Sunday, September 18, 2016

Moringa Seeds Sprouting: which end is planted toward the sun?

Sprouting Moringa Seeds
I often get emails on the seeds and how to tell the root from the tree sprout itself. See the second and third one from the left with it tiny green end.

If you look at the 4th example from the left, you will see the tree sprout on the right and the root on the left. They emerge out of the seed from the same point. Often either the root or the tree shoot will sprout first.

Wait until both emerge, before planting in this method. The tree sprout will be white with the end light green. 

Do not break off the root or you will kill the seedling.

You plant them very carefully by gently laying them in a hole with the root down into the soil, the tree sprout up straight then fill in around it.
Depending on how the root is growing, is how to determine how you place it in the hole. Some roots grown downward or some grow to the side. Just make a depression in the soil to accommodate the root structure.

Use organic soil with plenty of organic material that drains well. Water in when you plant the sprout. Don't get them too wet or the seedlings will mold. Moist but not soggy. Don't water until they feel dry.  Don't put them in direct hot sun but indirect light until they are stronger and bigger.

The above pictures are new seedlings with their first leaves. Given sunlight and warmth, they grow like weeds. The first picture is seedlings growing in starter packs. The second picture show seedlings grown in a 20 gallon container. You can grow several in a 20 gal black container. 

Have a great week ahead!  Kate Freer, the Herbladyisin

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