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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Lung Cancer Deaths- Non Smoking Causative Factors. Could you be at risk and not realize it?

We just lost a friend with no apparent life style factors for lung cancer. His doctors did not diagnose it correctly until too late, because of his lack of negative lifestyle and hereditary factors.  Our friend was a health nut, ate well, hiked, lived a healthy lifestyle but he is dead. His death started with a persistent cough that they thought was caused by a new heart medicine he was taking. As symptoms got worse, he was diagnosed with pneumonia but no x-ray was taken. Then he deteriorated quickly, was hospalized, then correctly diagnosed with Stage 5 lung cancer. Two weeks later he was dead.

If you research the lung disease factors, there was one factor they missed. He was a scientist who worked around chemicals and was surrounded by printers in his office. You may be at risk and not even realize it. 

16,000 to 24,000 non-smoking lung cancer deaths occur per year in the US.   Most people are not aware of that figure with the many articles about smoking and second-hand smoke.  Most people feel they don’t have to worry about lung cancer because they live a healthy, smoke-free lifestyle.  These non-smoker deaths prove that this misconception is foolish and could cost you your life.

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