Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Great News: Now Offering USDA Organic Certified Moringa Products from Ecuador! Bulk Powder, Caps, and Moringa Tea.....Learn More

USDA Organic Certified Products Avail Now  for Sale From Ecuador....you asked for it and they are NOW Available. 

Over the past year, I have fielded call after call from readers asking me if I sold organic certified powder and products. My store in the past only offered the powder in caps and was not organic certified.  The product line I sold up to this point is excellent but many customers have been adamant that they will only buy organic certified. 

Many of you have also stated you only want to buy the bulk powder. You have very strongly expressed your desire for bulk powder not powder in caps.  

Other callers expressed wanting products with no fillers or additives of any kind.

 I have listened to all of you and your requests and concerns.  To grow my business I needed to find a way to give you products that met your demands and my standards. I won't put my name to back a product unless I believe in its quality. So here we go.

After months of consideration and research, I have discontinued selling my current product and are now selling a new set of USDA organic certified products grown in Ecuador. They are for sale now in the store.

This new line meets my criteria that I have talked about and discussed many times in my articles and blogs.  I discuss that criteria below for new readers.

I am excited to tell you about the new line.

USDA Certified Organic Products for Sale include:

Moringa leaf powder 

Moringa powder in capsules,

Moringa Tea

Moringa Leaf Extract and Moringa Body and Skin Lotion are not organic certified but excellent products ....Available Now in the store

Some products in the skin care line are not organic certified but are excellent with natural ingredients not chemicals.  There will be more skin care offerings as time goes on.

Facts About the New Line:

USDA Certified Organic products using Moringa leaves only.

No Fillers, no preservatives, no additives, nothing but Moringa leaves. Only the leaves are used, not the stems, bark, or pods.  This is where the real research has been done...on the leaves. 

No Caffeine, Non-GMO,  gluten free, and vegetarian.

#1:  The products use nothing grown in India. The new products come from Moringa grown in Ecuador with organic certification that I have verified.  The farm is organic certified and verified. I have seen the Certificate of Analysis on the products. I have done research on the lab. 

#2: The products are tested and packaged through a lab in Connecticut that is a state of the art  and GMP compliant.  Products are tested for E-coli, bacteria, mold and some heavy metals in that same US GMP Connecticut lab.   This is important.

#:  The water they use in Ecuador to wash the leaves is a private stream where the water is filtered before being used to irrigate the trees.  This is the water used on the farm. The water used to wash the leaves is treated with a FDA approved organic product.   They use modern methods for drying.

I have talked with the owners on several issues and feel they are producing Moringa that is excellent quality, potent and safe. 

Please call me for questions on the new products or to order offline  Call me at 619-303-0993.