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Monday, February 22, 2016

Beat Colds and Flu Symptoms Naturally without Antibiotics

My husband and I don't get sick often but we did in January.  We were going through a lot of emotional pain dealing with his dad whose dementia is advancing to the case he really needs help. It does not help he is a retired commander who does not take help from anyone without a fight.  We have been distraught on how to get him help. So stress and emotional trauma is hard on the heart and immune system as well.  There are other factors that cause your immune system to crash including lack of steep, bad diet, depression, sadness, grief, heredity issues, and overworking. Just because every one at your job is sick, does not mean that you need to get sick. It is your immune system that keeps you healthy. You all know friends and family that is always sick or those who hardly get sick. The ones with healthy immune systems, get well faster.  So your immune system is your friend and extremely important to your well being.  That said, we all have a time when we come down with 'it' such as a sinus infection, cold, or flu.  So this is what we do when that happens.

#1:  At the first sign of that ache, abnormal sore throat, or just feeling off, we increase the Vitamin C. I don't believe in tablets because they are hard for the system to break down. We always buy capsules in all our choices for supplements. So we break out the Vitamin C.  In our family, we up the dosage to 1000 mg three to 4 times a day.  This is our regimen first.  

Why not just drink more juice?  Juice contains lots of calories and sugar. Most juice does not contain enough Vitamin C to counter a flu attack.  You do need to drink water and liquids to help the kidneys excrete toxins.  

We increase Vitamin A and D because these two vitamins help immunity. Zinc is another one that boots immunity. Zinc lozenges really help a sore throat. 

Take Moringa to feed your immune system and to boost your nutrition, when it is under attack.  I take three Moringa caps, three times a day, when feeling like I am catching a bug. It really helps your energy level as well, during times like that.  If you use the powder, make a smoothie with grape juice and Moringa powder. Add to a smoothie or put it in yogurt or applesauce.

Lower your sugar intake. Sugar feeds bacteria and bugs.  

Chicken Soup:  There is no veggie alternative to hot chicken soup infused with a huge amount of garlic and black pepper. Even most doctors agree that chicken soup is beneficial.  I really dump the garlic in.  Chicken broth helps to strengthen your system, when you have no appetite.

Rest, skip the meetings, skip the crowded areas, reduce stress, wash your hands frequently, and concentrate on getting back on your feet.  Give up any extra drains to your energy level such as a PTA meeting that could be skipped this one time. 

#2:  We use a great immune formula, taking 2 caps, three to four times a day.  Many of the best immune system herbs are Chinese medicine with names a mile long that are difficult to pronounce. Here are the herbs found in our immune formula: Astaragalus, Reishi, Asian Ginseng root, Schisandra, Agaricus whole mushroom, Epimeidum leaf, Chinese Peony, Orange Peel, Liqustrum, Ophiopagan root, Poria, Rehmannia Concentrate. You will find different combinations of these herbs in your health food store labeled 'immune support' supplements.  The Immune 101 formula we have used for years, is from New Sun herbs based in North Carolina.  I don't sell their products because you can get them for the best price directly at their website. They do not sell their products on Amazon either. Their immune formula is exceptionally priced for families.

The most effective formulations contain several different Chinese herbs. I make sure that I buy this formula from New Sun, who tests the herbs for contamination and potency. Chinese herbs have some serious problems with contamination, heavy metals, and other unwanted ingredients. Do not buy cheap brands from companies that don't test their ingredients before they bottle them.  They should be manufactured from an American company, not the country of origin. The ethical companies get the bulk Chinese herbs in, test them to make sure they are the correct herbs and  for contamination such as heavy metals, dirt, insects, filth, and mouse parts.

The idea is too saturate the system with herbs that support immune function.  If you are coming down with a cold, boosting the immune system is very important.  Taking the supplement once a day is not sufficient.  If you look at antibiotics and their dosage, most of them are taken from two to three times a day, every son many hours. That is too keep the antibiotics in the system to kill off the bug.  

Herbs need to be taken several times a day for the same reason.  

NEVER take antibiotics and herbs at the same time. Make sure you take them fro 3 to 4 hours apart.  Herbs can potentiate or lower the effects of your antibiotics. Taking them together can cause more side effects as well.  It is best to do one or the other, not both.  

Always take cold herbs until you are completely well, no symptoms, your energy is back, then add several days beyond that to boost your immune function further.  

What herbs are considered supportive for immune response and have been shown to kill bacteria, viruses, and bugs?  

Garlic, Goldenseal, and Oregano are my favorites.  We use liquid kyolic garlic to gargle with and to fight the bug. Then Goldenseal or Oregano capsules are taken several times a day as well.  You need to hit it hard in the beginning. The longer the bug settles into your system, the harder it is to stop it. 

What is a Goldenseal / Echinacea chaser?

I use Goldenseal/Echinacea chasers more often than naught. I buy Goldenseal extract with Echinacea. I then add it to grape juice and take chasers several times a day. Just a quirt or a few drops is enough in 4 ounces of juice. I find chasers work more quickly than anything else. If your throat is sore, slosh the liquid around in your mouth for several minutes before you swallow it.  It does not taste good folks but not so bad in grape juice. It does not taste great in orange juice or apple juice. Grape juice is used to hide the flavor of unpleasant drugs or herbs.  With children use less and taste your chaser first. If too strong for your child or picky adult, dilute with more juice. The idea is to get the needed herbs taken one way or another. 

Using Kyolic Garlic with colds, sore throats, and mouth infections.

I also use Kyolic garlic as a gargle as well. I slosh it around in my mouth, then swallow it. This works for mouth, teeth, or gum infections effectively.  

Tea tree oil, several drops into some warm water makes a great healing gargle for sore throats or mouth infections as well. I do not swallow the tree oil gargle.  It is IMPORTANT to get food grade quality oils that have proper processing and grading. Some of the oils are inferior containing chemicals and contamination. That is why I only use Nature's Sunshine Oils found in my Nature's Sunshine Shop found here.    

Garlic oil or Kyolic garlic can be rubbed into the soles of the feet when treating babies or children, to get the herbs into their system. This would also work on the elderly who may have lost their swallowing capacity. If you use Oregano oil, it must be diluted with a carrier oil, to avoid skin irritation.  Oregano oil is so strong that adding it to grape juice is still too much for most people. It is best to take Oregano capsules by mouth, not the essential oil in juice.

When using essential oils, use only two to three drops in the carrier oil. Essential oils are very strong, especially Oregano, which can cause skin irritation.

Liquid Kyolic garlic is also great to give pets who are sick. The liquid Kyolic garlic can be added to grape juice for children.  It does not make your breath smell which is valuable if you have to work while sick.  

In the next blog I will talk about essential oils use in sinus infections and head colds.   

All for today...keep well! 

You will find the herbs I talk about in my Amazon Store so check it out here.... the herb companies found in the store are either companies I use and have researched or have at least investigated their quality. I do not promote brands that I know nothing about or have not researched myself. That is why I promote only one Moringa brand as well.

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