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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Is Moringa Safe During Pregnancy and Lactation? Is it safe for babies?

Is Moringa safe during pregnancy, lactation, and for babies?

This is an important topic since Moringa has become so popular worldwide. My son and his wife told me recently that Moringa was being touted in the class they were taking for health and better lactation.  On the surface, that sounds great.  Pure Moringa is used in many countries to boost the nutrition for pregnant moms and to increase milk production.  

But there are some real Important questions you need to get answers for or do not take it.

Was the Moringa tested at all?  Where was it tested?  What was it tested for?

Email or call the company to directly ask these questions. If they avoid the answer or are very vague with their answers...don't buy from that company.

If it is stated to be organic certified, it still needs to be tested. Organic certified means that their farm, methods, and paperwork is inspected perhaps twice a year. It does not mean that the product does not contain contamination. 

Organic Moringa powder can contain dirt, weeds, filth, insect parts, and mouse parts. Its quality can be reduced significantly during cleaning, drying, and packaging. Those steps can also add contamination to the original pure product.

I can show you proof of that from organic certified Moringa that I imported several years ago from India. It was flagged by the FDA during shipment from India to San Diego, where we were living then.  It was badly contaminated.  That product was tested in India and I assumed it was safe to consume. It was not. I was very naive and inexperienced. I also lost the shipment. It was required to be sent back to the seller at your expense or be burned.

Much of the Moringa imported from India or Malaysia is full of lead and heavy metals.  

During pregnancy and lactation, you don't want to be ingesting any thing that you are not sure of. Those heavy metals and lead can equate into birth defects.  You don't want to give untested Moringa to  your babies or children.

The Moringa to be safe should be tested in a US lab, not the lab in the country of origin. Their standards and ours are not the same. India labs have been cited over and over for falsifying lab records and selling product that should have been destroyed.  If you don't as a company have it tested yourself, you could be selling products that could make people ill.  

Don't buy Moringa that has not been tested by a US lab once it is purchased from the country of origin.  You can request from any company proof of their organic certificate and testing for heavy metals.  It is your right to do that.  

Testing is expensive and that is why many small companies don't. They are not clearing enough profit to pay for independent lab testing here in the US. It is understandable but still not safe to sell the product.

So is Moringa Safe to take when pregnant or lactating?  

Not unless you know the product is safe and has been tested.  Fish is another one where often it is tainted with mercury and heavy metals. That is why  doctors suggest only eating fish twice a week and not all fish is allowed.

Is it safe for babies and children? 

Not unless it has been tested by a US lab for both heavy metals and contamination such as E-coli, bacteria, insect parts, mouse parts, and filth.

This is all for today. God Bless you.  Kate, the Herbladyisin

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