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Does Research Prove Moringa Benefits for Diabetics ?

There are research studies published on Moringa's Medicinal properties. There have many published in different countries. They are hard to find if you are not skilled in researching. I am presenting several research papers with the original links for you to read yourselves. You have to read carefully and slowly through the data is dense.

 Legally I can present you with research showing how Moringa is being shown to benefit certain health problems. 

This research presented is on Moringa and benefits for diabetes

The problem with most research studies is that Moringa leaves or pods or seeds are not given to patients in the way we would use Moringa. Those of us using Moringa are not going to get it by injection or tablets that include other factors, not pure Moringa. We are not rats. One of the studies presented is with real patients at a clinic with diabetes.  

So how much Moringa powder or fresh leaves must you eat to get the same effect? There is no clue on that because of the way the Moringa was delivered to the people and the rat subjects in these research papers.  

It is apparent by published research papers below that Moringa is beneficial for diabetic patients but how to achieve the same effects by eating the pure powder or fresh leaves is a question.  

The only way you know is by eating it, then monitoring your blood sugar on a daily basis.  Be advised that if you are taking medicine for diabetes, that you may need less of your medicine, so make sure you are monitored by a doctor while adding Moringa to your diet.  Also if you are taking medicine for high blood pressure, it could affect the amount of dosage you need. 

The blue title links will take you to the original research.  Moringa has been used for hundreds of years.  Despite the lack of research on normal human subjects in the research papers, Moringa is proven in real use by real people, who are not under lab conditions.

Moringa has been used by many thousands over the years. That is the true test, I feel about Moringa. Moringa is used in Ayurvedic medicine today. Native people use it and swear by its nutritional and health benefits. 

So for those of you who want to see some proof, here you are.  This is only a very small portion of the research.

"Moringa oleifera (MO) is an edible plant that is native to Asia and Africa but is cultivated around the world. The leaves and the seed pods are nutritious and widely consumed as food; the bark and the root are thought to have medicinal properties and are used in folk remedies. Products derived from the herb are used to treat a variety of conditions, including asthma, diabetes, ulcers, infections and cancer. Extracts from the plant are used in primitive water filtration systems to remove harmful pollutants and algae (1).

In vitro and animal studies indicate that the leaf, seed, and root extracts of MO have anticancer (3) (4), hepatoprotective (10), hypoglycemic (12), anti-inflammatory (13) (14), antibacterial (18) (19), antifungal (20), antiviral (21), and antisickling (37) effects. It may also protect against Alzheimer’s disease (29) and stomach ulcers (24), help lower cholesterol levels (25), and promote wound healing (30). In addition, MO extract has demonstrated antifertility effects (28). Only a few studies of inadequate design and/or small number have been conducted in humans (36). In one of these studies, MO did exhibit a positive but small effect on lipid profiles (38) .
MO inhibits CYP450 enzymes and may interact with prescription drugs."
Notice it is the Moringa extracts, very potent form of Moringa leaves, that showed antifertility effects. These tests for the most part were done on rats and the extract was injected not eaten normally. The dose was higher than we would get by just eating the Moringa normally. 

Evaluation of antidiabetic and antioxidant activity of Moringa oleifera in experimental diabetes.  ( the research study in full)  2011 Pub Med

Methanol extracts of the pods were used with rats who were induced with diabetes.  This is sad but the way research is done often.   This is not normal usage for Moringa pods or leaves. 

The rats were given 150 or 300 mg of this menthanol extract of the pods for 21 days.  It does not state whether it was injected or they ate it. Extracts would normally have to be injected which is not the normal way the pods are eaten.

Their conclusion,"In conclusion, M. oleifera exerts protective effects against STZ-induced diabetes. The MOMtE exhibited significant antidiabetic and antioxidant activity and active constituents may be isolated from the extract for evaluation in future clinical studies."

March 2014 issue of Acta Histochemica by Egyptian researchers 

Aqueous extracts of Moringa oleifera leaves were fed to albino rats that suffering from streptozotocin-induced diabetes

Results: "At the end of the trial, the rats that were fed Moringa extracts fared far better than the control group. Specifically, the extracts reduced their fasting plasma glucose levels from 380 percent to 145 percent (i.e. their blood sugar levels were reduced by more than 2.5 times). The extract also reduced the rats' levels of harmful malondialdehyde from 385 percent to 186 percent and increased their levels of the important antioxidant, glutathione, from 22 percent to 73 percent -- a significant improvement in all three areas.

"Experimental findings clearly indicate the potential benefits of using the aqueous extract of M. oleifera leaves as a potent antidiabetic treatment," the researchers concluded.

This is still not using Moringa leaves the way we use them.  The solutions in both studies are VERY potent because of the extracts given.

Moringa leaves were formed into tablets but were not pure Moringa.  They were then given to patients at a clinic with diabetes. The study shows exactly how the tablets were created, what was used other than Moringa leaves, and how the tablets were produced.   

There was a control group used so the study is great there.  

They were given the tablets for 90 days which is also a decent time period for the research.  

The study group were real people with diabetes not lab rats who were induced to be diabetic. The people went home and lived normal lives, not subjected to a lab environment which is not normal.    

Results:  "This reduction was highly significant, which emphasis that supplementation with drumstick leaf tablet had positive effect in reducing glycated hemoglobin. "

" Both male and female volunteers, blood glucose level had reduced after the administration of drumstick leaf tablet. It concluded that drum stick leaf tablet have a significant impact on anti diabetic property of the selected patients."

The Antidiabetic Effect of Low Doses of Moringa oleiferaLam. Seeds on Streptozotocin Induced Diabetes and Diabetic Nephropathy in Male Rats

Subjects were rats induced with diabetes.

Goal of Study: "This study aimed at testing the ameliorative effect of two low doses of Moringa seeds powder (50 and 100 mg/kg body weight) on type I diabetes and treating diabetic nephropathy of streptozotocin induced diabetic male rats."

There is detailed information on all aspects of the research such is how the rats were induced with diabetes and all the labs they ran....very dense but worth reading through. 
"his result is consistent with previous investigations [2224]. The concurrent treatment with Moringa ameliorated these parameters and nearly restored them to their normal levels. This curative effect is due to the active constituents present in Moringaseeds [2223]. The antioxidant activity of Moringa seed powder is due to its content of phenolics and flavonoids that have scavenging effect on the free radicals [2223]. Furthermore, Ghiridhari et al. [23] reported that medication with M. oleifera gives diabetic patients better glucose tolerance by increasing treatment time.M. oleifera contains three classes of phytochemicals, that is, glucosinolates such as glucomoringin, flavonoids such as quercetin and kaempferol, and phenolic acids such as chlorogenic acid; all of these classes have medicinal benefits [67]. These three phytochemicals of Moringa possess antioxidant, hypoglycemic, hypotensive, antidyslipidemic, anticancer, and anti-inflammatory properties [2527].
Treating the diabetic rats with 50 or 100 mg Moringa seeds powder/kg body weight in G3 and G4, respectively, ameliorated the levels of all these parameters approaching the negative control values and restored the normal histology of both kidney and pancreas compared with that of the diabetic positive control group in G2. This result agrees with the findings of Ndong et al. [33] and Parikh et al. [34].
The antidiabetic activity of the higher dose of Moringa seeds powder (100 mg/kg b.w.) was more efficient than that of the lower dose (50 mg/kg b.w.). This result is consistent with that of Kumbhare et al. [10] who noticed that the radical scavenging effect was found to be increased with increasing concentrations.
Treating diabetic rats with 50 mg/kg b.w. of Moringa seeds powder in G3 and 100 mg/kg b.w. in G4 restored the normal renal function and histology of kidney and pancreas with no pathological changes. This result is consistent with other findings using Moringa aqueous extract [6]. Moringa succeeded in controlling diabetic nephropathy such as other plants, for example, ginger [32], and using different materials such as ferulsinaic acid [27].
In conclusion, treated STZ induced diabetes male rats with the low doses of Moringa revealed a safe and an excellent antidiabetic activity due to its content of antioxidant compounds such as glucomoringin, phenols, and flavonoids and almost restored the diabetic rats to the normal healthy state. In addition, lower doses of Moringa under study may have greater medical benefits when used as food supplement for diabetic people’s diet."
This research paper is well worth your time.  I encourage you to read it in full Here 

BioMed Research International
Volume 2015 (2015), Article ID 381040, 13 pages
This is enough for you to digest today.  I will do more of these blogs. I don't want to overwhelm you with information.

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