Thursday, March 6, 2014

India Scams Selling Organic Certified that IS NOT- Stolen Organic Certificates

Many of you know  the reason we don't buy anything from India is that in the beginning of my business, we got taken twice.  The first company took our money, no product. The second company sold us contaminated organic Moringa products which were tested and refused entry into the US by customs.  I have a new chapter to add to this will find it very enlightening.

When we was first in business in 2010, we were very green and didn't know enough. We had never done business with a company outside of the United States.  As I have related the story before, we sent an Indian company over $600 for what we though was organic certified Moringa products. I did some investigation but not enough. He was listed in several trade sites for Moringa powder and products. There were no complaints at these sites. So we sent him money through our bank.

After we sent him the money, we received no product or further emails. We were furious. So began the efforts to track him down through the agency that was shown on his organic certificate. We were told that the certificate he was using was stolen from another Indian company. He had been using that stolen certificate for several years. It happened that myself and a German company did not receive their products after payment.  Both of us turned him in during the same time frame. The investigators tried to get him to court but he was too sick to appear. He then went underground and nothing was done against him.  We never got our money back and it set our business back for a year.  We knew he was still around, because his name was found him in Google circles. He was laying low....

Well several months ago (three years after he took our money), this same scam company wrote me again telling me about his organic products. It was hard to believe after taking us, he was writing me again. So we played along with him to see if  we could get current information and evidence on this guy. I wrote him we had a huge amount of money to buy product but needed to see proof of his organic certificate. We never expected to hear from him again.

Low and behold he emailed me an organic certificate and stolen analysis two weeks later. These emails were sent to the head of investigations in India, Bobby Issac.  Bobby Issac wrote back that it was stolen, not his.  He asked me to try and get more evidence against this guy.

So then I wrote this scam India company that I would not buy from him unless I got samples of his products.  I didn't expect to hear from him again. Well guess what came in the mail yesterday....samples labeled organic certified Moringa.  Products he is selling fraudulently as organic certified, which they are not. He is using someones stolen certificate again. This package of fraudulent organic products will all be sent to Bobby Issac as evidence to hopefully get this guy shut down.

How many people is this guy taking right now with fraudulent Moringa?
How many companies are buying his products, never checking on the validity of his organic certificate.

This is the problem with dealing with India and other third world countries. Their standard of business, ethics, manufacturing, and testing is questionable and crude in many cases. India is not the only country to worry about.  I have heard of a woman in Arizona selling Moringa from Africa. Two of her customers called me, telling me her product was contaminated with salmonella.  Some of those farms wash the Moringa leaves in sewage water.  If the product is crude without testing, it can be contaminated with various elements including fecal matter, salmonella, mold, bacteria, mouse parts, filth, insect parts and weeds.

Organic certified from foreign countries does not mean the product is safe to eat!  Samonella cannot be seen with the eye, visually. Bacteria and minor mold, ground up insects, dirt, and ground up mouse parts cannot be visually seen in most cases. It blends right in with the powder.

Moringa leaves can be contaminated where ever it is picked. If you dry it in the sun without commercial dryers, it takes many days to dry. That lengthy drying time leaves it subject to developing mold and mildew. Moringa leaves should be processed in a clean, commercial dryer under low heat for only a few hours...not days.

Contamination can occur is the packaging of the bulk powder by dirty, unclean processing areas. It can occur with people packing the product with dirty hands or hands not washed with clean water. We are dealing with third world countries, the majority with crude set ups. Clean water and clean rest rooms are not available in many of these countries.  Their equipment is crude. Their manufacturing process is crude. India companies have been cited over and over on their drug production labs by the FDA.


I do not sell Moringa products as of Sept, 2016. I am working on a project that demands an unbiased viewpoint. 

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