Saturday, February 15, 2014

When Birth Control Leads To Death-Yaz and Yasmin

When I was in my childbearing years, I learned that my genetic history of blood clots made it deadly to take estrogen or birth control pills with estrogen in them.  My risk for blood clots is genetic, coming from my mom who had the same problems.  I got the bad card on that one.  Two newer birth control drugs are being  prescribed to many thousands of young woman yearly, without proper warnings about their dangerous side effects. Learn below which two birth control products can be deadly. 

 YAZ and Yasmin:

Yaz and Yasmin are two of the most popular birth control prescriptions on the market today. They are also prescribed for PMS, bloating, and acne. They can and do cause blood clots, DVT, and pulmonary embolisms. They do cause death. More than 13,000 patients have filed lawsuits against Bayer for prescribing the two drugs without proper warnings or education about the deadly risks.

Bayer has a long history of shady practices including being one of the companies who knowingly manufactured the gas to kill the Jews. Bet you didn't know that, You will find their history buried on the internet. Bayer has other blights on their company record including selling tainted HIV infected blood to third world countries. Bayer is one of several American companies who knowingly helped Hitler in the war.  The head of Bayer was indicted on war crimes, served time, had his company taken away after the war, bought it back later, and took the head position again. Henry Ford, is another American who was one of Hitler's first foreign backers. So your good old boy, Henry Ford, helped Hitler to kill the Jews.

I am not fond of drug companies including Bayer.  Bayer is just one more company who manufactures drugs, hides the side effects, commits fraud on the testing results, and is responsible for killing patients, before they are finally forced to  take the drug off the market later.There are very few drugs that do not come with side effects. There is no research that can show you how several different prescriptions will interact with each other. One person may have one side effect and another have numerous side effects. It is a crap shoot.

So ladies, Yaz and Yasmin, are not safe birth control methods.  If you are taking them, be aware you are creating risks to your life. There are 13,000 women who have found that out.  You may take the drug and be fine or be patient number 13, 001.

This is all for tonight. Blessing to all of you. Kate Freer, The Herbladyisin

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Friday, February 14, 2014

Learn About the Nutritional Value of Weeds: Why I Love Weeds!

In Stagecoach, Nevada we had few weeds in our yard other than goat heads. I had to work hard to find green fodder for the chickens, ducks and rabbits we raised.   There was not much that grew. Now back in San Diego, there are weeds growing all through our yard and it's a blessing.  I am not crazy, I assure you. Learn how weeds can be a blessing in your yard.

We just got these two rabbits a week ago and ducks will be arriving late in March.  These rabbits will provide rich manure for the garden and the Moringa Trees. I decided this time around I would get lops...rabbits with floppy ears that are very cute, easy to handle, and give my heart joy. I could have started with meat rabbits but wanted rabbits this time...that were more pets.These little guys are sharing the laundry room.  They have freedom to move about with a log and boards set up to give them something to play on. They have a litter box in one corner and are already almost trained. The manure and shavings are important garden soil amendments. Rabbit manure is also great for your worm beds. It does not burn as cow and horse manure does. It does not smell as bad either. 

Our new rabbits get a standard organic rabbit food ration but as a supplement receive Mallow and Filaree everyday for extra nutrients. These edible, nutritious weeds below are also great for rabbits when they are sick, to help them recover.

It is extremely important that you make sure the weeds you pick have not been sprayed with weed killer or other chemicals. That will kill your rabbits with one helping. All weeds and natural growing herbs should not be picked within 200 feet or more of a major road.  The weeds near the roads may have been sprayed or are contaminated with exhaust from the cars. Pick safely and know your plants.

Here are three weeds below commonly found in your yard that are wonderful food for bunnies, ducks,  chickens, and larger livestock.

The native  weed above is called Cutleaf Filaree. Most consider it a nuisance.  It grows in various areas around the US including California, Nevada, and Arizona.  This wonderful weed is considered important forage for cattle, sheep, horses, rabbits, chickens and ducks. If you raise livestock it is additional feed for your animals. It contains protein, calcium, minerals and fiber. It is free food.

The second weed pictured above with round leaves is Mallow.  This does get very tough when allowed to grow. You want to use this nutritious weed when the plants are small, young and tender.  Leaves are edible raw in salads or can be cooked and eaten like spinach. They can be dried and infused in tea as a good source of vitamins & minerals with significant calcium, vitamin A, & vitamin C. Small round seed pods can also be eaten

Dandelions are another very nutritious plant considered by many to be a weed.  I don't have any pictures yet to show on this one. The young tender leaves are good for humans and animals.   They contain 14% protein, Vitamin A,  iron, calcium, minerals, trace minerals, and are good for cleansing. I would give small portions of these to the rabbits because of their cleansing properties. Dandelion tea is good for the liver. Dandelions can be purchased from the store as well. I don't think I will be needing to do that here.

When we get ducks next month, these weeds will become important forage.  Ducks can be raised completely on forage if you have enough and the right kind. One advantage to ducks is they require less feed than chickens once they are several months old.  So all these weeds in our yard are future food for the ducks. I also have an area out front that is full of every kind of forage food. We have a small creek on the property as well. In emergencies, this is important. Lets say there is a time when stock feed is not available. If you have forage material on your property, your ducks, chickens, rabbits, and sheep will survive.  One of the reasons we rented this property is because of the creek and the land avail for planting.  In the city, this is one of a kind piece of property. Many people would see the work involved only. We see the potential for growing herbs, veggies, and Moringa.  It is located in one of the most temperate areas of San Diego, Ca.

These weeds can also be eaten in your salads as well . You need to pick them when they are young and tender. Make sure you wash them to rinse off dirt and insects.  If you have a dog, you also need to pick an area of nutritious weeds that is free from possible dog contamination. 

This is it for this blog...Blessings to All of You! Kate Freer, the Herbladyisin

Update we now live in Indian Mound, TN  1-15-2015

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Recall of 9 Million Pounds of Beef by USDA this Weekend. Our Food Is Safe Here is the US? No, Not Really

I get calls weekly on the safety of Moringa powder. This is an issue you should be concerned about but the food you eat everyday is even more an issue.  The food produced in the US is sometimes bad, contaminated or unfit. This is the headline below in today's news. This did not make the front page. Why is it that movie stars get front page headlines but food recalls don't? Perhaps there is a problem with what is important to people these days. Perhaps it is that we don't want to know where our food comes from and that often it is not safe!

"Is a New Policy Behind USDA's Recall of 8.7 Million Pounds of Beef?"


This weekend Rancho Feeding Corp in Petaluma, Calif., was required by the USDA to recall 9 million pounds of their meat. This unfit meat when to California, Florida ,Illinois and Texas. It seems the company sold meat from cows that were sick and diseased without inspection.  I am sure this goes on with other companies as well, that are not caught. There are not enough inspectors to inspect any of our food including red meat, pork, fish, and produce. 

I had a long conversation with a man who thought that all organic food, each head of lettuce or bunch of carrots, has been inspected.  That is just not true. If we knew some of the circumstances that most of our food is raised and processed with, we would not eat it. Go visit a big, commercial chicken ranch and you won't eat store bought eggs. I buy mine, when I don't have my own chickens, from someone local. I visit with them, see the way they keep their animals, and I know the eggs are healthy.  

In March we have 10 ducks coming.  We love duck eggs and then we won't have to buy eggs. We will have our own again. Soon their will be a blog on the benefits of ducks and duck eggs versus chickens. We had both in Nevada, but this time, we may only keep ducks. We really want both again but chickens are harder to keep out of your garden.  We believe you need to do anything you can, to raise your own food. This has always been my belief.

But We Have Laws To Protect Us From Unsafe Food! 

Laws may be in place, but everyday many companies do not abide by those rules. They bend the rules or forget to apply them at times. Even the companies who do try their level best to adhere to the rules fail. Too many rules and their operations are too large to really watch every worker and every step that is involved in the food process. Your are fooling yourself if you think that our food here does not have problems at times. If this was not true, there would not be recalls of different foods during the year from melons, to spinach, and this week meat. 


 Go to the article on the meat recall and read it for yourself  here

Ways to Get Around Big Farm Food: 
Buy product or meat from a local farm or farmer's market.
Raise your own meat and veggies 
Buy local organic or local grown  ( many local farms produce organic food but cannot afford the money and paperwork to have that status)

It does not matter if you live in the city or in the country. You can all raise a little of your own food or get it from a local source.  Veggies can be raised on porches, patios, and  in the house with a grow light.  In many cities you are now allowed to own up to four hens for fresh eggs.  If you go on Craig's list there are people with meat animals and meat rabbits for sale locally.  It might take some work to find the resources but they are around.  It is up to you to make the effort to provide better quality meats and vegetables for yourself and your family.  If you live in an apartment, there are farmer's markets to buy better quality food.  Give it some effort.  

I don't have the money to eat better food!  ( I hear this all too often)

If most people looked at their budget, they would find gaps where they are wasting money or putting it in places that are less important than quality food. Eat out less and grow your own.  Cut out the junk food, the chips, the sodas, the processed snacks, the empty calories and improve your nutrition.   Most people love Starbucks but the high price and calories are not really a necessity. I see people in the store all the time who have little money but often are buying sugar soaked cereals, chips, sodas, and junk food. My husband works at Walmart as a cashier and he sees it daily. People constantly use their money on poor food choices. This is why many Americans are overweight or obese. This is why diabetes is a huge medical problem in this country.  The size of our waist tells the story of both our eating habits and lack of exercise for the majority of Americans. We have kids with heart disease and high blood pressure.  I said 'NO' when my kids wanted the sugar cereal. I said 'NO' to the junk food. We didn't have much in those days and it went to food that was actually good for them. They whined and cried. I was a mean mom. They got over it and thanked me later. It was hard, but I did not give in to them. You need to say 'NO' MORE OFTEN!   I have been there, even though my kids are grown. 

This is all for tonight. Blessings to all of you. Kate Freer, The Herbladyisin

Buy USDA Organic Certified Moringa Powder, Tea, and Capsules from Ecuador. The products are tested and shipped from a US/GMP compliant lab in Connecticut. 

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