Sunday, August 16, 2015

Whats in Your Bacon and Pork? Drug Residue.....

Headline article states that China is refusing pork from the US, because of the drug they feed them which helps them get more money for the pigs.  The drug ractopamine is given to 80 to 90% of pigs raised in the US, unless they are organically raised.  

Here is an excerpt below,"

The drug, ractopamine hydrochloride, is fed to pigs and other animals right up until slaughter and minute traces have been found in meat. The European Union, China, Taiwan and many others have banned its use, citing concerns about its effect on human health, limiting U.S. meat exports to key markets.
Although few Americans outside of the livestock industry have ever heard of ractopamine, the feed additive is controversial. Fed to an estimated 60 to 80 percent of pigs in the United States, it has resulted in more reports of sickened or dead pigs than any other livestock drug on the market, an investigation of Food and Drug Administration records shows.
"While the Department of Agriculture has found traces of ractopamine in American beef and pork, they have not exceeded levels the FDA has determined are safe."  
There should be NO drugs in our meat.  None of it is safe to be ingesting.
Despite the horrible drug effects on the pigs and the residue which ends up in the meat, the FDA approved the drug and some drug residue is permitted....great for our health isn't it?
Canada and 24 other countries only care about their profit margin and not your health. If you eat any kind of meat from chicken to beef, there is drug residue that is permitted in the meat. That is why we have such a MRSA problem in the United States. There is antibiotic overuse in all big farm raised animals. That is because they house the animals in tiny cages where infection is a constant problem with animals given little care.  If you ever visited a stockyard or a chicken ranch, you won't eat meat for awhile.  I am not a vegetarian but we try to eat as organically as we can.  Meat is a small part of our meals.  
You Think your meat is tested before you eat it.  Think Again..........
Most of the pork is not tested. There is not enough time nor agents to do that.  Here is a quote," Last year, for example, no tests were conducted on 22 billion pounds of pork produced in the United States; 712 samples were taken from 26 billion pounds of beef but the results have not yet been released."
This is true for imports and food grown in our own country.  The truth is most of our food supply is untested!  
So perhaps pork should come off your list for foods you eat on a regular basis.  Organic should be your first choice if you do eat pork. Many of you are very worried about your Moringa quality. That is valid but you are missing the large white elephant in the room. Our own food supply is in serious question.  Moringa is only a tiny piece of our food intake.  The foods you eat in larger amounts from veggies to meat should be your top concern. All our food now is in question no matter where it comes from.  
All for today. kate Freer, the Herbladyisin