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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Why Comments Do Not Appear Automatically: Bog Comment Rules

 Blog Comment Rules

There have been real problems lately with spam comments: What are spam comments?

1: Comments that have nothing to do with this website or topics but are just a commercial for your business. 

  • Comments must apply to the topic of the blog.  It is apparent by some comments that are expressed, you never read the blog.  It is a commercial. 

2: Comments that don't make any sense with a link to your product.

3: Comments that are added with a link to your website about weight loss products and other products.

4: Comments from a Dr in a foreign country who says he cures HIV.  I have received pages of them. I do not know any thing about this clinic so will not advertise it or give it support.  It may be legitimate or may not be...but I have no knowledge on it.

5: Comments that are rude, slamming, and do not contribute to valuable discussion here. 
  • Comments are cleared by me first before publication for that reason.  You can enter them but they will not be published.  If you have a comment on this blog content or my blog in general.....enter it.  If not, do not bother to post here.  


    I have now made it so that only registered members may comment. If you register and then spam my blog, your IP address will be banned.  This had to be done to cut down on spam comments. 


    I cannot answer medical or personal health questions here on this blog. That is called prescribing without a license. I am not a doctor.  I do not legally have the right to do that.  If I do that, my blog and website can be taken down by authorities.  


    If you are pregnant, it is necessary to clear supplements you take with your doctor.  He is the only one who knows your health history.  


    That is why supplements contain the warning, "Do not take while pregnant." or " Please talk to your doctor before taking this supplement".



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