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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Autism and Vitamin C Deficiency

Its a beautiful day here in TN.  Before I get into the main blog, I have some thoughts on living in TN and acclimating to the South. We will have lived here two years in Jan.
Part of our property where the chickens run free in the afternoon.

Fall is here and it is cooling down. Soon the leaves will begin falling. When we moved here, we were overwhelmed with the amount of leaves to rake with over three acres consisting of rocks, trees, and hilly terrain.  I was overwhelmed with the power mowing. Most people here in TN have riding lawn mowers with multiple acreage. It is now almost two years later, we now tackle it as any huge job, one area at a time.  We work together to rake and mow the areas. We don't think, we work. The leaves go to the chicken coop yard, which they love. They get excited when we add new leaves. They scratch and look for bugs. The leaf work goes to a great cause, which makes it more enjoyable.

As an overly independent woman, I learned the real value of working together here in TN. It would be so difficult if only one of us had to do ALL of it.  The more we are together, the more I learn the value of a partnership working together.  I was always one to enjoy working on my own, doing the job, and getting it done. I chose work where I knew my job and did it, not needing supervision. I am internally driven and motivated.  There is value to that as well.   It seems in life though, that there are jobs that are just so much easier when tackled by a team or partnership.  I have learned that asking for help with a project, is not a weakness but a sign of seeing the value of added expertise or brawn. My husband can command the power mower on the side of the bank much better than I can. He does much better with chain saws. I am just not as strong as he is. It takes so much stress off, to give him those jobs.

So in my middle age, I have learned to be a team player and that is good. I think that personalities who play by themselves all too well, need to become more moderate, learning to know when to combine forces to make life easier. 

I can honestly say, my husband has taught me so much about love and the value of working together over the years. He has also infused in me a sense of humor, which was lacking from a too serious German personality. I was 20 before I learned how to smile.  I have two older sisters and it seems I inherited the more serious German nature from my father.  Germans are hard workers but need more laughter and humor to counterbalance the work side. Laughter lightens the load and creates laugh lines rather than frown lines. I so wish I had learned that earlier in life. 

How will you protect your Moringa this winter?
It is time to consider steps to safeguard your Moringa for the coming cooler temperatures. Are you going to leave it outside or bring it indoors?   One freeze will kill them.  

Keep track of the lows each week, so you can save your winter sensitive plants. I have a whole patio of them including three or four 20 gal containers. This year they are going to the kitchen where we keep the heater on and where there is more light. They did not survive well in the back room, even with a heater.  Both Neem and Moringa lost all their leaves. Not all the Moringa survived.  They did not dry out at all in the back room which led to root rot on several. I left them out on the porch and there was an unexpected rain. It drenched them.  They never dried out properly from that mistake.  I have them right now on the front covered porch.  We get so much rain and many surprise showers, that I cannot leave them out in the open yard. The Neem trees are hardier than the Moringa.   I have one Neem that is 3 feet high. The rest are still small. The first 2 years are slow for Neem seedings, unless you have a greenhouse.

Article published on Autism yesterday.

I published an article yesterday in my article directory on the risk of Vitamin C deficiency with autistic children.  I would suggest that all children these days are prone to vitamin deficiencies, because of the junk they eat such as soda and high sugar foods.  If you know anyone with an autistic child, pass on the article. If you have children, I suggest you read it.   Here is the article here.

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