Friday, September 23, 2016

Can Cat's Claw Take Away Arthritis Pain? RA Pain? Cancer? Better Immunity? Answers Today!

I have been using Cat's Claw for years after a car accident where I broke ribs, took the dashboard out with my knees, and compromised my kidney. Even though that was years ago, I still have some after affects from that nearly deadly accident. It was in the years where seat belts were not required yet. I fell asleep at the wheel and landed straddled over a concrete water canal in El Centro. I sat there for a long time in pain with broken ribs before emergency came and got me safely out of my truck and onto solid ground. Most cars end up face down in those canals with dead drivers. Every year a number of people drown in those canals.  I was divorced then with no insurance so after a trip to emergency, they sent me home. They did not realize I had a concussion either. Short term memory loss was an everyday frustration for over a year. One of the positive things was my great chiropractor then, who I used every week.  It was his healing help over many weeks and some effective anti-inflammatory herbs that over time got me back on my feet. One of these herbs was Cat's Claw along with INF from New Sun that is an anti-inflammatory combination of Chinese herbs. I still take it because it supports my kidneys that have not been the same since that car accident. I really believe in Cat's Claw and the other herbs I take.  When I was on vacation twice, I did not take them as I normally do. Within a few days, pain came back in my knees and hands.  

Today I published an article on Cat's Claw in my article directory.  I am a Master Herbalist, but a medical researcher as well. I love research and discovery of new information.  Often, a short blog cannot cover a topic deeply enough to satisfy my sense of education. My passion is real education not entertaining blogs about fashion or beauty. I love natural medicine and teaching people about the problems with drugs and standard medicine. I feel it is my mission to set people on a path for real healing, not drugs that are given for one health problem and create 10 more deadly ones. Many of you are being led into a life that consists of better living? through drugs, chemicals, and additives. In the future I am going to be publishing more in-depth articles on different topics. I will give a brief glimpse into the article in hopes you will read the full article in the directory. Your time will not be wasted.

Cat's Claw is an amazing herb with benefits for painful arthritis, even RA.  It is a great immune booster and has shown a list of benefits you won't believe.  It is one of my standards for healing myself and others.  So the article is here. Please read the article here and learn how it might just help with your health problem. 

All for today. Kate Freer, the Herbladyisin and Medical researcher

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