Monday, September 15, 2014

Capsules, bulk powder or tea....what is the most effective way to take Moringa

This question is asked often by customers. It depends on your lifestyle and what is convenient for you. It can only help you, if you take it. Sitting on the shelf does not work. The powder I sell  is the same in the capsules and in the bulk leaf product. Only the leaves are used in the caps, bulk powder, and tea. The Moringa tea leaves are not as concentrated as the powder or caps and is a courser grain.   

If you are not using our products, other company's Moringa powder may contain stems, flowers, root, other herbs, fillers, additives, or sugar. It may also contain other natural ingredients such as dirt, insects, and mouse parts. Read the label on your products. If your product contains sugar, do you really need more sugar in your diet. American's eat more sugar than needed which contributes to obesity, diabetes, food addictions, and general ill health.  Moringa in its natural form, pure, as God made it, is the best way to take Moringa. 

Our Organic certified Moringa Leaf powder is tested in a US / GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) compliant lab in Connecticut for mold, bacteria, E-coli and other contamination. It is also packaged in the US. 
Lifestyle #1: Purists and dedicated natural lifers: People that  take the time to make smoothies and green drinks every day from scratch. You may have grown up with Moringa in your native country. You are kind of customer who opts for natural, organic, homegrown, and close to earth products and foods. For those of you who live that kind of lifestyle, Moringa in the bulk is the most cost effective way to use it.

To those of you who don't appreciate the taste of Moringa, try it in grape or cranberry juice. Use 1/2 tsp instead of more powder. Put it into a smoothie with yogurt and fruit.  I add it to peanut butter with a dash of honey or apple butter. Why bother with the bread.  It can be added to any nut butter or applesauce.  Experiment.

Lifestyle #2:  Hurried; Rushed: No time to eat:  These are people who live rushed lives with little time to even eat properly.  If they bought the bulk powder, it would sit on the shelf unused. Those customers would use the capsules more likely. If you don't like the taste of Moringa, then caps is the best form to take.

Lifestyle #3: Dedicated tea drinkers.  If you take everything in tea form, the tea might be best.  If the taste is too strong, add raspberry or other flavored tea to make up the brew. One tea bag does more than one cup. I take one tea bag and put it in a cup of water brought to boiling temp, let it steep for 20 min, then put it in my tea kettle with 4 more cups of water.  I drink it over ice the rest of the day.   Use a bit of honey as sweetener. 

If you can, buy the bulk powder, it is the most economical to use.  I hope this answers your question on what form of Moringa you should buy. 

Buy Moringa Capsules here that have been tested and are effective and safe. You will not find supplements better than these. I have long stated that unless products from other countries are tested her in the US, Don't buy them. 

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Thanks, Kate Freer, The Herbladyisin