Sunday, March 15, 2015

What Factors Create a High Quality Supplement? New Store Opening

My New Herb Store featuring the best in organic Moringa products, herbs, vitamins, and health products has been created. 

Moringa seedlings are available in the store. We are NOW OPEN! Please visit the new store Here

Note: Moringa seedlings are not seedlings I am growing. There are very few sources to buy moringa seedlings online. I get calls on this all the time.

Over the past several months, I have brain stormed on how to make my business work better. Moringa is an important product in my business and health regimen. I take Moringa every day.

Moringa is not the only supplement I take. As an herbalist and health coach, I also know certain other supplements are beneficial to keeping your health on the highest level. 

The problem is there are hundreds of supplements which vary in quality. Why is that so? It is because of the standards and ethics that the companies adhere to in production. You will not know without investigation which ones are high standard and which ones are a poor choice. 

Factors involved that produce High Quality Herbs and Supplements: 

  • What you don't know about your supplement could hurt you!
  • Some companies just perform the minimum testing they are required to by the FDA. 

 What goes into producing a quality supplement?

  •  Other companies further test their products for contamination and other factors. 

  • They test the incoming product to make sure the product is what is stated on the label. They test the product to make sure it is the correct medicinal plant material.

  • They test to make sure it has not been adulterated with other products. 

  • They test to make sure it is the right species of that herb. There are many plants that are in the same group such as Echinachea but have no medicinal properties. 

  • Goldenseal root is the most effective part of the plant not the leaves. Chamomile flowers are the main part of that plant used. So it is extremely important to have the right plant, the right part of the plant in some cases, and that it is pure product. 

 These companies go heads above the others to make sure their product is potent and safe, that it contains the nutrients or essential elements that make the vitamin or herb potent. 

You as a consumer are presented with hundreds of herbs and supplements by different companies. You often cannot tell by the bottle much of any thing about their real quality. 

Natures Sunshine is the main company for my supplements. I sell Nature's Sunshine Herbs and Essential Oils as a living. I buy outside of Nature's Sunshine for the products they don't sell.  When I do buy outside of Nature's Sunshine, there are only a few companies I trust.

 I know by my clients use and our families use, and by investigation which are the ones that you most trust.  I will give you an example. We use Wellness Trader Turmeric with Bromelain or Nature's Sunshine curcuminbp  We have for years for knee pain due to accidents and my husband's 30 years as a mail carrier.  Several times, we tried other brands but they did not work.  How did we know? The knee pain got severe using the other products.  There are only two brands we have experimented with that work. 

So my new store only sells products I have researched and taken personally. I have also had input from clients who bought the products over the years. 

That is why only certain brands are featured in the new store.  

Buy USDA Organic Certified Moringa Powder, Tea, and Capsules from Ecuador. The products are tested and shipped from a US/GMP compliant lab in Connecticut. 

Visit Nature's Sunshine Herbs, Essential Oils, Flower Remedies, and so much more here