Sunday, January 5, 2014

Moving from Nevada to California....Challenges and Blessings....Our New Home

I want to let you all know that we are NOW located in Spring Valley, California. Spring Valley is located in San Diego County.

People ask us WHY we moved back to California? We moved back both for the business and to take care of my husband's dad.  It was one of those decisions that came from God and our hearts.  Even though there were many elements of Nevada I loved such as the wild horses and quail, there were many negatives for the business.  The climate was very unforgiving and harsh. You could not grow the Moringa trees at all except in the house. Even at that, the trees did not like living in Nevada. San Diego county is one of the only areas where you can grow the trees year round in the United States. Spring Valley is very mild in temperature but gets warm in the summer, which the trees will love. There is a large population here which will help the business grow more quickly. There is an abundance of farmer's markets, swap meets, and clubs for promotion. It is the best place to be for our business. Moving down took a few days longer, so if you called during that time and did not receive a call back, I am sorry. We did not have Internet or phone service for several days.

Moving Is Not Ever Fun.....Lesson Learned....Don't Move in Winter if you can help it! 

Two previous mild winters with no snow led us to believe it wouldn't be a huge problem moving in January. We wanted to be with family for Christmas. We had a new grand daughter who was celebrating her first Christmas. December's cold front hit hard and exactly at the wrong time.We got a half foot of snow a week before moving that did not melt, just froze into slippery frozen ice! Not helpful!

The move down here to San Diego was a nightmare. We packed the truck with a half foot of frozen snow on the ground, temperature highs of 33 degrees and lows of 1 to 5 degrees at night. It made packing the truck a nightmare. The truck had problems starting in the cold. The people who were helping us pack the truck had broken pipes and livestock. Any and every delay took place. We ended up stuck in the driveway two days longer than planned.  I had worked hard to save some of the stock including scented geranium stock.  The Goji berries were so frozen into the ground, they could not be uprooted to take with us. My Comfrey roots froze as well. What stock would fit into the truck, froze. So we lost all the stock.  That was a huge loss of money and plants. There was nothing to do to save them.  It is just one of those events that takes place and you go on from there.  You can either keep looking at the loss or look to the future. I won't say my heart did not hurt with the loss. A lot of tears where shed as I realized that we could not save them.

Snow Boots to T-Shirts 

We came down dressed in snow boots with our fingers split from working in the cold for several days to 75 degrees and tee shirts. It was quite a change all at once. I cannot say I miss the cold, the snow, and the nasty winds.

Settled in and Moving Forward to a Great 2014

It has now been three weeks since we arrived in our new home.  The boxes are mostly gone from the house. We have most things settled in. I can now go back to the business and life here.   This week I bought several tomato plants, peppers, and lettuce.  The hummingbird feeders are hanging up and they have already found them. It is beginning to feel like home.  It still feels odd not seeing the Nevada mountains, the quail, and the neighbors goats.  The reality that this is not a vacation, but our new life is sinking in.  I will start Moringa seedlings in the house this week.  I am excited about that and growing almost anything I want here in our new yard.  We are quite blessed. This house is near everything but has an acre with it. The house has a 15 acre park butt up against the back yard and a small year round creek on the side. When I look out our front patio doors, I see the rest of the property, not people. We only have neighbors on one side. I can even have chickens and ducks once more. The property is flat which is nice. It is also well fenced making it safe for the dog and future flock. It is an oasis in the middle of the city.

Moving and Changing your life demands courage and faith!

You need to ask God for what you want. I believe in prayer and this place is a prayer answered. One of my readers called me one day and during the conversation told me I needed a place with a creek on it. The odds of finding a place close into town with a creek were pretty slim. Yet, that is what I added to my prayer in trying to locate a suitable house in San Diego. We have a creek.  So even though we are starting over, it is in a place where I can grow almost any plant. So that is a huge blessing in our lives.  So when you are praying, be specific, and ask God for what you need. Then believe you will find it or receive it.  It took a lot of faith to move down here. It took a lot of faith to find this house while still living in Nevada. You must step out of your comfortable box and see the next step. That is hard to do at times. So if there is something you need to change this year, this brand new 2014 year, step out in faith.

Blessings to all of you in 2014.  Kate Freer

Update: We are now located in Indian Mound, TN as of 1-15-2015