN and lost all their leaves on arrival. They looked like sticks.  I did not give up on them but just kept them in the living room where it was warm.  Several months later, leaves began to sprout.  The Neem trees seedlings will become permanent 4 foot house trees that go out to the porch when it warms up and back into the house when the cold comes.  I am hoping that I will have Moringa trees as well the next year. 

Neem Seedlings now a year old.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Here are pictures of the Neem seedlings today in the above picture.  They were only 5 inches tall when we left California. We took 12 and 6 survived the trip. We found out the bathroom was the best place to keep them.   They would have even grown larger, if they had not frozen on the way here. Neem trees do grow slowly the first 18 months.  I called the Florida people who sell them and she was shocked they even survived the trip under those conditions.  I bought Neem sprouts this year and have some new young ones coming up.

Of the plants we brought in the truck, the elderberries lived and are in the ground here. The blackberries survived. All the Comfrey roots survived and are in ground.  The goji berry bushes did not do well here so far,  but the Aronia berries thrived in ground. All in all, it was successful to dig  the plants up and bring them. It was pouring rain when we left San Diego, so it was a mess digging them up. 

Again, Thank you for all your support.  Next blog will be all about the new goals for 2016.


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