Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Need More Energy? Need to Boost Your Immune System? Want More Vitality? Moringa to the Rescue

Are you tired right now?  Need More Energy?

Flu season is just around the corner. .get prepared.

Have you been sick and can't seem to get back on your feet? 

Are you suffering from a wasting disease such as HIV or cancer? 

In today's stress filled lifestyle, people are tired. They work too many hours on not enough sleep. The worries of bills and problems make you feel drained and tired. Part of the problem is mental and the rest is physical.  How can you feel better? How can you improve your energy level? How can you boost your immune function for the winter coming soon?

This is my recent experience using Moringa to boost my immune function.

About two weeks ago, we took a day trip up to Kentucky, to meet a relative of my husbands. We started out very early and got home at midnight that night.  We then had to make sure the chickens got locked up, so it was 1 PM before we got to bed. Even though it was interesting, it was an exceptionally long driving trip.  Our car is older and really uncomfortable so my back was out as well. 

The next day, I woke up with a headache, severe fatigue and upset stomach.  We had eaten up there at a place which I had my doubts about.  For three days I could not seem to revive from the fatigue and just felt ill.  I upped my Vitamin C and took goldenseal in case it was mild food poisoning. I could not seem to shake the severe fatigue and headache. I rarely get headaches. 

Finally I decided to take some massive doses of Moringa to see if that would help. I took 6 caps three times that day.  I was better by the next morning. I continued the heavy dose of Moringa until I felt normal again several days later.  I have felt so much better, I have kept taking the higher dose of Moringa. Sometimes when your body is down for whatever reason, you have to increase your dose of herbs and Moringa significantly.  It is a food so it is not like taking an antibiotic that should never be increased without a doctor's supervision. 

Moringa is full of protein, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, iron, trace minerals...all the important elements of nutrition that your body needs to be healthy and have more energy. The nutrients in Moringa are easy for the body to use to boost different body functions. 

Remember folks, Moringa is a food first. It is not an herb, as many people want to call it. Its leaves come from a tree and are eaten primarily as food. It can be eaten everyday, not just for a certain amount of time as an herb. Many foods such as carrots also have properties in them that improve health. Certain green foods such as broccoli, have properties that help in the prevention of cancer and other diseases.  They all are first a food. Hippocrates said," let food be your medicine." In the bible, the leaves of the trees are to be used as medicine and food.

If you are taking an herbal program that does not seem to be helping, it may be that you are not taking a large enough dose to secure an effect. 

The problem could also be not taking the herbs often enough during the day.   This is individual so there is no cut and dry recipe for increasing the dose.  If it had been severe allergies, I would have increased my dose of Vitamin C from 1000 mg a day to three thousand.  If it were the flu, I would have increased my dosage of goldenseal to two to three caps, three times a day. 

The severity of the illness and your response are two factors that dictate the program. The more severe, the more you take and the more frequently you take the product. 

Your sensitivity to products comes into play as well. If you are giving it to children, you use smaller doses. You monitor the individual for allergic sensitivities to the product. If you are extremely sensitive to foods and herbs, you increase more slowly. 

You need to have an effective working immune system to get well.   

Moringa is exceptional, effective dense nutrition. When you take it, the nutrients in Moringa are absorbed and utilized, supporting weak tissues and systems with vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, Vitamin C and other nutrients. Your immune system needs a boost with winter coming and flu season just around the corner. If your immune system is strengthened you will not come down with the flu or if you do, your sick days will be less than others. 

Your system may be down because of fatigue, overwork, stress, age, or some kind of virus or bacteria. Perhaps you are suffering from cancer or a severe weakening disease such as HIV or chemotherapy, but it all these cases, it is weakened.  Your immune, adrenal, and endocrine systems are weak and not working effectively to either prevent disease or to get you back on your feet. 

So in all these cases, you need to strengthen your body systems that are working to repair themselves. If you have no appetite, that makes it harder.  I did not feel like eating, so the Moringa caps worked well. Often, I add Moringa powder to foods such as yogurt or a smoothie. 

So Moringa is extremely valuable to build up your body that is weak. Research shows that is has properties that work as a natural antibiotic by building up immune function, as well as other systems important to energy production such as the adrenal and endocrine system.

Rest, improving nutrition, and getting more sleep is also needed for the body to repair itself physically and mentally.  In my case, my back was out so a visit to my chiropractor helped. You need to add more activities that give you joy, peace, and that relieve your stress and mental exhaustion. It may take great effort to raise yourself up from severe fatigue. It has to be done, if you are going to repair and heal your body. 

 My #1 choice is Banyan Botanicals Organic Moringa Powder here 

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