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Compelling Reasons Why You Should Use Alternative Therapies Over Standard Medicine

I am republishing this from my Alternative News blog because I feel the subject is vitally important to what is going on in this country in our health care system.

I am 64 years old. I became a Master Herbalist when my youngest was a toddler to find the answers to her health problems that the doctors I worked with, could not.  My life at that time was entrenched in the standard medical system. I worked for a clinic whose outreach was Indian reservations, before the money that casinos brought in. I was trained as a medical assistant performing x-rays, blood tests, and many of the things today that are outsourced to labs. One of my jobs at the clinic was to keep track of the drugs used and to meet with drug manufacturing reps. I got taken out to lunch often, hoping I would use my influence with the doctors to buy their products. I did that for 5 years until I stopped work to have my second child. The doctor I worked with delivered my son at home.  So I know how the standard medical system works. I worked with the drug salesmen so I have experience in knowing how that works as well. It isn't good. At the time, it did not phase me for I was entrenched in the medical system.  Very few herbalists out there, worked in the standard medical system as I have. It gives me experience that in the basis for some of my blogs.

So why does one turn from being entrenched in the system to being a rebel against it? The doctors had no answers to my young daughter's declining health and their drugs which did not work. 

So today's blog is the compelling reasons  why you should use herbal medicine and see holistic doctors instead. In doing so I need to present the case against standard medicine.  Standard medicine does well in putting your hand back on after a car wreck. It does well in critical care situations where a few minutes time is the difference between life and death. It has excelled in creating answers for people who have lost limbs. It has advanced in saving people's life where surgery is the only option.

There are areas of medicine where I support standard medicine and its success. But............

In the US standard medicine does a poor job in preventing disease or stopping metabolic problems in the early stages, before they turn into a disease which shows up in lab tests. They don't have much to offer you when you have a cold or flu. They now know that antibiotics are not working and instead causing super bugs and antibiotic resistant diseases such as TB, Staph, and gonorrhea. Vets commit suicide every hour because standard medicine does not have answers for their PTSD except drugs. So in many areas, their treatments are not working. Certainly not in preventive medicine.  Here are some stats below:

440,000 people die each year from medical mistakes! 

Medical mistakes are the 3rd leading cause of death in the US  

#1:    "Washington, D.C., October 23, 2013 – New research estimates up to 440,000 Americans are dying annually from preventable hospital errors. This puts medical errors as the third leading cause of death in the United States, underscoring the need for patients to protect themselves and their families from harm, and for hospitals to make patient safety a priority."

"Released today, the Fall 2013 update to The Leapfrog Group (Leapfrog) Hospital Safety Score assigns A, B, C, D and F grades to more than 2,500 U.S. general hospitals. It shows many hospitals are making headway in addressing errors, accidents, injuries and infections that kill or hurt patients, but overall progress is slow. The Hospital Safety Score is calculated under the guidance of the Leapfrog Blue Ribbon Expert Panel, with a fully transparent methodology analyzed in the peer-reviewed Journal of Patient Safety."

Here is another link on the subject above,

12 million Americans are Misdiagnosed each year!
Visit the article below to read it yourself!
  1. 17, 2014 ... Each year in the U.S., approximately 12 million adults who seek outpatient medical care are misdiagnosed, according to a new study published ...
  1. Nearly 1 million children potentially misdiagnosed with ADHD  
    1. Article and stats  by the National Center for Education Statistics.

  1. 2015 Cancer Death Rates from the American Cancer Society  (despite chemotherapy, radiation, drugs, and surgery)

  2. 312,000 women die from cancer per year despite standard medicine treatment of chemo, radiation, and drugs

  3. 277,000 men die each year

  4. 86,000 men die of lung cancer

  5. 71,000 women die of lung cancer

  6. 40,000 women die of breast cancer

So these published stats prove how dangerous it is to go to the hospital and get standard medical care. It is not effective in many cases and there are 400,000 mistakes and 12 million misdiagnosis.  

That is why in the last 30 years I have stayed away from doctors except for a few occasions, mostly when I needed tests or a general exam.  I have been in the hospital once in my life, other than having my two other children. I have treated myself for 3 blood clots in my legs over the years with herbal medicine. I use herbal medicine for my kidneys that are compromised from one car accident and a fall that could have killed me.  I deal with phlebitis on a daily basis which it genetic from my mom.  I have used herbal medicine on some real tough health problems. So I walk the talk.  I do use standard medicine to get tests when I need to know what I am up against as recently. I have taken antibiotics three times in the last 15 years. One was for an abscess in my jaw which caused my face to swell up like a balloon. I was working a job and in horrible pain. Once was recently for a skin infection that for two weeks seems unrelenting and unstoppable. 

Despite the facts above is herbal medicine a better choice?

"According to the U.S. National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (part of the National Institutes of Health), about 38 percent of Americans currently avail themselves of some form of complementary/alternative medicine, which can also include dietary supplements, meditation, chiropractic services, Pilates, and Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese medicine."
This number has increased since this report.

"Doctors and nurses were found to be more than twice as likely as non-clinical health-care support workers to have tried out a practitioner-based complementary or alternative medicine service (such as a chiropractor) in the past year."

So many doctors will not prescribe herbs or alternative

therapies  to their patients but are secretly using it for 


Here are 10 healthy reasons to use alternative therapies:

  • Alternative medicine focuses on prevention and early correction of metabolic imbalances before they become a disease state.   Holistic doctors look for signs in the skin, the tongue, your nails, subtle signs that point to occurring imbalances.  They spend more time with their patients and they listen to what the patient is telling them. They do not treat just on a lab test result.

  • Herbal and alternative therapies seek to get to the base cause of a problem such as acid/alkaline imbalance. Chiropractic restores circulation and healing through correcting spinal misalignment.  This benefits nerves, bones, and organs.  Holistic doctors want to find the base cause such as diet problems that result in metabolic problems later. They read between the lines.

  • Herbal and alternative therapies strengthen and support the body and its systems, so those systems can effectively work better. If your pancreas is healthy, you won't need medicine. If you correct blood sugar problems in the beginning you won't have to take insulin later. Herbs that support the pancreas build this gland up, strengthen, and support its function.

  • Some Herbs focus on cleaning out different body systems of the body so that they function more effectively. A bowel works much more effectively when it is not clogged up. The blood system is healthy when not clogged up with plaque or other clogging material. The blood system works better when not contaminated with heavy metals and other contamination such as pollution. 

  • Herbal medicine is safer and has few side effects than drugs whose side effects include heart attacks and death.  Herbs contain nutritional components, as well as medicinal factors that act together to improve health.  

  • Herbal medicine and alternative therapies do work and are effective. They often need the guidance of a holistic doctor to be used properly and effectively.

  • Herbal Medicine and Alternative Therapies are used by doctors in many countries, not just third world countries.  Why is it suppressed here? Money and power!
           The view of doctors in the US is NOT the view of doctors in other countries.
  • "Empirical and scientific evidence exists to support the benefits of acupuncture, manual therapies and several medicinal plants for chronic or mild conditions. For instance, the effectiveness of acupuncture, a popular treatment for relieving pain, has been demonstrated both through numerous clinical trials and laboratory experiments. As a result, 90% of pain clinics in the United Kingdom and 70% in Germany include acupuncture as a form of treatment. Equally, some medicinal plants have shown efficacy for life-threatening conditions; medicine combinations containing the Chinese herb Artemisia annua are now considered amongst the most effective remedies against malaria."

  • "For instance, Ginkgo biloba is a popularly used herbal medicine worldwide whose main function is to prevent vascular disease and to increase blood circulation. "

    There are more countries that use herbal medicine than countries that do not.  They are not just third world countries that do not have money to buy standard medicine. Germany is an example below.  I have brought in quotes that are very important to this discussion.  It is thought by most Americans that herbal use only is used in countries like Africa that are poor. That is not true and a lie presented by articles here. Read the article listed below in full so that you realize how you are being brainwashed by the medical system here. Many of the articles that tell you herbs don't work are out and out lies. They will tell you there is not research to back up the use of herbal medicine and alternative therapies and it is a lie.  You are being lied to with full intent to mislead you. 

    • "Germany
      The German people are so supportive of natural medicine that the German government mandated that all medical school curricula include information about natural medicines. Approximately 10 percent of German doctors specialize in homeopathy, with approximately 10 percent more prescribing homeopathic remedies on occasion. In 1993, there were 1,993 medical doctors who had formally qualified in homeopathy, while in 2006, this number jumped over 100 percent to 6,073 (20). In Germany there are 9,000 natural health practitioners called heilpraktikers in 1993 and over 20,000 in 2007. Approximately 20-30 of heilpraktikers specialize in homeopathy."

    • "In most developed countries—also in Germany—patients have access to HM via physicians, nonmedical CAM practitioners and on a self-initiated basis. Consequently, diverse healthcare professionals mainly doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and nonmedical CAM practitioners are involved in HM. In Germany, HM is known as one of the five main elements of classic naturopathy (phytotherapy, hydrotherapy, exercise therapy, dietetic therapy, and “life style regulation” therapy) also known as Kneipp therapies. The overall percentage of Germans using HM increased from 52% in 1970 to 70% in 2010 [2]."
    HM refers to herbal medicine in these quotes above and below
    • "German doctors can obtain a postgraduate qualification for “naturopathy,” which includes HM. At the end of the year 2011, 15.949 German doctors had the qualification “naturopathy,” with 70% thereof working in the outpatient sector [4]. However, recent data suggests that far more doctors prescribe or recommend HM to their patients. In a cross-sectional study, more than half of the responding general practitioners (GPs) recommended HM in their day-to-day practice, most of them having no additional qualification for “naturopathy” [5]."  same article as above
    • There are thousands of double blind research studies from many different countries that prove herbs and alternative therapies do work. Germany, Japan, and Russia are just three of them with published double blind research papers.These research papers are not accepted by the FDA or the AMA in this country. They are ignored or discredited. This is wrong and their suppressing this information is costing patients their lives. 

    "Homeopathy is particularly popular in France, where it is the leading alternative therapy. In 1982, 16 percent of the population used homeopathic medicine, rising to 29 percent in 1987, and to 36 percent in 1992 (8). In 2004, 62 percent of French mothers used homeopathic medicines in the previous 12 months (9). A survey of French pharmacists was conducted in 2004 and found that an astounding 94.5 percent reported advising pregnant women to use homeopathic medicines (10).
    Homeopathy is popular not only among the French public but also among the French medical community. As many as 70 percent of physicians are receptive to homeopathy and consider it effective, at least 25,000 physicians prescribe homeopathic medicines for their patients. Homeopathy is taught in at least seven medical schools: Besancon, Bordeaux, Lille, Limoges, Marseille, Paris-Nord, and Poitiers, and there are numerous postgraduate training programs. Courses in homeopathy are taught in 21 of France's 24 schools of pharmacy, and also taught in two dental schools, two veterinary medical schools, and three schools of midwivery. "
    Please read the full article at the link above.  You need to really see the truth for yourself.

    What about the articles and headlines stating alternative medicine is dangerous and ineffective?

    Statistics from the U.S. National Poison Data System prove otherwise. According to a 174-page report just published, the number of people killed in 2009 across America by vitamins, minerals, amino acids or herbal supplements is exactly zero.

    Learn more:

    Side Effects Possible from herbal medicine

    Most of the adverse reactions are due to weight loss supplements and muscle building supplements that are adulterated with drugs or contain caffeine. Other adverse reactions are due to people taking too much of an herbal formula, combining it with prescription medicine, or using it without proper knowledge or guidance.  Too much of cleansing herb will cause loose bowels or irritation in the stomach. Try eating too many prunes and the same thing will happen.  Adding fiber to your diet, when you don't normally eat those foods, will cause stomach distress.  Allergies are possible to any food you eat. You may also be allergic or sensitive to the weeds, dirt, or added fillers found in some junk supplements. Junk supplements are manufactured  by companies who cut corners and offer low quality products.

    Deaths Blamed on Alternative Medicine is misleading and false.

    Most of the deaths attributed to alternative therapies, are because the patient did not using standard medical therapies. Steve Jobs is an example. Jobs died of pancreatic cancer, a cancer with very few survivors. So using standard medicine he would probably have died too.

    Jobs did not die from alternative medicine but from a cancer that did not respond to treatment period.

    Pancreatic Cancer is a killer most of the time.  Any death when people are using alternative therapies is stated to be the result of alternative medicine, as if there are no deaths by standard medicine.  Look at the stats above to see that is a lie.

    When people die from cancer after chemo and other drugs, they just state they died from the cancer not the standard medicine treatment. The US is blatantly biased toward any treatment other than standard medicine. Parents are put in jail here for using alternative medicine. They are held responsible for their child's death if they did not use standard medicine.  It is fine if they die after using standard medicine, even in cancer where it is known that chemo and radiation are not effective. This is not so in other countries, where is it used by doctors and hospitals such as Germany.

    The cancer or bacteria is the cause of the death whether standard or alternative medicine failed to defeat it. 

    Here are the stats for pancreatic cancer with standard medicine:

    "Pancreatic cancer is one of the faster spreading cancers; only about 4% of patients can expect to survive five years after their diagnosis. Each year, about 44,000 new cases are diagnosed in the U.S., and 37,000 people die of the disease."

    "Standard treatments for pancreatic cancer include the common tumor-fighting strategies — surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and, most recently, targeted anticancer drugs that may slightly extend patients’ lives. In 2005, the Food and Drug Administration approved erlotinib, a drug that specifically targets growth factors found on cancer cells, for the treatment of patients with advanced pancreatic cancer who are receiving chemotherapy. The drug has been shown in trials to improve overall survival by 23% after a year when added to routine chemotherapy. The tumors in patients being treated with erlotinib and chemo also develop more slowly than those in patients receiving chemotherapy alone."

    This does not tell the whole story. Often cancer patients did later from a different cancer, because their immune system is devastated by the chemo and radiation therapy.  Some therapies are known to be a causative factor in new cancers forming several years later.

    So the outcome for pancreatic cancer is not good.  He chose to try alternative therapies which in his case did not work.  He was a liver transplant case as well so his chances were slim on living long period. Liver transplants give the typical patient two years more to live.  Neither standard medicine nor alternative medicine always works on cancer.   You still die.   There is a choice on how you live your last days. Chemo and radiation has horrible side effects. You throw up for days or weeks with the treatments. There is bone pain and memory loss that does not go away. Your immune system is shot so most people succumb to a second bout of cancer later.   People die every day after chemo and radiation.  Cancer often goes undefeated, no matter what therapy is used.

    You can go to Germany and other countries to get alternative cancer treatment. Does it always work? NO. Neither does chemo, radiation, and surgery. Again look at the cancer death stats. One of the underground alternative therapies is Esseac.   Look it up to see the history of its use.   Look past the articles that say it is a scam, because it is not.  Look at her original success in Canada before the government went after her. There was a movement by many important people to make it a legal treatment in Canada. Instead the government powers when after her.  

    You will find for input from people on the links below who are using Esseac tea for cancer with success but their success is not reported for fear and reprisal from the medical system. Yes, some still die but many do  live or live longer because of it.   It is underground.  

    Here are some reports below by people who are using it with success at sites below.  This is not my site, nor is it the Esseac that I sell.   I use a different brand with cat's claw. I think you will be interested in the input at this site.  There is a second site below where people have beaten cancer with alternative medicine. You won't find this page easily.  

    Standard Medicine does not want you to know there is any answer other than theirs.  
    Billions of dollars is made off of chemo and radiation treatments. Cancer doctors grow rich even as patients die.  Even in cancer patients that are given no chance of survival with standard medicine, that patient will be told not to try alternative medicine.  The American Cancer Society does not want a cure for cancer, for they make millions off the contributions and research money.

    "The cancer industry is probably the most prosperous business in the United States. In 2014, there will be an estimated 1,665,540 new cancer cases diagnosed and 585,720 cancer deaths in the US. $6 billion of tax-payer funds are cycled through various federal agencies for cancer research, such as the National Cancer Institute (NCI). The NCI states that the medical costs of cancer care are $125 billion, with a projected 39 percent increase to $173 billion by 2020. 

    The simple fact is that the cancer industry employs too many people and produces too much income to allow a cure to be found. All of the current research on cancer drugs is based on the premise that the cancer market will grow, not shrink."

    Some sites where cancer survivors have told their story of success:

    An interview with a holistic doctor on Esseac

    Esseac is one of the alternative therapies used against cancer.  It does not work on some, others it does. Standard medicine is not successful either as evidenced by the death stats above.

    So I hope this blog gave you reason to review your stand on herbal medicine and alternative therapies.   It may save your life at some point.  If I ever get cancer, I will take my chances and life with alternative therapies not standard medicine.  We all have choices on how we will live and how we will die.  It should be our decision to make, not some doctor or the government.

    All for today! Kate Freer, the herbladyisin

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