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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Does Moringa really heal over 300 diseases? Learn How

You may ask how this could be. I am not sure that 300 is completely accurate but there are more diseases than that whose base cause is starvation or poor nutrition. Moringa is used in ayurvedic medicine both to provide quality nutrition and to prevent diseases.I hope to explain this in a way that will show you the benefit of adding Moringa to your diet.

You must first understand how disease takes place, before you can understand how Moringa can benefit in the prevention and correction of disease or imbalance.  The examples below of vitamin deficiencies and the diseases associated with them is not complete. I am just giving you examples of how poor nutrition is the basis of disease.

1.  Disease  requires days, months or years to reach disease status. That is why doctors fail in healthcare.  They most often treat disease rather than prevent disease. Most imbalances do not show up on lab tests, until the deficiency or imbalance gets to a severe point that compromises immunity and health. Your body is compromised if you have diabetes, heart disease, and other problems.  That disease is first a nutritional imbalance; malfunction of organs; malfunction of tissues; or imbalance generally.  That imbalance or nutritional deficiency may go on for years before it ends up in a disease state.

2: Factors that contribute to disease:  nutrition, exercise, stress, age, lifestyle factors such as drinking, smoking, drugs, environment issues, and  heredity.  This is not all of them, just some of the main ones.

3: Attitude in Life: A positive outlook on life supports healthy organs and health in general.  That does not mean you are immune to disease but it certainly goes on the side of prevention. Hate, jealousy, anger, unforgiveness, and all negative feelings contribute to problems in your health, which leads to disease.  Hate and anger lead to health issues.

4:  Immune System Dysfunction:   Hypofunction or Hyperfunction of the immune system needs to be present for disease to take hold.  This means either our immune function is working below optimal function or working overtime. This creates imbalance in the system.We all have strep germs in our throat, as an example. The reason that strep does not cause a sore throat is because our immune system keeps the strep from taking hold in the body.

The immune system is a beautiful process including thyroid function, white blood cells, lymph, T-Cells.  They all work together to combat bacteria, viruses, and other bad guys. If it is working properly, you would not get sick, even with those sick around you.  All of us know people who either never get sick or are always sick. The ones with the great immune function, stay well, despite family members who are sick. 

If the immune system is overcome with a new bad guy such as Ebola, you die before the body can respond to stamp it out. The immune system needs time to fight the bad guys. An example is smallpox  that killed so many American Indians.  The Indians had herbs they used to fight the health problems they were familiar with. When smallpox was introduced into their world, they were taken quickly. They had no time to experiment to see what would work and what didn't. It overtook them rapidly. Many cultures have nearly been destroyed by foreigners bringing in new illnesses where the native people had no immunity built up.

So to have a long healthy life, you must help your immune system to be healthy.

Since disease is often an imbalance or nutritional deficiency to begin with, you need to correct that. Each vitamin alone and together with other vitamins are needed by organs, tissues, bone, and every function in the body.

Examples of Vitamin Deficiencies  and the diseases they cause:

Vitamin A Deficiency:   People in many third world countries suffer from a poor diet.  Supply the Vitamin A and you correct many problems and health conditions. Moringa is high in Vitamin A.

Diseases caused by Vitamin A Deficiency: 

"Vitamin A deficiency has a plethora of clinical manifestations, ranging from xerophthalmia (practically pathognomonic) to disturbances in growth and susceptibility to severe infection (far more protean). blindness"

"Vitamin A (retinol) is required for the formation of rhodopsin, a photoreceptor pigment in the retina. Vitamin A helps maintain epithelial tissues. "

Vitamin C Deficiency: Scurvy, rickets, beriberi, pellagra, immune dysfunction, just to name five.  Give Vitamin C to that person and you correct the problem and prevent scurvy. Moringa is high is Vitamin C.

Iron Deficiency:   Moringa is one food that contains Iron. Iron supplements are hard on the stomach and digestive system. They cause constipation. The iron content in Moringa is easily absorbed and utilized by the body. If you hold too much iron in your system, Moringa is not a good food for you.  Most plant food sources do not contain Iron.  Moringa is a good source of iron.

Diseases caused by Iron Deficiency:

"Iron deficiency is a condition resulting from too little iron in the body. Iron deficiency is the most common nutritional deficiency and the leading cause of anemia in the world. In the USA, despite food fortification, iron deficiency is on the rise in certain populations. "

Iron deficiency at critical times of growth and development can result in premature births, low birth weight babies, delayed growth and development, delayed normal infant activity and movement. Iron deficiency can result in poor memory or poor cognitive skills (mental function) and can result in poor performance in school, work,and in military or recreational activities. Lower IQs have been linked to iron deficiency occurring during critical periods of growth."

B6 Deficiency:  A lack of B6 also can cause depression, confusion, or a susceptibility to infection

Susceptibility to infection then could influence all disease states. Nervous and mental health conditions are two big ones that has hundreds of different diagnoses.

All vitamin deficiencies can lead to imbalance resulting is a disease at some point.  Our diet today consists for a majority full of junk food, fast foods, empty food, sugar, processed white flour, compromised foods due to all the artificial chemicals and additives.  That is why obesity and diabetes are out of control here in the US.  Lack of exercise and poor nutrition are a huge factor in those diseases. Poor nutrition is a major factor in all illnesses. That does not mean it is the only factor.

Lung Cancer:  smoking, work environment such as a gardener or pest control occupation, If you have a hereditary weakness in your lungs, don't smoke or hang out with smokers.. You would not want to pick a job that subjected you to chemicals such as asbestos or paint chemicals.  We had a friend who died from lung cancer.  He had a very healthy lifestyle. The doctors kept ruling out lung cancer because of the lack of risk factors.  He got sicker and sicker. They put him in the hospital and finally the tests for lung cancer but it was too late. He had 4th stage lung cancer and died several weeks later. His job was computers. There has been research that shows the connection between cancer of the lung and printer ink. He had 3 printers in his office. When you print, small particles of ink are released into the room. These ink particles end up in your lungs.  Gardeners work with pesticides and other chemicals. They do not wear masks for the most part.  They do not do much to protect their lungs and skin from the chemicals they work with. The job list is long that can cause diseases.

Cancer prevention is general includes optimal nutrition, exercise, and healthy lifestyle choices.  There are hundreds of different cancer states.

Cancer:  Lifestyle, nutrition, environment,  your job, and heredity all play important parts in the creation of cancer. Improving nutrition alone does not always work but in all cases helps the body to fight the battle.

So you have now learned how nutritional deficiencies are one of the main causes for disease.

Moringa's main function in your diet is to correct vitamin deficiencies and imbalances! It is a super-food.

Moringa is a superfood with everything needed by the body is a high quality form. The high quality nutrients in this plant food fills in the gaps that are deficient in the body. Moringa leaves both prevents and helps balance those unhealthy systems.

Moringa is meant to be one part of a nutritional program to bring your health up to optimal condition. You still need to eat lots of veggies, fruit, and quality protein.  Moringa contains protein too. 

Moringa is a good food to add to a vegetarian diet to make sure you get enough of all the vitamins for great health.  It is an excellent source for Iron and protein.

Moringa can help the elderly who are not eating properly.  A majority of the elderly are deficient in one or more vitamins. Drugs also cause imbalances in the body. Most people take at least one drug and some take numerous prescriptions causing damage to the balance of the body.  Many elderly do not have teeth or have swallowing problems. Moringa goes into juice or a smoothly for easy nutrition.

Stress: Moringa helps fill in the nutritional gaps.  Filling in nutritional gaps prevents disease and illnesses. Filling in nutritional gaps helps to balance out the different body systems.  

Moringa also has been shown in research to contain other benefits for health and healing, We will get into that in a future blog.

All for Today!



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