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Will Moringa Help Me Lose Weight?

This is one of the main questions I answer several times a week.  There are plenty of rumors that advertise Moringa as a weight loss aid. You need an honest answer for a change, rather than the hype most sites offer:

#1:  Moringa is first a food, highly nutritious, dense food. If you lived in India or other areas where it naturally grows,  you would go to the tree in your back yard to pick the leaves, pods, or flowers. If there was not a tree in your yard, you would shop for it in the local marketplace. You would receive branches with leaves on them. You would take them home and eat them at a food. 

Moringa does have medicinal properties, but it is first and most importantly a super food.  

Moringa is a super food, meaning it contains all the nutrients needed for survival including protein, calcium, iron, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, iron and antioxidants. 

These nutrients are present in higher density than in most other plants you eat. That is why it is being used in projects to end the starvation and death that happens every hour in those countries.

#2: Most websites selling Moringa as a weight loss product contain other herbs as well in the formula. These other herbs included in these formulas are typically used for weight loss.  

They are not pure Moringa products. 

An example is Zija XM Burn.  The label is listed below right off of their website.  It does contain Moringa in the ingredients but Green Tea and vitamins have greater importance.  The natural caffeine gives you a buzz energy, that many are looking for. The other ingredients in this formula are doing more for the decrease in appetite and the burst of energy than the Moringa in it. Moringa is important because while you are dieting, your body needs high quality nutrition.  The Moringa is feeding the tissues and organs top nutrients to be healthy.

I am not endorsing their products, only using this one to help answer the question of this blog, Is Moringa a weight loss supplement?  Will it help me lose weight?

Supplement Facts for Zija's XM Burn below...a advertised weight loss product.  ( I am not endorsing this but using it as a example. I do not sell this nor have I ever sold this or any other Zija products.

Serving Size: 1 Capsule
Servings Per Container: 30
Niacin (Vitamin B3) 15mg, Pyridoxine HCl (Vitamin B6) 2mg, Methylcobalamin (Vitamin B12) 6µg, Chromium 120µg, Proprietary Blend 201mg, Natural Caffeine 110mg 

Ingredients: Proprietary Blend (Green Tea Extract (60% ECGC), Moringa oleifera Blend (Leaf Powder, Seed Cake, Fruit Powder)), 4-Amino-2Methlpentane Citrate (Pouchong Tea), Natural Caffeine, Higenamine, Niacin (Vitamin B3), Silica, Rauwolscine, Pyridoxine HCl (Vitamin B6), Stearic Acid, Chromium Polynicotinate, Mecobalamin (Vitamin B12), Gelatin (Kosher) Capsule. 

Directions For Use: Adults take one (1) capsule, preferably before exercise, on an empty stomach. Consuming late in the day may impair sleep. Do not take more than two (2) caps per day.  (This is because of the caffeine in it)

 What is Pouchong tea in this ingredient list from the label above.
"Pouchong is also known as Chinese Green tea by some. However, it is a slightly fermented tea (10%-20%), which differs from Green tea, a completely unfermented tea. When brewed, it produces a light yellow hue, a mild aroma, and a delicate flavor. Pouchong tea, originated in the Pinlin region outside of Taipei, Taiwan. In Taiwan, Pouchong is only produced in this region and this region's Pouchong is recognized as the finest in the world. Pouchong has a milder flavor than Oolong tea yet stronger than Green tea. Its taste is appreciated by tea connoisseurs worldwide."

The chromium is this formula helps on sugar cravings. The vitamins add to your energy. The green tea, the first ingredient in this formula helps with energy and water retention.. It also contain natural caffeine as well. Pouchong tea is also in the formula.  

The negative to XM Burn and similar products is the caffeine they contain, which most people drink too much of already.  

The more ingredients in a product, the more chances of allergies. This is not a product for children with all the added caffeine.  If you are pregnant, you had better ask your doctor.  

It is not pure Moringa......

Will pure Moringa, nothing added,  give you energy?

Yes, but not like a bolt of 5 hour energy or a caffeine drink.  If you substitute Moringa for coffee, you will end up with a caffeine withdrawal headache. 

Moringa in its pure form gives a natural, more gentle energy lift. You find you can do more, walk more, get more done than before you were taking Moringa. You feel overall more energy and stamina.  This may take time depending on your health problems. If your adrenals are wasted from stress and fatigue, it may take awhile.

Moringa, pure Moringa,  does not contain caffeine.

Is pure Moringa beneficial for weight management and weight loss?  Yes, with qualifications.   

Pure Moringa, by itself, no enhancements can help with weight loss by giving optimal nutrition to your body tissues.  That supports all the tissues and organs that keep you healthy and your weight healthy.It feeds the thyroid, the adrenal glands, the entire endocrine system which in turn creates healthier metabolism and overall better health.

  • There is research to back up its effects on helping stabilize blood pressure and blood sugar. 
  • There is research to back up its effect on supporting immune function and adrenal function. 
  • Its superior usable nutrition helps to feed and restore healthy tissue. 

Step to healthy weight management: 

In the end it is still necessary to eat with more nutrition, cut out sugar, junk food, fast food, exercise, reduce stress, and live a healthier life style as a whole.  

If you have lost weight on pure Moringa, I would like to hear from you. This is using Moringa, pure, organic, no fillers, no caffeine, no added herbs. Email me at


I do not sell Moringa products as of Sept, 2016. I am working on a project that demands an unbiased viewpoint. 

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Kate Freer, the Herbladyisin

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Why Comments Do Not Appear Automatically: Bog Comment Rules

 Blog Comment Rules

There have been real problems lately with spam comments: What are spam comments?

1: Comments that have nothing to do with this website or topics but are just a commercial for your business. 

  • Comments must apply to the topic of the blog.  It is apparent by some comments that are expressed, you never read the blog.  It is a commercial. 

2: Comments that don't make any sense with a link to your product.

3: Comments that are added with a link to your website about weight loss products and other products.

4: Comments from a Dr in a foreign country who says he cures HIV.  I have received pages of them. I do not know any thing about this clinic so will not advertise it or give it support.  It may be legitimate or may not be...but I have no knowledge on it.

5: Comments that are rude, slamming, and do not contribute to valuable discussion here. 
  • Comments are cleared by me first before publication for that reason.  You can enter them but they will not be published.  If you have a comment on this blog content or my blog in general.....enter it.  If not, do not bother to post here.  


    I have now made it so that only registered members may comment. If you register and then spam my blog, your IP address will be banned.  This had to be done to cut down on spam comments. 


    I cannot answer medical or personal health questions here on this blog. That is called prescribing without a license. I am not a doctor.  I do not legally have the right to do that.  If I do that, my blog and website can be taken down by authorities.  


    If you are pregnant, it is necessary to clear supplements you take with your doctor.  He is the only one who knows your health history.  


    That is why supplements contain the warning, "Do not take while pregnant." or " Please talk to your doctor before taking this supplement".

Is Organic Food Healthier? New Research Results

Our home grown organic tomatoes.....sweet and exceptional!

There is continued controversy on Organic food and its benefits. Those of us who grow our own food certainly know the difference in a home grown tomato and one brought from the store. We don't have doubts but for those of you who do, here is a study that ought to interest you.

A meta-analysis was carried out on 343 peer-reviewed publications regarding the differences between organic and non-organic crops and crop based foods by a group of researchers listed at the end of this blog.

  • Organic crops and foods are higher in antioxidants.

  • Pesticide residues were 4 times higher in conventional grown crops

  • Conventional raised crops contained more Cadmium, a toxic metal and other heavy metals. These heavy metals end up in the food via conventional kinds of farming methods. 

Research was carried out by the group below:
  • 1School of Agriculture, Food and Rural Development, Newcastle University,Nafferton Farm, Stocksfield,Northumberland,NE43 7XD,UK.
  • 2Human Nutrition Research Centre, School of Agriculture, Food and Rural Development, Newcastle University,Agriculture Building, Kings Road,Newcastle upon TyneNE1 7RU,UK.
  • 3School of Biology, Newcastle University,Ridley Building,Newcastle upon TyneNE1 7RU,UK.
  • 4Center for Sustaining Agriculture and Natural Resources, Washington State University,Pullman,WA,USA.
  • 5Department of Agricultural Sciences,School of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine, University of Bologna,Viale Fanin 42,40127Bologna,Italy.
  • 6Department of Pesticide Control and Phytopharmacy,Benaki Phytopathological Institute,GR 14561 Kifissia,Athens,Greece.
  • 7Department of Organic Farming and Food Technology,Technological Educational Institute of Ionian Islands,Iosif Momferatou & Ilia Miniati PC28100,Argostoli, Cephalonia,Greece.
  • 8Faculty of Human Nutrition and Consumer Sciences, Warsaw University of Life Sciences,Nowoursynowska 159c,02-776Warsaw,Poland.
  • 9Department of Animal Physiology,Faculty of Biology, University of Warsaw,Miecznikowa 1,02-096Warsaw,Poland.
  • 10Biotechnology and Food Research, MTT Agrifood Research Finland,FI-31600Jokioinen,Finland.
  • 11Department of Gene Bank,Crop Research Institute (CRI),Drnovská 507/73, 161 06 Praha 6 -Ruzyně,Czech Republic.
  • 12Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL),Ackerstrasse 113,CH-5070Frick,Switzerland.
  • 13INRA, UR407 Pathologie végétale,67 allée des chênes,F-84143Montfavet Cedex,France.
All for Today!

Important Fruit and Baked Goods with Fruit Recall – Listeria Contamination

It seems these days, we have more and more recalls on food. At least in this country we know about them. In third world countries you just get sick and the company goes on producing contaminated food.

Two Companies and Food involved: 

If you bought fruit from Trader Joe’s, Cosco, Kroger, Food 4 Less, or Walmart, you should read this warning.   

The company who is recalling the fruit is Wawona Packing Company, located in Cutler, CA.  The dates on the fruit in question are June 1 through July 12th.  You either need to throw the product away or take it back to the store where you bought it from.

Same goes for the baked goods from the Wegmans chain that has fruit in it that comes from Wawona Packing Company, based in Cutler, CA

What is Listeria monocytogenes? One form of food poisoning.
Listeria is a bacterium that can be found in soil, water, unpasteurized milk, produce contaminated with Listeria in it. 

Symptoms: fever, headache, muscle stiffness, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. These symptoms and their severity depend on the immune system of the individual. 

Severity of Symptoms: Complications of Listeria.
The symptoms may be mild or deadly in the case of young children and the elderly, whose immune function may be compromised.   If you are pregnant, it can cause a miscarriage or stillborn death.   In can be deadly in cancer and HIV patients whose immune function is already compromised. 

Listeria can also travel through the spinal cord to the brain and  meninges causing meningoencephalitis.  Basically this is an brain inflammation which will put you in the hospital and can kill you. 

So if you even think you have some of this contaminated fruit, throw it away. Do not take chances. 

If you feel you may have Listeria symptoms, go to Urgent care for treatment. Penicillin is the drug usually given as treatment. If you are allergic to Penicillin, make sure you alert the doctor to that.

To learn more about the recall, customers may contact the packing company at A link exists as well for information concerning the products being recalled:

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Lung Cancer Deaths- Non Smoking Causative Factors. Could you be at risk and not realize it?

We just lost a friend with no apparent life style factors for lung cancer. His doctors did not diagnose it correctly until too late, because of his lack of negative lifestyle and hereditary factors.  Our friend was a health nut, ate well, hiked, lived a healthy lifestyle but he is dead. His death started with a persistent cough that they thought was caused by a new heart medicine he was taking. As symptoms got worse, he was diagnosed with pneumonia but no x-ray was taken. Then he deteriorated quickly, was hospalized, then correctly diagnosed with Stage 5 lung cancer. Two weeks later he was dead.

If you research the lung disease factors, there was one factor they missed. He was a scientist who worked around chemicals and was surrounded by printers in his office. You may be at risk and not even realize it. 

16,000 to 24,000 non-smoking lung cancer deaths occur per year in the US.   Most people are not aware of that figure with the many articles about smoking and second-hand smoke.  Most people feel they don’t have to worry about lung cancer because they live a healthy, smoke-free lifestyle.  These non-smoker deaths prove that this misconception is foolish and could cost you your life.

Please take time to visit my new article directory to read this article that could save your life.

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Growing Moringa Trees Without a Greenhouse in Southern California

The second tallest tree in this picture has three tiny blooms. I was amazed this week. All these were started with the same seed, the same soil, the same growing conditions.  Seeds started in Feb in the house by a sunny window with a heat mat but no grow lights.

Can you grow a Moringa tree in your geographic area?

How do they grow without a greenhouse?

Moringa trees grow on their own time like wine.  

 I am not selling Moringa trees at present.  I am not selling them because of problems this year with their stubborn refusal to grow.  Most of the Moringa trees sold are grown in greenhouses with controlled humidity and temperature.  I decided not to grown mine in the greenhouse but grow them under the conditions that most people experience in their yards: temperatures, humidity and soil types that vary from day to day.  I hear stories all the time about trees bought straight from the greenhouse that die soon after purchase. My trees were in our simple, unheated greenhouse for a month. I did that to see if it would make a difference in the experiment. Read this blog to see the results of various changes on the trees.

The San Diego, California Story: 

There are many micro climates in the San Diego area: mountain areas that get snow, coastal areas, inland areas and everything in between.  


Spring Valley Area of San Diego, CA:

 Our house is located in Spring Valley, inland from the city of San Diego, Ca. It is one of the most stable areas temp wise with mild winters. It gets very warm out here, even up to 104 at times. It does cool down at night here. When we moved here this past Dec, it was one of the warmest winters in San Diego history with little rain.

I started my trees in the house mid February with a heat mat but no grow lights. At the time we moved in, I needed to see what our electric bill would run without grow lights.  The first bill because of space heaters was $400.  It took us three months to get the bill down to normal which is about $100.  So the trees were started on a table in the living room by the big windows with grow mats.  The seeds sprouted beautifully, grew to about a foot and stopped.  Nothing I did made a difference in the house. Grow lights probably would have made a difference in the experiment but the electric bill was sky high already. A majority of people growing Moringa trees do not have a grow light set up. They use a sunny window to start out their veggie plants. The plants were getting lots of sun in the house.

Next I took them out to the simple greenhouse we had constructed.  It was either too hot or too cold. They did not grow there.  Left them there several weeks. Sprayed them everyday for humidity. Re-potted them in high quality potting soil with natural fertilizer and mulch. Tried several different things that did not work. They refused to grow and looked worse. The greenhouse was not temperature controlled and the area was not ideal for circulation with the vents.  Very few people have greenhouses with extensive lighting and venting systems like the professionals use.

After 4 weeks in that method, I took them outside to a corner of the house that received good sunshine. They did nothing out there.  In this area,  they got too hot in the containers. Even though I was frustrated, I refused to give up on them.  There were about 50 trees to begin with. Now I was down to 35.

About this same time, I gave some seeds to a woman who lives in the same area, was a master gardener, had extensive experience, and knew how to grow from seeds. I gave them to her as a control.

Was it the seed quality, was it Spring Valley, was it something I had done wrong, or another factor? 

We had lived in this area before in the beginning of our business about 2009. I started out by growing the trees. There were no problems then. They grew like weeds.  In Stagecoach, Nevada where we moved to, I had started some trees that never did get to their full height.  Those trees just stopped growing at 5 feet. I thought then it was the Nevada climate lacking humidity and other factors ideal for their growth. Now I really wondered about the seed quality.   I had seeds from several sources and none did well in Nevada.  Moving back to San Diego, I thought would solve the problem.

The end of May, I finally moved them to the corner of our back patio where it was cooler, covered by some trees, with some sun.  They are in a very sheltered area. The kale is still growing in that area as well. It was much cooler in this new spot. I sprayed them everyday with water to keep the humidity up.  They did nothing there for several weeks.  So I just decided to keep them in that same spot to see what would happen when it got warmer.

About the end of June when it heated up, some of them began to grow. They got healthier looking, turned a beautiful green,  so that gave me hope.

Now it almost the end of July, and several are 3 feet high. Most of the others have grown some but not up to par. Some of them have not grown in this spot either. One has three blooms on it.  It is rapidly heating up here now that summer is setting in.  I am curious to see what the rest of these do. I am also going to plant some seeds this month for fun, just to see how they grow started in the warmer time period.

The lady whom I gave the seed to, did not get better results than I did up to the end of June.  I have to call her again.  I got calls in the area from two people during that same period who had purchased seed from other sources whose trees would not budge after about a foot or two of growth.

This summer is not over but just really starting,so  the complete conclusions are not in.  If all the trees grow by the end of summer, it was the temperature..  If only a few grow, it would suggest both seed quality and temperature.  I will post an update each month on the trees. I will not sell any of them unless I feel they are growing normally. The next three months will tell the complete story.

Growing Factors that affect Moringa trees and their health.

If you do not have a green house, your results growing Moringa will vary significantly according to climate, altitude, humidity, soil conditions, and sunlight.  If you live in Florida or Hawaii, the trees will grow like weeds. Those states have ideal growing conditions.  In other states, you will only be able to grow them in late summer until the first frost.  In some areas, they might not do do well at all. This is a tree that is normally grown in low altitudes, with humidity, warm weather, and lots of heat.  It must be planted in well draining soil that will not accumulate water during the winter. Plant in an area that has wind protection. Give it lots of room for its roots. They have a long tap root, so deeper is better. Over watering will kill the tree quick. It does need water during the early months. Give it organic soil and fertilizer.  Your experience in another area of San Diego may have completely different results. Seed quality may be at fault often in poor germination results. Seed rotting is another problem. Moringa seeds are high in protein so they mold easily.

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