Friday, April 17, 2015

Is Your Website Mobile Friendly-Deadline by Google is April 21st

Google's  deadline is on April 21st. If your blog site or website is not mobile friendly when viewed on mobile phones, IPads and more, your rankings will be seriously affected.  You could lose customers big time in their new rankings shuffle. There is a site below here to test your site:

This link will let you know if your site flunks or passes the mobile friendly test. It will also tell you why it does not.  Here is the second link for tests.

I am blessed my blog sites and main store will make the cut. My article site is now fixed. My oldest and largest site, moringa4healing is not done yet. Too much work and not enough time.  I know that many thousands of sites are in the same boat with not enough time to completely redo their sites. 60 days notice is not enough time for many site owners to redo their site or come up with the money to have it redone. The cost to have your large site redone can vary from $200 to thousands of dollars. This varies because of the complexity of the different sites, some of which were done with site creation software that cannot be updated to the new technology.  Most web site owners cannot update their own site so much have a company do the work.  This Google rule applies to every site on the web.  It is also a way for them to clear out the playing field. Those who cannot comply, will lose. Some of those will be wonderful sites that just either don't have the money or time to get it done.  I would say to those of us who have not finished your work, keep going on renovating your website.  Sooner or later, once you redo it, you will again be looked at by the Google judge and jury.  Don't give up on the quest.  It is the new reality of having a website and rankings.  You either are in the game to stay or you throw in the towel. I personally am not a quitter.

It is also important to have your site security protected for search engine rankings. That means buying a SSL certificate or buying Site Lock.  Google feels is you are not willing to protect your site against hackers, you do not deserve high rankings. This is one element of SEO or search engine optimization.
If you have a free website, you should really move to a paid site including a SSL certificate.

Quality content also is important to search engine rankings. This means high quality content  added to your site on a frequent basis.  Articles should not be copied text you stole from another site. Articles need to be researched giving people real information they can use.

There are many elements to search engine rankings.  You need to learn all you can yourself. You can hire a company to do that but that costs a min $100 a month, up to several thousands of dollars. Many of these companies have a great website but in reality do not give you what they advertise.  There is a lot of scam companies advertising services that do nothing in reality. So be careful if you hire someone.

So this is what I have been doing for the past weeks, working on making my websites mobile friendly. Keep on working.....Kate Freer, The Herbladyisin

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