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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Will Moringa Trees Bloom when Grown In Containers

One of my trees with blooms
These are the trees that I almost gave up on....that did nothing for 4 months.  When June came they began to grow and even have blessed me with a few blooms.  These are now growing in 33 gal trash cans but they bloomed in 10 gal containers first.  Almost all the trees that were so stubborn are now growing. 

These get both sun and shade on this side of the house.  This is the only spot they grow in.  I am excited to see if I get pods.  I have have three 33 gal containers with several trees in each one.  Drainage is important to their survival. They have been fed duck do compost tea.  All the plants grow beautifully with the duck compost tea. It doesn't burn or have to be aged.  It goes right from their duck pond to the containers.

Don't give up on slow growing trees.....if started early in the year as these were.  Grown outside without a green house, they grow more slowly and  will not do well until summer.  

More updates this week.
Kate Freer, The herbladyisin


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