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Friday, July 3, 2015

Moringa? Why don't more people know about it?

If Moringa can help stop starvation, why is it so unknown to many native populations?

I will give you an example here in TN.  TN is lush and green with 51 inches of rain. Many areas are a dense jungle. There is a plant called May Apple that grows everywhere in the shade of the larger trees.  I looked it up to find out more about it. You can eat the fruit on it and make a pie.  Both my brother-in-law and sister, living in TN all this time, did not know that the May Apple can be eaten.   I was very surprised.  I have plantain growing all over my yard which is a great medicinal plant. They had no idea of its medicinal value. To them it was just a weed. There are hundreds of plants in this area. It is dangerous to pick plants unless you are sure of their identity.  We have a number of plants that have 3 leaves including my beans, that are not poison ivy. If you pick the wrong plant, you could get very sick.

So you can live in TN or any other area, not realizing the natural foods around you. I for one don't go into the brush exploring because of the ticks.

Moringa grows wild in some areas. It is one of hundreds of trees with green leaves. If no one ever tried eating the leaves, it goes undiscovered as a food source.  I certainly don't pick leaves off our many native trees, having no idea what the plant is or if is safe to eat.

Moringa is new to US consumers. You don't find it fresh, as in the Philippines.  In those countries, it is part of the native food sources. They eat and use Moringa leaves fresh from the tree.  They use in dishes and salads.  Here you only find fresh Moringa in a few areas. It is a tropical plant that cannot take cold.  So Florida, CA, Parts of TX, and other isolated areas with mild climates in winter.

Moringa leaves are not generally found in chain stores. It is found in Asian markets.  If you visit an Asian market, you will find many items not seen in the other stores such as duck eggs with baby ducks inside, odd fish, and unique veggies particular to their culture and country.

So why are some starving where Moringa grows wild? They just never knew that their leaves were a good food source.  It is pretty simple, how willing are you to go into your back yard and pick leaves off your tree for dinner?  Most would not.  Without knowledge of the Native plants, you could pick one that would make you sick or even cause death.



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