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Friday, July 17, 2015

How to Use Moringa Powder in Your Everyday Lifestyle

Using Moringa in Your Daily Foods is easy!

Moringa helps to fill in the gaps for many people whose nutrition is not as healthy as it could be.

 It can give you a caffeine free lift in the afternoon...gentle not like coffee.The dense nutrients in Moringa feed the adrenal glands rather than artificially pushing them to work longer, as coffee and soft drinks do. 

Whipping an exhausted horse, in this case our adrenal glands, leads to adrenal exhaustion. That is how some of you can drink a pot of coffee and feel no enegy lift.

Many of you are going on insufficient sleep, experience excessive stress, and an inadequate diet filled with empty food, fast food, and processed food. Diabetes and obesity are a every growing problem in this country. Just look at the statistics. Even healthy foods are compromised with the way they are grown today.That leads to imbalances and fatigue, just to name two.  

So taking Moringa is a way to help your body deal with our fatigue causing lifestyle!  

Moringa added into your daily life will benefit you and your health.  It is not difficult to use Moringa. All you need is a little imagination. I get many emails that ask,"now that I have purchased it, how do I use it?"

Here are some suggestions below? You may come up with even better ones!

It is easy to add Moringa powder to many foods such as dips, salad dressings, egg salad, tuna salad, yogurt, applesauce, soups,stews,  peanut or nut butters.  Start out with a tsp until you get used to the taste, then add a little more.  Add honey if you need to.  If you are buying the caps, just dump the contents out into the food .

If you are adding Moringa to hot or cooked foods, don't add it until serving time. Heat will destroy the Vitamin C in the powder, as well as its enzymes. Adding it to cold foods is more beneficial to preserve all its nutrient value.  Fresh Moringa leaves contain more Vitamin C than dried leaves because of processing.

Many people make smoothies or drink protein drinks for breakfast so add the Moringa to your smoothie.

 If you make bread, add Moringa to the bread mix. Experiment with it in different foods.

I prefer it in grape juice or nut butter balls.   Add a tsp of Moringa to a glob of peanut butter. Roll it is ground nuts. You can make one big energy ball or several. Pop one when you need energy during the day. Any nut butter could be used. You could also add flax seed to the mix. It is up to your individual taste and imagination.  If you want it sweet, add blackberry jam  or honey to the mix.  

Give it to kids in yogurt or applesauce.  Sell them on 'green power" as you do with the green veggies you want them to eat. Tell them a story with it. Be creative. Green means vibrant health and energy!

If you have an elderly person who isn't eating well or is losing weight, put the powder into their ensure drink or a smoothie. Applesauce works as well. In nursing homes, medicine is crushed into applesauce. This also applies to those who have compromised swallowing problems.  It could even be put into pudding cups. Just don't overwhelm the food with the powder.  A little in their food several times a day is better than them refusing it because you make it too strong. The goal is to get it into their system. Moringa is very beneficial to patients who are losing weight due to illness, cancer, chemo, or a wasting disease. Be creative. Moringa helps support your immune system function. It is easy to digest the nutrients found in Moringa. 

For those of you who don't like the taste but want the benefits, put the powder in grape juice. Grape juice is used to hide the taste of many things.  You can also just take the caps as is.  Don't start out with a tablespoon. Start out with a half to one tsp to get used to the taste. There are a number of foods we eat because they are good for us. Some foods we prefer the taste over others.  If you get into your mind, how beneficial it is, it is easier. I enjoy the taste myself.

Use Moringa as a tea and combine it with another tea. I combine Ginkgo and Moringa often. You can combine Moringa and a sweet tea such as apple tea.  You don't have to drink it alone. It depends on your taste buds. Make it first as a hot tea, then put in the refrigerator and drink as a cold pick me up later. I do that often with all my teas.

If the powder you bought from another company is brown or strange looking...throw it away and ask for your money back.  If it tastes moldy, off color or off-taste...don't use it.   If you are extremely sensitive to foods, go slow for a couple of weeks. Start out with a half tsp until you see your reaction. Just because you bought it does not mean you should continue to take it if there is something wrong with it. Any powder that is not green is a problem. Moringa has a taste that is specific to it. If it tastes odd, not like Moringa should, don't finish the product.

Moringa that is untested from India and other countries could contain dirt, insects, mold, mildew, E-Coli and mouse parts. Look at the proof contained on this blog. You must realize that foods can be adulterated. This goes for herbs and spices too from foreign countries.

Read today's article from the Phillipines about mass food poisoning from basic hygiene problems,   India has the Ganges river where the people wash, bathe, drink, and water their crops with Ganges river water. So it is a much worse situation there.

Do not give untested and foreign packaged Moringa to your babies. Do not give untested and foreign packaged moringa to yourself if you are pregnant. Be extremely careful period.

Imports from India, Indonesia, Mexico and China have been found toxic containing lead, mercury, heavy metals and other environmental contaminants. These countries have crude growing, processing methods and testing procedures, even in their  labs. The labs are constantly fined by the FDA for withholding negative lab results and hiding paperwork that would get their products fined or banned from export. 

Enjoy and feel more Energy!  Kate, the Herbladyisin

Buy USDA Organic Certified Moringa Powder, Tea, and Capsules from Ecuador. The products are tested and shipped from a US/GMP compliant lab in Connecticut. 

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