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Saturday, February 21, 2015

The Tennessee Adventure- Thoughts on Moving Cross Country; Business Changes You Need to Know

It is a little over a month ago, we rolled up to our new house in Tennessee with the Penski and our animal family.  I was so happy we got there safe and sound. It was a beast of a trip with the frigid weather. 
Home in Tennessee. I have always wanted a front porch like this one.  It has a basement as well
Even in winter, Kentucky and Tennessee, are beautiful even with the bare trees. 
One view of the property surrounded by trees.

On the last day of our trip, we were late finding the house. It was starting to rain and the temperature was dropping. My sister and brother-in-law were waiting with home made chili, coffee, some essential dishes, and a warm house.

That is an example of the southern hospitality we have found here. My bother-in-law managed to back that 26 foot Penski right up to  the wood porch, going up a steep hill. It looked like he was going to turn it over, but it didn't. Years of bush hog experience were a huge help with that semi. We managed to unload enough to set up the bed which was great. Prying cats from under the motel bed every morning got old quickly.  We were there....and that was such a relief. The house was wonderful. It has all we need and a lot more.  They had built that house from the ground up with rustic living room walls and a huge country kitchen. 

If you couldn't telephone us, there was good reason!

We left on the 30th to beat a snow storm headed to Denver, then were on the road until the 8th of Jan. Several days were spent with my daughter's family in Littleton.

Living remotely has its communication challenges.  We found our Verizon phones were useless in our area. Verizon's map of service was not accurate.  There were no bars.  We ended up having to change our phones and service to ATT.  That was expensive.  

The Hughes internet service was easy to set up but we did not have many other options. They did not explain their plans honestly. 

The land line phone service Hughes installed first was like a walkie-talkie. It was awful. We then changed to ATT for the land line, the only option available.  It took more than two weeks to get it straightened out.  So when you move that far, realize your cell phones might not work in the area.  Ask the locals in your neighborhood, was cell and internet services work best. Our nearest neighbor is a mile away so that did not help.

We got ATT cell phones  because one of the service people had one and it worked in our new house. We assumed no problem. Our newly purchased ATT cell phones worked great on all the back roads until we got to our driveway, then went to 0 bars. We were upset to say the least. They say to get rid of things you don't use. That is not always a good idea.  Our rescue was in one of the boxes we unloaded.

It happened that several years ago, we had lived in another house that defied cell phone service. We purchased a Wilson Cell Phone Booster then but hadn't used in several years. I had almost sold it before the move. Thank goodness we didn't. A snow shovel and warm coats were also not needed in San Diego but needed here in Tennessee.  It took we two more days to locate the cell booster in the boxes and another two days to set it up.  Cell phone service at last.  We also found out that if this booster goes out, ATT will give us one because of the problem area. Verizon wanted over $300 for theirs.  So be prepared for phone challenges and changes.

It is now a 6 weeks out with the problems solved and life somewhat normal.  Its beautiful here and worth all the initial communication problems. It is peaceful. It is inspirational and healing to the soul. Every morning I feed a group of beautiful red cardinals. Deer abound with every trip out.  The people here have been welcoming and helpful.  They don't seem to resent we moved here from California, as some states do.  It is a great place to retire. It was absolutely the best decision to make.

New Changes for the Business .....New Ordering Procedures

My New Herb Store featuring the best in organic Moringa products, herbs, vitamins, and health products has been created.  Moringa seedlings are available in the store. We are NOW OPEN! Please visit the new store Here

Note: Moringa seedlings are not seedlings I am growing. There are very few sources to buy moringa seedlings online. I get calls on this all the time.

Over the past several months, I have brain stormed on how to make my business work better. Moringa is an important product in my business and health regimen. I take Moringa every day.

Moringa is not the only supplement I take. As an herbalist and health coach, I also know certain other supplements are beneficial to keeping your health on the highest level. 

The problem is there are hundreds of supplements which vary in quality. Why is that so? It is because of the standards and ethics that the companies adhere to in production. You will not know without investigation which ones are high standard and which ones are a poor choice. 

Factors involved that produce High Quality Herbs and Supplements: 

  • What you don't know about your supplement could hurt you!
  • Some companies just perform the minimum testing they are required to by the FDA. 

 What goes into producing a quality supplement?

  •  Other companies further test their products for contamination and other factors. 

  • They test the incoming product to make sure the product is what is stated on the label. They test the product to make sure it is the correct medicinal plant material.

  • They test to make sure it has not been adulterated with other products. 

  • They test to make sure it is the right species of that herb. There are many plants that are in the same group such as Echinachea but have no medicinal properties. 

  • Goldenseal root is the most effective part of the plant not the leaves. Chamomile flowers are the main part of that plant used. So it is extremely important to have the right plant, the right part of the plant in some cases, and that it is pure product. 

 These companies go heads above the others to make sure their product is potent and safe, that it contains the nutrients or essential elements that make the vitamin or herb potent. 

You as a consumer are presented with hundreds of herbs and supplements by different companies. You often cannot tell by the bottle much of any thing about their real quality. 

My family only buys from certain supplement companies.Nature's Sunshine Herbs are my first pick for herbs,essential oils, and other supplements. If they don't carry something I need, I then have a second choice of companies I trust.  I know by my clients use and our families use, and by investigation which are the ones that you most trust.  I will give you an example. We use Wellness Trader Turmeric with Bromelain or Nature's Sunshine. We have for years for knee pain due to accidents and my husband's 30 years as a mail carrier. Several times, we tried other brands but they did not work.  How did we know? The knee pain got severe using the other products.  There are only two brands we have experimented with that work. 

So my new store only sells products I have researched and taken personally. I have also had input from clients who bought the products over the years. 



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