Wednesday, July 8, 2015

3 Misdiagnoses by Three Doctors- Finally The Answer to the Mystery Rash

The story today is why I rarely go to doctors except for my yearly exam. We will get $400 dollars of medical bills in a month.  The problem could have been solved with the first visit, but was misdiagnosed. We should not have to pay doctors who misdiagnose illness.

I have waited to update you on the mystery rash until the lab culture came back.  Now during this time, the rash on both arms had spread to 2 inches below the shoulder blade. The rash was spreading up the nerve path on both arms at the same rate. The skin burned, itched, was sensitive to anything touching it...then welts appeared.

Most of the other welted areas had stopped spreading.  The horrible itching and pain had also gotten to a tolerable level but only two days ago.  I still have some nasty welts from the elbow to the shoulder blade on both arms. It is not over until all  areas heal.

The lab results showed a bacterial infection, not allergic dermatitis. The culture did not specify what exact bacteria but that was the infection culprit.

Three doctors including a dermatologist misdiagnosed it as allergic dermatitis.  None of them listened to the fact that first there were wounds in the area from chicken wire, then the rash started after weeding for two days. The rash began in the area of the wounds.  I told all three doctors that and they said it was nothing but allergic dermatitis.

The dermatologist only cultured the welts because I was adamant about it.  The other clinic only gave me antibiotics because I was persistent.  It is rare that I take standard medicine but the rash, the horrible itching and burning was the worst I had ever endured.  The rash was spreading so rapidly that I decided that I needed to take them. I have never experienced a rash that tea tree oil and goldenseal could not stop in its tracks. Tea tree oil normally will quickly stop the itching and pain of most everything including stings, bites, and infections. Goldenseal will normally stop staph infections. We use it on my husband often. He gets torn places in his skin often. The only ointment that worked after trying almost everything in the house was Preparation-H oddly enough. It was the last thing to try. Aloe, goldenseal, tea tree oil, A and D, hydrocortisone, and a few others did not phase the itching and pain.

I kept up the Goldenseal, massive amounts of Vitamin C, and the Esseac as well, taking them at separate times from the antibiotics.  Since the rash was popping up on different parts of the body, I felt it was in the bloodstream as well. I did not feel well either.   The Esseac is a blood cleanser and helps the liver to get rid of toxins.    I also washed my whole body with Tea Tree skin wash.

If I had not treated it as an infection, the rash would have been much, much worse.  If I had waited until the culture results, it would have spread much more aggressively. I had rash areas on the stomach, the leg, and both arms as it was.

The whole reason I am relating this to you is that doctors often are wrong on their diagnosis. They often do not listen to the patient.  You must fight them at times to get the proper tests done. You must press them hard at times.  I had to get rude to the dermatologist to get her to do the culture. I can do it she said but nothing is going to show up.  I told her that she was wrong and I wanted the culture done.  She was not happy that I challenged her.   She was flat out wrong and I knew it.

People die every day because doctors do not listen to their patients.  Patients suffer for months because of misdiagnosis.   The main reason I wanted a culture, is to know what I was up against. It could have been staph, strep, or some other bacteria. It took three doctor visits  to get a culture done.  It helps to know what is attacking your system.

What  I learned from the past two weeks, is that I will not garden again without protection over my hands and forearms.  I cut the end off some old socks which works to cover the forearm area. This will protect them against bug bites and dirt.  All these years, I have never suffered a rash from weeding.  It only takes one experience like this,  two weeks of misery to realize I probably was lucky before. Perhaps my immune system was down. My forearms may be scared, it remains to be seen. They both sun appear burned with scattered welts in various stages of healing.

Again I shared this with you to demonstrate why you must be proactive dealing with the medical system. You must stand up to them at times.  Challenge them if you are certain they are wrong or will not perform a test. Your life may depend on it at some point.

This is all for now....Kate Freer, the Herbladyisin

Monday, July 6, 2015

Is Your UNTESTED Moringa Powder Safe? Insects, E-Coli, mouse parts, dirt and more

I get calls every day about products customers have purchased from a competing company. Often, they are suspicious because the product is brown, smells funny, or tastes funny. They may have experienced feeling sick or felt worse after consuming the product. You need to read this blog and really think about how you are spending your money relating to Moringa and other herbs.

Moringa has a distinctive smell and should be green.

The internet is full of cheap, untested, adulterated, and compromised products including Moringa.

There are a lot of Moringa products out there that are adulterated.  Herbs and spices share the same problem with adulteration.  Many spices come from India and Asia. There is only a small portion of imported Moringa that gets inspection. If the import paperwork looks correct it is passed through. If the product, its packaging and label is legally correct, it is passed through.

Is cheap Moringa powder worth your health?

The majority of  Moringa and herbs come from foreign countries whose methods of growing, picking and packaging are crude. The workers who pick and process these foods, in many cases, are not given health checks.

An example is India. Just this past week, the Indian government is PAYING people to use public toilets.  It is the norm that they pee and defecate in the public streets.  They feel the public toilets are not safe.  There is no bathroom in the house for a majority of citizens. The go out into the fields around their homes. There have been numerous stories on rapes. The girls go out into the field to pee and are raped in the process. Rape is common in India. Women have few rights.

So your Moringa leaves in India and Malaysia are picked by workers who are poor, sick, and work in crude conditions. It is packaged for the most part with crude machinery.   The health regulations found in the US are not a requirement in India and those countries. Please view the actual article on the link below:

Here are three quotes from this article,"Hundreds of thousands of them die from preventable conditions each year, especially in the north, which has most of the open defecation (see map). Faeces in groundwater spread diseases such as encephalitis, an annual post-monsoon scourge in eastern Uttar Pradesh. Diarrhoea leaves Indians’ bodies smaller on average than those of people in poorer countries where people eat fewer calories, notably in Africa. Underweight mothers produce stunted babies prone to sickness who may fail to develop to their full cognitive potential. Dean Spears, a Delhi-based economist, says the costs of all this, in incomes and taxes forfeited, are far greater than the price of fixing it."

"Hindu text some 2,000 years old, encourages defecation in the open, far from home, to avoid ritual impurity. Caste division is another factor, as by tradition it was only the lowliest in society, “untouchables” (now Dalits), who cleared human waste. Many people, notably in the Hindu-dominated Gangetic plains, today still show a preference for going in the open—even if they have latrines at home."

"In an unpublished parallel survey of Hindu-dominated villages in north India and Nepal, respondents lauded open defecation as wholesome, healthy and social. By contrast, latrines were seen as potentially impure, especially if near the home. Men often described them as for use only by women, the infirm and the elderly. In short, demand for latrines is constrained."

The environment in which the Moringa grows in India especially is one of the most polluted in the world.  The air is polluted with industrial pollution. India has few rules on environmental issues.
400 million people  depend on the Ganges River for their drinking water, their bathing water, and this polluted river irrigates their crops.  Please go to the link and read the whole article.  It will really open your eyes. There are pictures there that will make you want to throw up. These pictures will shock you.  The Ganges River horror story does not have to be embellished, its a fact!


  • Hundreds Unwanted or 'illegitimate' babies, cattle and other animal carcases are also dumped in the Ganges again with religious significance
  • The levels of Coliform bacteria is over 2800 times the level considered safe by the W.H.O (world health organisation).
  • - See more at:"

    "One of the more alarming issues facing everybody remotely related to the river are the dead bodies of both humans and cattle which serenely float by almost completely unnoticed, or perhaps consciously ignored by busy bathers hoping to purify their souls. - See more at:"

    Here is a U-tube video above that shows the river and its pollution. Be aware the pictures are graphic. There are many more videos.

    The Ganges river in India is one of the main rivers that irrigate many thousands of acres. It is also the most polluted river in the world. You will find dead animals floating in the river and human bodies. I have included a clip about the Ganges River so you will know I am telling the truth. Industrial waste is dumped into the river every day.  The river is full of pathogens such as cholera.  This river and its pollution feeds farmer's fields where they are growing foods such as spices, rice, and Moringa.

    These countries can afford to sell cheap Moringa because their workers are so underpaid.  Children are part of that labor force.  A majority of the Moringa farmers do not test their product for E-coli, mold, mildew, insects, dirt, filth, mice parts and heavy metals.  You don't easily know your product contains these natural contaminants because its ground into the powder.

    You say, the powder I buy from India is tested in a lab. 

     Indian labs have been repeatedly fined by the FDA for selling contaminated products and for hiding negative lab reports.  I can point you to many articles on the FDA and Indian labs. It is not pretty.Many of the drugs you are taking, come from manufacturing in India.  Why? It is cheaper there to produce the drug.  So your lab tested Moringa that is tested and packaged in India may be just as toxic as the crude product. You are playing with your health buying these products.

    This same article applies to spices, foods, and Moringa.  If the product is both grown, processed, tested and packaged in India are not being smart.   If the product is imported here, then tested here in the US that is different.  Most Moringa sold in the US has not been tested in a US Lab. Call the company and ask those questions.    If they hesitate, you will know the truth.  

    The Moringa products I back are not grown in India. They are grown in Honduras on a USDA certified farm. They are tested for mold, mildew, dirt, filth and other contamination.

    The product is then packaged in the US.  That is one of the reasons you should buy Moringa products from my store.  It may cost more than the products from India and Malaysia but at least you won't be eating a product that could harm your family.

     I hope this blog has opened your eyes and given you proof to question how you buy your spices and