Thursday, October 30, 2014

Moringa and Comfrey Leaves...Great Food for Raising Red Worms

Comfrey Plants grown from root cuttings.

Moringa is not just great food for people and animals but red worms too.   If any of you raise red worms, as I do, Moringa and Comfrey leaves make great food to make big red, plump red worms.  

Long ago, I noticed that my red worms flourished in the containers with the Moringa trees.  I put the worms in the 33 gal containers containing the Moringa trees when we kept them in the house in Nevada.  It was too cold outdoors for the worms.   Now I add red worms to all my Moringa containers to help keep the trees healthy.

Here is San Diego, I began worm beds again.   I shred the Moringa and Comfrey leaves, then bury them in the worm bed.  Both plants are high in protein, nutrients and are growth simulators.   
I got my worms from Uncle Jim's worm farm. They have always given me great worms and customer service.  You can buy them locally too.  I found that here in San Diego, I got them for a better price from Uncle Jim's than from local sellers.

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If you are not raising a bed of red worms, you should.  The worm castings from the bed is great for the garden and all your plants.  Raising a few worms, gets rid of of leftover lettuce, tomatoes, or other greens in a organic way which benefits you and your garden.  If you live in an area with poor soil, red worm castings will enrich your soil for better veggies.

This tree is the shortest of my trees but produced the pods .....don't know why.

I am thrilled that one of my trees has two pods on it.  It is the shortest of my trees but that did not stop it. Several others have blooms but no pods as yet.  So container trees will at times have both blooms and pods.The larger the container, the better you will do.  They have long tap roots that need plenty of room and well draining soil.  They are prone to root rot.

So that is all for today.  Blessings for you all.  Kate Freer

Update: We now live in beautiful green, Indian Mound TN as of Jan 15th, 2015

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Kate Freer, the Herbladyisin