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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Moringa and Healing Herbs Will Not Be Selling Moringa Products and Why?

I know this is shocking, but I will be ending Moringa product sales this week.   

Why would I stop selling Moringa products?


It isn't because I don't believe in the products I stand behind. In my opionion, Moringa Source Moringa products are the highest quality Moringa products sold. Then Why?


The problem is because I sell Moringa products, you don't take seriously the blogs I write on the unsafe quality of the 'other' products you are buying now from many other companies. There are a handful of good choices and the rest have to be seriously questioned. You buy on price for the most part.


I have been trying to impart the seriousness about much of the Moringa for sale.  There are companies stating their product is organic when it is not. There are India companies whose certificate may be valid but is almost meaningless in your expectations of quality.  Many of you are buying unsafe product and giving it to your children and your family.  Those of you who have done investigation, often really don't know how to properly investigate these companies and their products. It is exceptionally time consuming.  


I have done some serious thinking on the direction I want to take my business in for the next few years. My passion is writing and medical research.   I am devoting the next few months to a project about Moringa that needs a unbiased viewpoint.  To have that unbiased view, I must not sell Moringa so that there is no conflict of interest in my writing.  


Since I have advertised Moringa products for a number of years, it would be impossible to take off all the links connected to my blogs and articles so I am deleting the Moringa sections from the store. You will still be able to buy vitamins and herbs that I stand behind.  


In two months or so I will be be announcing another project with Moringa as the main focus.  I will be still writing blogs here but with no sales attached. 


So thank you all for buying Moringa from me for the past several years.  I really have appreciated the support.  I hope you keep following the blog and sharing it with your friends as we go along in the new direction.  


If you have questions, email me at

Thanks Again, All for Today

Kate Freer, The herbladyisin

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