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Can You Grow Moringa Trees in Tennesse?

Containers of Test Moringa Seedlings in TN

Yes, you can grow them here but not year around.

After 5 months here in TN, we have not gone through all the seasons here.  Winter is too severe here for them to be planted outdoors. We had ice for almost two weeks and many days of freezing temps. So even though this area of TN is milder than other areas, it is still too severe. You could plant them in a heated greenhouse but otherwise, NO. Mine are just starting to take off and grow. The trees love the heat and humidity right now so that is good for them.  We get some heavy summer thunderstorms here with severe winds. I have mine on the porch and still must bring them in close to the house wall to keep them safe. If nothing else grow them with your other seasonal veggies, then either let them die or bring them into the basement or house for the winter. I will keep you updated on how they do this first year in Tennessee.

I will note also, I bought these trees into the back room of our house that gets very warm but they kept getting spider mites. So I took them back outdoors and they are fine. I think the air circulation and constant moisture here this Spring and Summer are needed for the trees to be happy. We get rain every three or four days. You mow the lawn and your clothes are drenched from the humidity. No saunas needed here.

I have had trouble sprouting the seeds. They either dry out or mold from the humidity in the house. I am still working to find which is the best method here in Tennessee for germination. I will keep you posted.

The main problem I am having now is Japanese beetles eating my beans and other plants. I go out in the early am and at nightfall and hand collect them.  I am trying a homemade trap consisting on yeast, water, sugar, and ripe bananas.  At least they are large and slow moving. They are easy to flick into a container off the tops of the bean leaves. They also attack the blackberries and Aronia berries as well.  I would state at this point, the only plants not doing well are my goji transplants. I know they do grow in this area, because they are sold locally on Craig's list.  I think the soil may have to be amended further. It may be too acid.   The comfrey, the aronia berries, blackberries, and elderberries are growing great. I have grown these same plants in Nevada and San Diego, where they did not do well in either area.  I almost didn't bring them this move but changed my mind at the last of the move. I am glad I went to the trouble of bringing them.

Well I will update you on the progress of the trees and the plantings in general. I will not sell trees here locally until next year after some experience with these first ones. So far, we have not had any destruction from the local deer or the resident ground hog.  I bought whirligigs that spin around in the wind at the dollar store as an experiment.  I am not sure if that is what is keeping them safe but it can't hurt.  I have them as a border for the plants in the unprotected area of the garden. 

Update on this article. I did not find that Moringa trees did well in TN. It is just too wet there. Even in the house, they did not do well. If you are growing them with success, please email me so I can make people aware of your success.   

Update on this article. We now have moved to Yuma, Co as of Aug 1st, 2020.

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