Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Thanks to You for your support! ON the Move to Tennessee......Moringa caps NOW Avail in 120 cap bottles


This comes with thanks for making the past year successful. I greatly appreciate the customer reorders and support.  Thank You So Much!  

Our Business and family has moved to Tennessee!  Our phone number 760-458-2151 will remain the same if you need to reach us.

Product Changes 

Well the only thing certain in life is things will change.   The manufacturer of the excellent products I sell have made changes to their product line.  

The Natura Veda line now is only applied to their skin care line.   The new label will show Moringa Source instead.  

The product is the same Excellent Organic Moringa Leaf power as it has been. The source and excellent quality of the powder has not changed, only the label.  

How to order products......changes you need to know!

There are changes to the way you order products in 2015. I am no longer stocking and shipping product. My role now is as an advertiser for their product line. The products will be purchased through a link on my pages going directly to them. They are the manufacturer.  The products will be shipped by them as well.  

In this way, you will get full access to their full line of products including hair and skincare products.  You will get better pricing than I can offer you.  You will get access to so many more products and savings.  

I hope you will continue to support my business by shopping through the links on my site.  You will not pay more, you will save, and I do receive a small advertising fee for hosting their products and ads.