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Friday, August 1, 2014

Announcing New Article Directory: Informative Articles, Research, and Information on Moringa and Alternative Medicine

Today Yahoo voices and Yahoo Shine deleted their entire writer's contributor program involving many thousands of writers, their established profiles, and published articles.  I had over 250 published in that platform. They did give us the rights to republish them.  

All my Moringa articles will now be moved to the new article directory with the focus on holistic health and women's health topics. It will take time to get all my articles published again, but I would appreciate your clicking to the site below and making it a favorite. 

I would greatly appreciate your support in this new project. If you feel your life as been benefited with the blog and articles, I need your support now!   You will be rewarded as the weeks progress.   I would appreciate your patience since it is time consuming to republish these articles. 

The Alternative Medicine-Women's Health Article Directory

Each week new articles will be added. I am looking for other holistic health writers to join me in this project as well. If you are interested in writing articles for the new directory, email me at

All for Today!